Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 1168

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Chapter 1168: The System’s Sudden Cra… Benevolence

At that time, Stu had used his cloning ability to create an alibi for himself. He had been very successful at pretending to be innocent, but Luke had caught him with Sharp Nose.

In the end, Stu failed to kill his girlfriend, and he simply killed his partner, Billy. Luke stopped him just as he was about to kill Billy’s girlfriend, but Stu used his cloning ability to slip away again.

The guy left a deep impression on Luke.

He was the only high school student Luke had ever encountered with such a savage nature and bizarre thinking, as well as such an unusual ability.

But the world was unpredictable.

This deranged and ruthless guy had escaped from Luke back then, but had been caught by the even more ruthless and inhumane Sentinel Services and turned into a test subject.

Luke didn’t know if this was karma or just bad luck.

In the end, the “cloning technique” which Luke had hypothesized back then had still fallen into his hands.

Before boarding his return flight, Luke had actually been using sheer willpower to calm down and stop his thoughts from running wild.

Except for when he received Carol’s gratitude at the very beginning and obtained the right to learn Elementary Self-Healing, it had been a long time since he had been this excited.

That was because he thought that the system would determine that he couldn’t learn something like cloning.

In the end, a cloning ability suddenly appeared, and it actually didn’t have the customary “unavailable” tag, but was “partially available.”

It was a good thing Luke had left the job of cruising at a low speed to Polaris at the time, or he really would have fallen from the sky.

Had Daddy System really gone crazy this time? It actually gave him a magic-type skill? The thought flashed through Luke’s mind, but he immediately dismissed it and continued to prostrate himself before the system.

It was rare for the system to suddenly go cra… No, it was benevolence. It was definitely a sudden outpouring of benevolence, which allowed him to unlock a true “magic” ability.

Even though there were question marks for the “special mental ability” and “credit” prerequisites, he was still grateful from the bottom of his heart.

If he could really learn this ability, he would be fine if he couldn’t learn any other magic abilities for the rest of his life.

In any case, that was up to the system.

These two abilities alone as his gains from this operation made Luke feel that the world was too beautiful.

For a rare moment, his mind wandered and he was lost in a fanciful dream.

At noon the next day, Luke arrived at the airport. After changing his appearance, he went straight to the New Hope Research Center in Nassau County.

In the lab, he sent Selina an anonymous message which just said, “I’m back.”

Selina simply replied that she got it, and didn’t say anything else.

They would continue acting as usual until Luke returned home.

Otherwise, they would be exposed if Luke popped out from here right after Selina went out for a spin with his face.

In any case, they were used to going out on their own to earn points; there was no need for them to hurry and meet.

Luke looked in on John Wick in passing in the dark room, and they exchanged a few polite words.

John led a peaceful life. Although he stayed inside, he had some training equipment and the square-headed dog to keep him company.

There were a lot of things on the computer which Luke had provided him.

From publicly available information to TV dramas and movies, there was enough for a person to lie there and look at forever.

It wasn’t too hard nowadays for a man to hole up at home.

Luke then entered the workshop.

After activating the workshop’s maximum defenses, he put on the Big Dipper Armor and placed Alice on the workbench.

His eyes were bright as he looked at Alice.

He released Osiris from Space 1, and the medical robotic arms and equipment started working on the person lying on the workbench.

In less than twenty minutes, the electronic chip connected to Alice’s brain and eyes was taken out and stored in a special box in Space 1.

It was very likely that the chip had a GPS function, and he couldn’t give the signal a chance to leak out.

He was very interested in this chip.

The technology was one thing, but he might be able to use it to find other superhumans.

After taking out the chip, he had Osiris do a full body checkup of Alice and collect firsthand data and back it up before he put Osiris back into Space 1.

The medical A.I. had medical data related to superhumans. Luke couldn’t be any more careful with it.

At that moment, there were no longer any electronic tracking devices on Alice, and her fingertips were clean.

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In that short moment, the sedative she had been injected with for the surgery was no longer effective, and her wounds healed completely.

The woman suddenly opened her eyes and shouted, “Carrie!” She sat up.

A moment later, she turned around in confusion and tried to figure out what this completely unfamiliar environment was.

Then, she saw… a person? He was standing quietly not far away.

The man wore black and white armor. The left side of his skull-like helmet was white, and the right side was black. The black eye sockets were very strange.

“Hello, Alice. So you remember you have a daughter?” asked Luke.

Alice was initially shocked, but she was at a loss when she heard that. “What are you talking about? Where am I?”

Looking at her face, Luke fully activated Elementary Pheromone Control. “Don’t you remember your daughter, Carrie?”

Alice’s expression changed. “Carrie, Carrie, who’s Carrie?”

Luke: “…”

A long few hours later, he finally finished communicating with Alice.

Luke shook his head helplessly as he looked at Alice, who was wearing a big T-shirt and shorts and staring blankly at the cup of hot cocoa she was holding.

Like in the movies, Alice had lost her memory.

Unlike the movies, Luke had most of the information on her before she went missing.

Her memory loss wasn’t from being struck in the head, like in a romance story, but followed the more typical superhero plot — the intense mental stimulation had caused her brain to seal itself off so that she forgot the painful memories.

Now, Alice could only remember her time at Sentinel Services.

For someone like her who had a self-healing ability, it could only be a mental issue.

She would recover from simple brain damage in a matter of minutes. Otherwise, Luke wouldn’t have dared take out the electronic chip from her head so soon.

But the information he had on hand was enough.

She could slowly look through the information to retrieve her past, but it wasn’t a problem if she didn’t.

The only problem was that she forgot that she had a daughter, and only remembered the name “Carrie.”

Alice lost control of her emotions several times during the questioning, and it took her a while to calm down.

Luke could only be glad that he hadn’t learned Elementary Pheromone Control and Basic Hypnosis for nothing.

He had to use both at the same time to prevent her from smashing up his workshop.

A few hours later, Alice, who had calmed down, sat on the side in a daze, and Luke began to analyze the information he had just obtained.

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