Starting With 3 S-Class Talents - Chapter 195

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The next morning, after resting, Vincent went to the border once again. He looked towards the quiet east. No one knew what he was thinking.

“Vincent, what are you thinking about?” asked Angelina softly.

Angelina had suddenly appeared behind Vincent out of nowhere.

“Nothing. I’m just waiting for the people of the Scarlet Country to arrive!” replied Vincent.

Vincent turned his head and smiled at Angelina.

Angelina hugged Vincent from behind very gently. She said softly, “I don’t know how long it has been. We almost never have the time to be alone together!”

A trace of gentleness flashed across Vincent’s face. He held Angelina’s hands and said softly, “The Human Race is in great danger. As our only hope, we have indeed been a little too tired. I was so busy that I have forgotten to consider your feelings!”

“It doesn’t matter! I can wait, I really can wait!” Angelina sighed softly and repeated herself twice. She emphasized her words and seemed to be trying to convince herself at the same time!

Vincent suddenly felt a little guilty. He still remembered the time when he first entered Quinn. Angelina had always been very good to him. However, he had not even made a decent promise to her up until the present!

For some reason, Vincent also could not understand. Could it be that he did not like Angelina?

That was not the case!

Vincent had long gotten used to Angelina being by his side. If he could not see her shadow, he could not help but worry for her.

But why did he not have that kind of impulse to feel for her? Why did he not have that kind of passion to pledge his love to her?

Vincent thought for a long time and could only come up with one reason. It was because the burden on his shoulders was getting heavier and heavier. It was so heavy that he did not have the time to think about his personal feelings.

This was not something that was forced onto Vincent’s shoulders by the others. It was his own initiative to carry this burden on his shoulders. This burden was known as the Human Race!

Some felt that it was nonsense. He did not belong to this world in the first place. Why would he still fight for this world and risk his life for it voluntarily?

Vincent might have found an answer.

It was not actually something for him to choose. When one’s life or strength reached a certain level, some things would naturally fall on one’s shoulders. They would naturally have to take on some responsibilities!

Vincent sighed and turned around to hug Angelina in his arms. He said softly to her, “When the Human Race settles down, perhaps we will be banished to the Black Hole forever. But I can promise you that when that time comes, I will accompany you to roam around slowly and make up for the time that I’ve owed you!”

Angelina shook her head gently in Vincent’s arms. She smiled and said, “No promises, no apologies! The reason why I like you is because of your selflessness, your courage, and your sense of responsibility! Do you know why I decided to wander in the Black Hole world with you in the future? Because I have already made up my mind that at that time, you will only belong to me! Right now, you should be exhausted only for the sake of the Human Race, because you are the only hope of the Human Race!”

Vincent was very touched. He lowered his head and kissed Angelina’s lips deeply.

Angelina also returned the kiss shyly but boldly.

Just as the two of them were about to lose control of themselves, Chris’s voice suddenly rang in their ears.

“Vincent! Don’t be in a hurry to kiss, the people from Scarlet Country are here!”

Chris shouted as he ran out from behind a mound. He patted Vincent on the shoulder and rushed towards the border.

Vincent and Angelina were stunned as they separated. They saw all the members of the God-Slaying squad walking out from behind the mound one after another.

“Come on! Work hard!”

“Don’t think so much. There are still many things waiting for us to do!”

“Vincent, how do we deal with Scarlet Country? We still need your idea!”

When everyone passed by the two of them, they did not forget to give them a reminder before walking away. They acted as if they did not see anything.

Only Avril had a strange expression on her face. However, she did not say a word. She only smiled at Vincent and Angelina before walking away silently.

Vincent looked helplessly at the country bumpkin. If he remembered correctly, behind the country bumpkin was not the campsite from last night!

This meant that the team members had actually woken up a long time ago and had gathered behind the country bumpkin to eavesdrop on the conversation between him and Angelina!

Angelina shyly stepped into Vincent’s arms. At that moment, Vincent did not know how to face his comrades, nor did he know how to face the invading army!

Teacher Chris and Chris led the rest of the team members. They stood in a line in front of the border. They looked at the army in red armor, and the Blood Pool King, Miles Mountbatten. He was wearing a red robe and a red crystal crown. He stood directly in front of them!

“Dear friends of the God-Slaying squad, I didn’t expect you to be here to welcome us. We are flattered!” said Miles loudly with a smile, as if he was sincerely praising everyone.

However, everyone knew that the people who traveled to the border during this time were definitely not there to praise them. They must have other motives!

“You are not welcome here! Please leave immediately!”

Chris imitated Vincent’s method and directly gave the order to ask them to leave!

