Stigma Effect - Chapter 39

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Yuriel was terrified and twisted her body.

She was waiting in Raphlet’s room for his return from subjugating the monsters. There was no reason to be tied up like this.

For some reason, Yuriel thought that she had experienced something like this before. But it was not the time for her to dwell on such thoughts.

The first thing that came to mind was the face of the princess. The Princess was the one who tried to use an aphrodisiac on her.

Could the princess have kidnapped her… ?!

Yuriel twisted her body in fear thinking that what Baraha had said might actually happen. She was lying on the bed with her arms tied and eyes blinded.

Pushing the soft bedding with her feet, Yuriel tried to get up. She was in the middle of lifting her body up, pushing the bedding with her free feet.

Suddenly, someone’s hand grabbed Yuriel’s ankle, and another hand pressed her wrists that were stretched out.

“Uh, uuphh… !”

Yuriel let out a startled groan and kicked the opponent. They lightly gripped Yuriel’s ankles and climbed onto her waist.

“Ooph… ?”

Yuriel, who had been rebelling fiercely, stopped rebelling at the familiar scent. It was the scent that came from Raphlet. It was a refreshing and cold scent, like a winter forest.

Is it Raphlet?

As Yuriel stilled, their fingers touched the cloth that was covering her eyes. They slowly removed the cloth that had covered her eyes.


“Hoorrrttt Hhaffett!”

Lord Raphlet! She was right, it was Raphlet. Yuriel was so relieved that she happily shouted, even with the gag in her mouth. The situation was strange, but she was glad to see him. It had been a very long time since she last saw his face. For Yuriel, it was the first time since she collapsed, and for Raphlet, it was the first time he had seen her in about a month.

Yuriel welcomed him, but Raphlet had a serious face.

Raphlet pressed down on Yuriel’s arm and said,

“… Do you remember how many times I warned you? I told you to go back before it gets dangerous, that I said I couldn’t stand it yet.”

It was a strange feeling. It seems like she’s been through this kind of situation.

But at the same time, she had a feeling that she had experienced it and not too. Something seems to have changed a bit.

Yuriel blinked her eyes and then nodded her head.

That warning remains in her memory. It was the warning Raplet gave when she was with Baraha. She couldn’t understand it, so it was engraved in her mind.

As Yuriel mumbled and nodded her head, Raphlet spoke in a sarcastic tone.

“You replied that you could accept me.”

That’s right. She remembered that too. Yuriel pursed her lips to ask why he was asking such a thing. However, the sentence was not properly formed due to the gag. Raphlet looked down at Yuriel who was murmuring, and said while stroking her cheeks.

“Why did you avoid me?”

Once the gag is removed from her mouth, she would be able to answer Raphlet properly. Yuriel also had a lot to say.

First of all, she had to greet him, and then she had to ask Raphlet what the current situation was, and last, she wanted to tell him that she didn’t avoid him.


Yuriel eagerly signaled for Raphlet to remove the gag, but he patted Yuriel’s cheeks and laughed.

“I want to take the gag, but…. Yuriel, if you say something against me, I don’t know what I will look like. It would be better to keep this as it is.”

It was a sensitive laugh.

Yuriel simply couldn’t quite understand the situation.

If he says she’s rejecting Raphlet, there’s no way that’s the case.

But Raphlet gagged Yuriel so she couldn’t speak, and he started to move his hand.

“I heard that you exercised hard. You’re eating well, and your physical condition is actually better than before.”

Raphlet’s hand began to slowly remove her work clothes. Yuriel opened her eyes and looked at Raphlet’s face.

“Uhh, uuph!”

“You were the one who didn’t listen to me when I told you to go back to Mogris. I have no intention of putting up with it anymore.”


The situation was as if Raphlet was trying to covet her. Yuriel inspected Raphlet’s entire body to see if he was under an aphrodisiac.

Raphlet, sitting kneeling on her waist, was dressed in a neat, undisturbed outfit. He, fortunately, did not appear to have been injured.

