Starting With 3 S-Class Talents - Chapter 194

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Chapter 194: The Strongest King of Violent Persuasion

“Oh? Is your Scorching Sun Country afraid of making an enemy out of our God-Slaying squad? Are you worried that the Cang Yuan Country will become stronger because of this, so you took the initiative to come and invite us over?”

Vincent looked at Klaus with disdain and asked him in a cold tone.

Klaus waved his hands repeatedly and said, “No, no! Ever since your God-Slaying squad returned from the Black Hole, you have spared no effort to assist the various Black Hole battlefields. I knew that you must be righteous people who are dedicated to serving the country and the people! Therefore, what you are doing here must be for the sake of the entire Human Race. However, the Cang Yuan Country, which has just completed the change of power, does not have the ability to cooperate with the God-Slaying squad. Our Scorching Sun Country is strong and is the best candidate for the God-Slaying squad!”

Vincent could not stand Klaus’s shamelessness. He snorted coldly and said, “No need! You can bring your troops back. The God-Slaying squad’s mission at this time will only involve the Cang Yuan Country!”

After hearing Vincent’s reply, Klaus could not help but become more determined.

Why did the God-Slaying squad insist on cooperating with Cang Yuan Country? It must be because the Cang Yuan Country had just been established and was easy to control. Once there were any benefits, the Cang Yuan Country would naturally not compete with the God-Slaying squad. Moreover, it was also unlikely for them to be able to compete with the God-Slaying squad!

Therefore, Klaus made up his mind. He wanted to figure out what the God-Slaying squad was planning to do and try his best to get them to cooperate with Scorching Sun Country. This was because he firmly believed that with the strength of the Scorching Sun Country, they would definitely be able to defeat Cang Yuan Country easily. Moreover, he would also be able to get some benefits after cooperating with the God-Slaying squad!

Whatever this powerful and unknown squad did, any share of it would be an objective benefit!

Furthermore, Klaus was unwilling to give in as he saw that Swain did not have to do anything. He had only met Vincent once before leaving. This made Klaus suspect that Swain had already obtained some benefits from Vincent!

Originally, the ardent Scorching Sun’s army was the first to reach the border. However, Klaus was afraid that the God-Slaying squad would launch an attack without a word, so he chose to wait and watch at the first moment. What happened afterward made Klaus extremely regretful. At the same time, he became even more determined to reach an agreement to cooperate with the God-Slaying squad.

Even if it was to obtain some benefits from Vincent, it could be considered a worthwhile trip!

Vincent looked at Klaus, who had a determined look on his face, and said coldly, “The God-Slaying squad does not need to cooperate with you, and they will not allow you to invade the territory of the Cang Yuan Country. Go take your men and leave immediately. Otherwise, don’t blame us!”

Klaus noticed Vincent’s calm appearance.

Vincent did not want to share any benefits with him. Klaus’s heart was filled with endless disappointment.

It seemed that he had no choice but to use his trump card!

Klaus adjusted his emotions. His face was full of grief and indignation as he said, “I know that the God-Slaying squad is doing this for the sake of the people in the world, but you are not the only people in the world who have such a righteous heart. Our Scorching Sun country will definitely help out. Even if the God-Slaying squad does not agree, we will definitely intervene!”

“Oh? How do you want to take care of it?” Vincent leaned back and asked Klaus with narrowed eyes.

Klaus raised his hand and pointed at his own army. With a righteous tone, he said, “Regardless of whether you agree or not, the Scorching Sun’s army will immediately launch a charge and take down the Remulos Highlands! However, please rest assured that I have already given strict orders to the soldiers of the Scorching Sun Country. They will not launch an attack on the God-Slaying squad. Even if you kill them for the sake of the Cang Yuan Country, our Scorching Sun Country will be willing to accept death, without any objections!”

After hearing this, Vincent could not help but laugh into the sky. He then said, “Your warriors will not attack us? Even if they attack us, will they be able to hurt us? It seems like you are looking down on the strength of our God-Slaying squad!”

When Klaus saw that Vincent was not moved in the slightest nor was he put in a difficult position, Klaus knew that he still could not get any benefits out of it. He had no choice but to proceed with the last step!

“It seems that you still don’t trust us! In that case, I have nothing more to say. I will go back and prepare to attack. I will show you the determination of our Scorching Sun Country to protect the Human Race. Then, you will see if we are the ones with the most strength and choose us to cooperate with you!”

Klaus then left and turned to walk towards his army.

However, at that moment, Vincent sat up and said, “Wait!”

Klaus was overjoyed when he heard Vincent call out to him. He quickly turned around and asked, “What? Has Brother Vincent thought it through?”

Vincent shook his head and said, “Forget it! It’s just that you were the one who kept on talking earlier. It’s time for our God-Slaying squad to express our opinions!”

