Strongest Eccentric Consort - Chapter 519

Chapter 519: Thousand Thread Vine!

“The An family is powerful and has vast connections. I want you all to help me check the Zhu family.”

“Zhu family, could it be that you want to…” Astonishment appeared on An Shaoning’s face.

“It probably won’t be now, but I have to settle that matter sooner or later.” Lou Qianxue continued with a faint smile on her face, “Help me organize one set of the data about the main members of the Zhu family. When the time comes, I’ll use the Marrow-Washing Pills to pay off for the data.”

“Alright.” An Shaoning nodded. “Feel free to tell me if there’s anything else you need help with.”

“Oh, let me know when your cousin is free after you go back, and ask him to bring me into the palace.”

“Yeah. Anything else?”

“An Shaoning, treat my sister better next time.”

“Uh… Of course.” A blush appeared on An Shaoning’s gentle face. “I have discussed it with Grandpa Lou. When the storm calms down after some time, I’ll marry Xiaoxiao.”

“Ah?” Lou Qianxue’s eyes widened. “Really?”

“Yes,” An Shaoning gently smiled and said, “when the time comes, you’ll have to call me brother-in-law.”

Lou Qianxue touched her chin and said, “But I feel that even if Sister Xiaoxiao… yeah… she won’t easily agree.”

The words stunned An Shaoning. “You’re saying…”

“Sister Xiaoxiao’s biological brother, Lou Waizhong, has always been her worry. If this worry persists, she won’t settle down easily. Moreover…”

Lou Qianxue looked at An Shaoning.

Moreover, she wanted An Shaoning to be in his best condition when he married Lou Xiaoxiao.

As she thought about it, a strange glint flashed past her eyes. She lowered her eyes and said, “Oh right, An Shaoning.”

“Huh?” An Shaoning had a sorrowful expression on his face as if Lou Xiaoxiao had already rejected him.

Lou Qianxue asked with a solemn expression. “Have you heard of the thousand thread vine?”

“Thousand thread vine? I have indeed. I heard that this spiritual herb does not have any leaves or flowers. It only has a thousand strands of thread that are as fine as hairs. But it’s also flexible and strong. Most importantly, it emits a scent of plants that makes people feel at ease, right?”

“Right! It’s indeed the thousand thread vine! I didn’t expect you to know about it!”

“Haha, I know about it as I have heard of it. This is because there’s a thousand thread vine in Zhen Guogong’s mansion in this Imperial city. It’s very famous.”

“Zhen Guogong’s mansion? Another national public mansion again? Is it easy to get hold of this thousand thread vine?”

“You want the thousand thread vine? I’m afraid you can’t! Zhen Guogong’s mansion is the same as Yin Guogong’s mansion. They both belong to the oldest families in the Tian Zhao Imperial city. However, Zhen Guogong is different from Yin Guogong. Zhen Guogong comes from the same line as Tian Zhao’s ‘Family of warriors.’ Generals have guarded the border for generations. Not only are they loved by the people, but even Emperor Ying also respects them.

“Do you know why that thousand thread vine in his house is so famous? Four years ago, Zhen Guogong was poisoned in a battle. He retreated from the borders to the Imperial city to recuperate. His eldest son took great pains to look for the thousand thread vine to help him in the process… After Emperor Ying heard about it, he used many spiritual herbs to exchange them for the vine to treat Royal Crown Prince. However… ”

“He was rejected? It can’t be?” Lou Qianxue was shocked. “Even Emperor Ying was rejected. Looks like this thousand thread vine is really very hard to get.”

As Lou Qianxue spoke, she frowned and said again, “But I have to obtain this spiritual herb.”

“Why? Does his Royal Highness need it?”

“No.” Lou Qianxue shook her head and looked at An Shaoning.

Actually, she only wanted to try out the method of re-sculpturing the veins based on the memory of ‘the Alchemy God’ by using the thousand thread vine and re-sculpture An Shaoning’s veins.

“Um.” An Shaoning pondered the matter. “If someone else wants to obtain the thousand thread vine, it’s impossible. But if it were you, perhaps… you have a chance.”

“Huh? Why?”