Then why… ?

Yuriel looked at him blankly. Raphlet, the figure of a mature man, was showing passion and lust.

While Yuriel blinked, Raphlet took off all of Yuriel’s clothes. Yuriel curled up, trying to pull her bound wrists.

She wanted to cover her body because she was embarrassed, but Raphlet pressed one hand on Yuriel’s waist as she bent over to her side, and he held her in place to prevent Yuriel from moving.

Raphlet’s gaze moved slowly along Yuriel’s body. Looking at the slender neckline, ample and plump chest, and the gentle curve of her waist, he slowly raised the hand that was holding her waist.

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Raphlet, who took a deep breath in tension and smoothed her exposed ribs, grabbed her soft flesh lightly.

“Uhh… !”

Yuriel stopped breathing as a rough hand gripped her chest.

Raphlet was completely sane. Although his eyes were burning with passion, he was touching Yuriel’s body of his free will.

Rubbing her chest with his one hand, he saw Yuriel turning her head, and he grabbed her chin. When their eyes met, Raphlet smiled coldly.

It wasn’t the friendly smile he had when he was poisoned. It was a sharp smile stained with resignation and lust.

He made eye contact and touched her chest.

“Do you know how much I wanted to know how you would react if I grabbed your chest and pulled it when you opened your eyes?”

“Uhh, uhngg….”

Raphlet asked in a harsh tone. He squeezed the peaks of her chest painfully, grabbed them with his thumb and index finger and stretched them upwards, causing pain. It was not a caress, but a gesture because he wanted to elicit a stronger reaction from Yuriel.

With a rough gesture, Yuriel moved her legs that had been laid by Raphlet back and forth.

The hem of Raphlet’s robe rubbed between her legs, causing her body to heat up.

Tears welled up in Yuriel’s eyes as she felt the place between her legs get wet.

Embarrassingly, just by touching her breasts, her bottom was wet. Raphlet looked down at Yuriel with a cool face and only moved his hand.

As tears began to form in Yuriel’s eyes, Raphlet smiled.

“Don’t cry. That makes me even more excited.”

When Yuriel didn’t understand the meaning and blinked the tears in her eyes, Raphlet said, lowering her chin to show her his lower body.


Suddenly, his manhood was erect, and his pants were inflated tight.

His erect manhood and his cool expression had a disparity. Raphlet began to caress Yuriel’s body slowly, making sure that his erection was a separate matter.

She could see him holding her soft breasts in his mouth and looking up at Yuriel’s face. Yuriel seemed to faint at the sight of Raphlet biting her chest and making eye contact.

It was clear that Raphlet did not know how neat and stoic his face was. No one would have imagined that he was sucking a woman’s breasts with his manhood erect, but Yuriel was seeing the unthinkable sight right before her eyes.

Yuriel contorted her eyes as she looked at her own chest that had entered Raphlet’s mouth. The sense of satisfaction in the eyes she was looking at was greater than the sensation felt in her chest.

She did not know why Raphlet tied her up. Yuriel wanted to release these restraints immediately and hug him to her heart’s content.

As Yuriel cried, waving her hand to and fro, Raphlet misunderstood and pulled her chest tighter. The sound of him sucking on her chest was leaking from between Raphlet’s lips.

Yuriel twisted her body as she looked at Raphlet’s lips, the large hand gripping her other chest, as he gnawed at her peak. The place between her legs tickled like crazy.

Not the chest, lower down. She wants Raphlet to push his manhood back to where he’s been deep before and move his waist.

Yuriel begged as she pulled the chain that restrained her wrists.

Please, please, take off the gag and release this chain!


Only a muffled moan continued from the gagged mouth. The moans begging for release were heard by Raphlet as a moan of wanting to run away.

Raphlet looked at Yuriel’s tear-soaked cheeks and pulled her chest tight enough to make her cheeks clenched.


Yuriel shed tears again and moaned.

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