Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 1169

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Chapter 1169: Mother and Daughter Reunite, and Elementary Physical Form

He had obtained a lot of information from Alice, but none related to technology.

Scientific research wasn’t something a person could remember purely from memory.

The research data generated by Sentinel Services, a project which involved research on humans, could probably fill an entire room.

The most important piece of intelligence was the information of the person in charge of the Sentinel Services project.

William Stryker was supposedly a high-ranking person in the American army, and it was still a mystery which division he belonged to.

But he had been going back and forth between the base and D.C. for a long time, and was definitely connected to the American government.

This was a good thing to know.

With the multifaceted system, all Luke needed was a direction in which to investigate.

No matter how cautious the man was, he would leave traces behind as he went in and out of D.C.; Luke would find his trail sooner or later.

Thinking that, he pushed in a medical gurney from outside and told Alice to get some rest first.

Still in a daze, Alice nodded and lay down. She didn’t move after that, but her eyes twitched under her closed eyelids; she clearly wasn’t asleep.

Luke ignored her.

The mother had been sorted out, but the daughter was still in Space 2.

After Luke let Alice out, Carrie also entered the hibernation state. Only then did Luke use his mental senses to perceive her physical condition.

In the end, Carrie also had an electronic chip in her body. Thankfully, it wasn’t in her brain, but under the skin on her back.

He opened another workshop and activated maximum defenses. He quickly took out the chip, and also sealed it away in Space 1.

After everything was done, he didn’t wake Carrie up, but put her in Space 2 again before he went next door.

“Alice, take a nap. I’ll take you to a safe place,” he said to the woman on the bed.

Alice’s eyelids twitched, but she didn’t open them.

Luke injected an excessive dose of the sedative into her neck. Ten seconds later, he tried putting Alice away, and she disappeared.

He was relieved.

Alice’s ability to recover was too strong.

It took more than ten seconds for the powerful sedative to take effect, and she would regain consciousness again in twenty seconds at most; she wouldn’t be able to enter Space 2 then.

Thankfully, the hibernate function in Space 2 didn’t work like a sedative, and she wouldn’t suddenly wake up once she was inside.

Luke took out the Thousand Faces System and started setting up masks and fingerprints.

Their identities were too sensitive and they absolutely couldn’t show their faces.

If he hadn’t created the Thousand Faces System, he would have considered sending them to a sparsely populated state or even another country. Now, all he needed to do was change their identities and appearances.

Ten minutes later, he completed two sets of the Thousand Faces masks and left the lab.

Forty minutes later, Luke let Alice and her daughter out in a quiet bungalow on the northwest side of North Bergen, New Jersey.

Ten seconds later, Alice opened her eyes.

She wasn’t surprised to see Luke still in his armor. She subconsciously looked at the couch not far away.

A tiny figure was lying on it with her arms crossed.

Alice’s heart trembled. “Is she dead?”

Luke said, “…No, she just likes to sleep in that position.”

Alice was bewildered, but she had already stood up. Taking two steps, she slowly knelt down next to the couch and looked at that face that was yet unfamiliar to her.

Scattered images flashed through her mind, and the little girl’s face appeared. Alice murmured in a shaky voice, “Carrie…”

Luke said, “It’ll take her a few minutes to…”

He swallowed his words when he saw a person who looked exactly like the girl on the couch standing next to Alice.

Sensing something, Alice turned around.

Carrie, who had just appeared, reached out to gently wipe the tears from Alice’s eyes.

But that small hand was like a mirage as it brushed past Alice’s face, unable to wipe away the tears.

The little girl didn’t care. She continued trying to wipe the tears as she called out, “Mom, you’re finally back.”

Eyes flashing, Alice reached out to hug Carrie, but her hands also only met air.

She couldn’t help but say in a shaky voice, “No, don’t go.”

Luke coughed and said, “That’s just Carrie’s projection. Her body hasn’t woken up yet.”

It wasn’t like he wanted to watch this melodrama, but he couldn’t leave right now, so he could only interrupt.

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Alice, however, didn’t seem to hear him. She still tried to hug Carrie, who seemed real but couldn’t be touched.

Luke could only step forward and inject Carrie with a bit of something to wake her up.

A moment later, the “Carrie” standing next to the couch suddenly disappeared, and the Carrie on the couch opened her eyes.

He caught Alice’s attention. “Carrie’s awake. She’s on the couch.”

Seeing “Carrie” disappear, Alice had been about to yell, but she couldn’t help but turn around.

Carrie stretched out her hand again to touch her mother’s cheek.

This time, she was able to wipe Alice’s tears away. “Mom, I’m back. We’ll be together forever.”

Alice cried again and hugged Carrie.

Luke ruined the mood once again as he warned, “Wait.”

Alice paused, then heard the rest of his words. “You have to be very gentle; with your current strength, you could break Carrie in half.”

Hearing that, Alice froze and didn’t dare continue.

Carrie, however, sat up and wrapped her arms around her neck. “It’s fine, Mom. We’re both fine…”

System: You have received Carrie Miller’s appreciation. You may now learn some of her abilities.

Carrie Miller’s abilities: Elementary Telekinesis, Elementary Spirit Form (special mental class, partially available. Prerequisites: 40 Mental Strength, ? Credit)

Luke was stumped. After hesitating for a moment, he ultimately didn’t choose to immediately learn Carrie’s ability.

Patience was a virtue.

Besides, Alice was holding Carrie right now. If she lost control of her emotions and literally hugged her daughter to death, it would be the greatest tragedy in the world.

It wasn’t until five in the morning that Luke left the bungalow.

After he came out, he turned around and looked at the bungalow, and the faint regret he felt over this operation finally vanished.

Although it was a little unfair to the other superhumans who had been buried under the ruins of the secret base, It was already a miracle that he could save this mother and daughter.

He had a deep connection with them.

In the beginning, they escaped together from Rumford. Then, he rescued Carrie from Mephisto and promised to rescue her mother, Alice. In the end, he earned both their gratitude.

Alice’s Intermediate Self-Healing was a first-rate life-saving ability.

Given this ability, Luke had to do his best to make life as easy for the mother and daughter as possible.

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