The Blood Pool King, Miles still maintained a neither servile nor overbearing attitude. He just smiled and shook his head. He then emphasized, “The crisis in the Black Hole battlefield has yet to be resolved. We are all important forces protecting the Human Race. Our Scarlet Country’s army will not brandish our blades at our comrades. If you want to use force against us, then we have nothing to say. We can only feel a chill in our hearts!”

Chris was confused by Miles’s long speech and could not find any reason to refute it. He turned his head to look at Teacher Chris. His eyes were pleading for help.

Teacher Chris walked forward and said to Miles, “Don’t worry! The God-Slaying squad will not turn their butcher’s knife on their own kind, but they will not allow you to mess around here. You have suddenly come here. If you do not have a legitimate reason, please leave immediately. After all, this is the territory of the Cang Yuan Country!”

Miles smiled as he walked forward and crossed the border. He raised his hands and walked towards the God-Slaying squad to show that he was not hostile. He then said, “I have a valid reason for coming here this time! The territory of our Scarlet Country is suffering from the invasion of the Black Hole. It has now reached a point where it can no longer bear the burden. That is why I have brought the injured soldiers and crippled generals who have retreated from the frontline to come here and ask the God-Slaying squad for help!”

After hearing that, Teacher Chris could not help but raise her head to look at the army behind Miles. The entire army was made up of strong men. They were clearly their most elite combat strength. How could they be the injured soldiers?

This was clearly Miles’s excuse, and his goal was nothing more than to take the opportunity to stir up trouble without reason!

“The God-Slaying squad is currently on a mission and cannot leave for the time being. I hope that the returning army can hold on a little longer. When the matter here is over, we will rush to Scarlet Country at the first possible moment!” said Teacher Chris firmly. She believed that after hearing her stern rejection, Miles would not have the face to continue pestering her!

Unexpectedly, Miles replied, “I fully understand everyone’s difficulties! That is why I have brought these large armies. The God-Slaying squad can rush to the Scarlet Country’s Black Hole battlefield, and I can bring my army to complete the mission here!”

After hearing his reply, Teacher Chris could not help but curse in her heart. How shameless!

Everything that Miles said so far seemed to be unreasonable. However, every reason he gave was so reasonable that no one could refuse him.

As the God-Slaying squad whose only mission was to save the entire Human Race, they absolutely could not refuse Miles’s request. This was because once they refused, the God-Slaying squad would be tantamount to going against their original intentions. It would also mean that they would lose responsibility. They were most proud of their responsible attitude.

The other members of the God-Slaying squad also looked troubled at that moment because they realized that they would be led by Miles’s nose. They might even become his slaves and be ordered by him for all sorts of reasons!

Miles noticed that the God-Slaying squad looked troubled, but they did not do anything. He could not help but cupped his fists and said, “Everyone! The God-Slaying squad is the strongest weapon of the Human Race. It should be used in the cruelest and most dangerous battlefield. We cannot stay in this valley. Those who suffer from wind, frost, and rain every day will rust sooner or later. Please do not worry about your personal comfort and immediately set off to assist our Scarlet Country!”

Everyone felt like they were suckling pigs being roasted on the fire. Miles’s request was becoming more and more difficult to refuse. If he continued to preach about the righteousness of the nation, everyone could only silently go on their way!

It seemed that the Blood Pool King, who was ranked first among all the emperors of various countries, was not just simply powerful; his intelligence was also the most difficult to deal with among the four of them!

At that moment, if they wanted to solve the problem, they could only place their hopes on one person!

Teacher Chris and Chris turned their heads to look behind them. The rest of the team members also turned their heads to look at Vincent, who had his back facing the border all along!

After experiencing the awkward situation of everyone peeping on him earlier, Vincent had already suppressed his anger. He needed to find out why the Blood Pool King was being so aggressive. This gave Vincent an opportunity to vent!

Vincent turned his head to look at the Blood Pool King. He sneered and said, “When the humans are in trouble, the God-Slaying squad will not refuse to help! Let’s do as the Blood Pool King suggests! Chris will personally lead a team to assist the Scarlet Country and raze all the Black Hole battlefields to the ground! Teacher Chris and I will stay behind to watch the Scarlet Country’s army build the capital! If the imperial capital of the Cang Yuan Country did not have such an excellent army to help, who knows how long it would take for it to be built?”

After hearing this, the members of the God-Slaying squad all revealed a smile. At the same time, they sighed to themselves as they had not thought of splitting their forces into two. It was such a simple strategy!

Miles, on the other hand, had a look of surprise and regret as he muttered, “What? You want my army to build a capital city for Cang Yuan Country? You must be joking!”

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