After saying that, Vincent ignored the confused Klaus. He then turned around and said, “Chris, since the Scorching Sun Country wants to display their strength, then our God-Slaying squad cannot be at a disadvantage. It’s up to you to fight them! But remember, our God-Slaying squad cannot be defeated. They said that they would not attack us, and you cannot kill anyone. Just teach them a lesson!”

“Roger that!”

Chris sat up excitedly and looked at Klaus with a cold smile.

Although everyone had reached a consensus that they could not kill any of these emperors, for the time being, Chris would not let go of the opportunity to beat them up and avenge his master!

Klaus looked at the unfriendly Chris and could not help but step back. He asked nervously, “You, what are you doing?”

“I am the vice-captain of the God-Slaying squad, the successor of the Dragon King, Chris! I had the honor of consulting the Dragon King!”

Chris spoke loudly. He then charged at Klaus!

“Quick, quickly protect the emperor!”

Klaus was so scared that he turned around and ran. He shouted at his army in the distance.

He knew that Chris had already become a ruler-class superpowered person. He also knew that he had already obtained the mantle of the Dragon King!

Facing such an opponent, Klaus knew that he did not have any chance of winning.


“Quickly support his majesty!”

When the army of the Scorching Sun Country heard their emperor’s cry for help, they immediately roared and crossed the border. They then charged up the hill.


Chris did not consume any monster spirit crystals. Instead, he directly transformed into a five-clawed dragon with golden scales all over its body. It whistled through the air and shot out a blazing dragon’s breath at Klaus!

Upon seeing this, Klaus did not dare to be careless and immediately used his innate ability to protect himself.

As the emperor of the Scorching Sun Country, Klaus’s innate ability was naturally of the fire attribute. Hence, after using his flames to protect himself, he successfully avoided the high-temperature damage from the dragon’s breath.

However, Chris had no intention to kill him, so he could not be bothered to compete with Klaus on fire. Instead, he flew straight down and used his huge dragon claws to press Klaus into the soil.

Without waiting for Klaus to react, Chris used his dragon claws, tail, horns, and other available limbs that he had to launch physical attacks continuously on Klaus.

As Klaus was buried deep in the soil, he was unable to escape. Instead, he was sinking deeper and deeper into the soil. In the blink of an eye, he was laying in a deep pit with blood all over his face. He looked at the sky feebly.

Before the return of the God-Slaying squad, Klaus was one of the only king-class superpowered humans. Almost no one in the world could break his defense. In fact, when he was against opponents who were weaker than him, he did not even need to use any means to protect himself.

However, under the attack of Chris who was a ruler-class superpowered user, even if Klaus used any means to protect himself, it would have been useless. As he was under absolute suppression of his strength, he did not have the slightest ability to resist!

At that moment, the ardent Scorching Sun Country’s army also saw the 100-meter-long golden dragon that Chris had transformed into. They all stopped in terror and began to hesitate on whether they should continue to rescue their emperor!

“Forget it! Under such an attack, His Majesty the Emperor is probably dead!”

“Even if we charge forward, we can’t fight him. We can only die in vain!”

The soldiers immediately came to an agreement and slowed down their charging pace. Their advancing speed was so slow that it could be ignored. However, they still did not give up on using their voices to shout and roar. They warned Chris to release their emperor.

Chris could not be bothered by them. He lowered his head and beat Klaus. He then asked, “Are you convinced? Do you still want to cooperate with us?”

“No, I’m not cooperating! Stop fighting, I’m convinced, I’m convinced! Give me a chance, I’ll leave right now!”

Klaus laid in the deep pit and shouted in a muffled voice.

“Hmph! You’ve got it easy!”

Chris snorted coldly and stretched out his dragon claw to pull Klaus out of the pit.

At that moment, everyone saw Klaus’s appearance. His face was bruised and swollen, and he no longer had the demeanor of a king.


Chris shouted loudly and threw Klaus towards the Scorching Sun Country’s camp.

Klaus, who had landed in the middle of the army, seemed to have survived a disaster. He cried out, “Quick, quickly leave! I don’t want to see them again!”

Just like that, the Scorching Sun Country’s army turned around and left amidst the emperor’s cries!

Chris returned to his human form and shook his head as he walked back. He mumbled, “I’m not happy, I’m not happy! I’m really not happy at all!”

Vincent looked at him and could not help but say, “It doesn’t matter if you’re not happy. There’s still a chance for you to make a move later!”

Chris asked, “Where? The Scorching Sun Country’s people have run far away!”

Swire who was lying on the grass understood what Vincent meant. He said leisurely, “Vincent doesn’t mean the Scorching Sun Country, but the Scarlet Country, which has never shown itself! Also, I want to remind you that in the previous ranking of the five king-class superpowered individuals, aside from the late Dragon King, the Blood Pool King, the emperor of Scarlet Country, is the strongest in the world!”

Chris clenched his fists and asked, “But the Scorching Sun Country’s emperor has been beaten so badly by me. Would he still dare to come?”

Vincent nodded and said confidently, “Don’t worry. He will definitely appear by today at the earliest, or tomorrow at the latest!”

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