Strongest Eccentric Consort - Chapter 517

Chapter 517: I Have A More Suitable Candidate!

“How… How’s it possible?”

After being thrown out of Baicao Garden, Mu Wushuang dejectedly sat on the ground.

“Lou Qianxue… That Lou Qianxue who died two years ago! How did she become so impressive? It can’t be possible!

“Even Third Royal Highness has to abide by the rules in Baicao Garden! So on what basis can she casually instruct the servants to throw a person out of the garden?

“Is it because of that VIP token? But she’s a country bumpkin. How can she have a VIP token? No! I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it!”

As she thought about it, she suddenly got up and dashed toward Baicao Garden again.

However, the female receptionist sent someone to stop her.

“Sorry, those who have been chased out of Baicao Garden are not allowed to step inside Baicao Garden for the rest of their lives!”

“No!” Mu Wushuang staggered backward. Panic-stricken, she said, “Royal Highness is still inside… Third Royal Highness is still inside. He will be concerned for me. Let me in!”

“You’re not qualified to enter the garden. Please go back.”


In the VIP yard.

After the servants took Mu Wushuang away, the entire place became quiet.

Hong Qinghe softly coughed and awkwardly said, “Before, in Fengyang prefecture, she was talented in alchemy and was also good-looking. Although she was quite arrogant, she was not detestable. However, now… Sigh! I really didn’t expect her to become like this.”

“Don’t talk about her anymore. It’s spoiling our appetite.”

Soon, the group shifted the topic to something else.

Suddenly, Li Tingtao looked at Lou Qianxue. “Miss Qianxue I’ve been wanting to ask you something. Can you refine more Marrow-Washing Pills? We’ll provide the ingredients. Moreover, we’ll also pay for the pills!”

The moment he spoke, everyone at the table became quiet.

Bai Muyan immediately nodded. “Yes, Miss Lou. Two years ago, your Marrow-Washing Pills practically changed the Liuyun Prefecture. Those pills are really important to us.”

Lou Qianxue fell silent for a moment. Before she could reply, An Yuzhi said, “Our An family also wants to buy some of those pills again.”

An Shaoning and Lou Xiaoxiao looked at Lou Qianxue.

“Even people outside the prefecture know about the effects of these pills. If you refine these pills in a batch and sell them, you’ll definitely earn a lot of money.” Li Tingtao paused for a while before he continued, “We’re not making an excessive demand by asking for the prescription. We only hope that you can sell some Marrow-Washing Pills to us again.”

“Oh.” Lou Qianxue’s gaze swept past them. “Actually, I have already thought about this matter.”

“Huh?” Everyone looked at her.

“The Marrow-Washing Pills can renew bones and cleanse marrows, which improves talent. If they are refined in batches, it’ll definitely benefit the whole Tian Zhao. However… If I have to always personally refine them, there’d be many troubles.”

“Yes. Who doesn’t want their children and grandchildren to get more talented? At that time, many people will visit you to buy the pills! Furthermore, people with evil motives may come to snatch the prescription!” Lou Xiaoxiao hurriedly said.

Lou Qianxue nodded. “Hence, although I’ll have to refine the pills, I also have to look for people to refine them.”

“Look for people to refine them? Miss Qianxue, do you plan to sell the prescription for the Marrow-Washing Pills?”

“No, I plan to find someone to work with. Furthermore, it has to be someone whom the ordinary people do not dare to touch and provoke.”

As the group thought about it, they looked at An Yuzhi one after another. “Then you can look for the An family! The An family is one of the five biggest families in the Imperial city. Moreover, An Shaoning and Senior Brother An are trustworthy. You can rest assured if you give them the prescription.”

An Yuzhi and An Shaoning froze for a while. Then, they looked at Lou Qianxue.

“Um! Actually, I have a more suitable candidate in mind.” Lou Qianxue smiled. “I don’t wish to find trouble for the An family. It’d be best if that person agrees. If he doesn’t, I’ll look for the An family for help.”

“You don’t have to ask us to help you, Miss Lou. We should be thanking you for your willingness to offer the prescription for the Marrow-Washing Pills and allow others to refine them!”