Super Detective in the Fictional World - Chapter 1005

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Chapter 1005: Light Hammer? Hammer In the Stone?

It was just that it hadn’t been long since Robert had asked Luke to look for Frank Castle – not even a month – and the multifaceted system hadn’t found any trace of him yet.

This person could be considered a professional. If he wanted to disappear, it wouldn’t be easy for anyone to find him.

But Luke tossed the matter to the back of his mind.

He could go back to New York and work on that later. The most important thing now was to get his family and friends away from the location of the Mjölnir hammer.

But it had been too long since his previous life, and he had only watched the Marvel movies in passing. He didn’t know the details, and had only watched a few of the movies once.

What he remembered most was Mjölnir, followed by the rainbow bridge and the town that was almost destroyed by the huge android.

He wasn’t sure who Thor’s comrades were, and only remembered that one of them was a woman.

He didn’t remember the name of the big android that had come to kill Thor. He only remembered that it could shoot lasers.

Many of these memories were spotty, and he couldn’t base his operation on them. Any mistake could result in death.

He didn’t want Shackelford to be destroyed like the town in the movies, nor did he want the town residents he was familiar with to die.

Marvel movies were always PG-13. This included no swearing, and at most, people would be cut off halfway. Thus, the camera never focused on ordinary people dying miserably.

Luke didn’t believe that those large-scale battles hadn’t involved ordinary people.

The ordinary people in the movies were background characters that nobody cared about, but Luke had known the residents of Shackelford from a young age. He couldn’t just watch them die.

It was now up to Robert to prove himself. For the first time in his life, he had high expectations of Robert’s position as sheriff.

The years Robert had spent as sheriff weren’t for nothing.

He was similar to an overlord in Shackelford, and even the mayor had to respect him.

Although he had settled down in the town to retire, he had a strong personality and handled things fairly.

The residents felt more admiration for him than pure fear or hate. Most people would listen to him.

With Robert’s subjugation and Luke’s money, they should be able to avoid casualties.

As the car sped along, it was even chased by patrol officers, who were ultimately left in the dust by Luke’s speeding car.

Robert just gritted his teeth and grumbled, “Do you want Catherine to be put on the wanted list? This car is under her name.”

Luke said calmly, “Don’t worry. I’ll modify its appearance a little when we get back. They won’t find us.”

Robert asked, “What about the license plates? They definitely got the number.”

Luke was as calm as ever. “I dealt with the license plates before we got into the car. What they saw were different plates.”

Robert was stunned, but then heaved a sigh of relief.

The Chevrolet Camaro they were driving now wasn’t an ordinary car. Luke had bought it and modified it before he had it sent to Shackelford for Catherine to use.

Catherine had an old Ford SUV before, and Luke had sent over the new car for her birthday this year.

The modified Camaro was far safer than most cars, and had better protective measures especially for children in the backseat.

As someone who often had to send Joseph to school, Catherine couldn’t refuse this gift.

It was also for this reason that Luke could easily shake off the patrol officers.

Thanks to Luke’s Elementary Driving and the modified Camaro, they reached Shackelford in an hour.

After that, Robert stayed in town and began to make arrangements.

Luke, on the other hand, drove Robert’s F150 to his grandfather’s ranch.

It only took Luke half an hour to reach the hills next to Drax’s ranch.

He got out of the car and walked to the top of a hill, where he saw the pit and the hammer in the center.

He wasn’t in the mood to waste time here, and he jogged down the slope.

On the side of the pit, Selina spotted him and waved at him.

After they met up, they walked into the pit. Selina was already explaining her observations in a low voice. “There’s definitely something wrong with this hammer. They tried using a pickup and a tow rope just now; in the end, it was the back of the truck that was pulled down.”

Luke followed her gaze and saw the back compartment of a pickup truck on the ground not far from the hammer. Someone was teasing an unlucky old man with a white beard. “Stan, you should’ve gotten rid of this lousy car long ago.”

There were a lot of people here when they reached the center, but they all consciously formed a semi-circle, leaving enough room for the next idiot who wanted a go at the hammer.

Many people greeted Luke loudly when they saw him.

Some of them were from Drax’s ranch, some from the surrounding farms, and some were residents of Shackelford.

He was Drax’s grandson and Robert’s son, and had also been a police officer here for half a year. These people were very familiar with him.

Luke replied with a smile as he drew closer.

Someone immediately shouted, “Oi, make way! Old Bill, move your butt aside! Our little Skywalker needs to use the Force to control this light… hammer?”

Everybody roared with laughter. Other people then echoed the man’s words, and the old man who had been pulling on the hammer with a red face stepped aside.

Someone shouted, “Little Skywalker, hurry up and pull this hammer out of the stone, and open our eyes!”

Of course Luke had to give it a go himself. This was a compulsory test for mainstream superheroes on Earth.

He stepped forward and pretended to exert force, but in reality, he was holding back most of his strength.

Also, his hands were shaking slightly, but not purely because he was trying to lift it.

It felt like the hammer had melded with the crystalline ground below it.

At the same time, his sunglasses recorded the hammer’s reaction.

“Ahhhhhhhh~” Luke drew out his loud roar.

The hammer didn’t budge.

That was right. This was probably that Mjölnir hammer.

Five seconds later, he shook his head awkwardly and released his hands. “This has to be a prank. Someone must’ve welded it to the ground, right?”

Everybody laughed again. In any case, nobody could touch it. They were just having fun.

Luke acted helpless as he and Selina left the circle of people. He said in a low voice, “Go back to Shackelford and arrange for your family to go to Houston. I’ll have Catherine receive them. It’s best if they stay there for a while.”

Selina frowned. “How long? If it’s too long, I’m afraid they’ll come back on their own.”

Her father, Mario, was a restless person.

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