Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 544

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Chapter 544 – The Two Great Beasts’ Visit

Tang Miao squinted his eyes and said, “Actually, even if Beast God were to go through the tribulation on the Mother Planet, I feel that it would be very difficult for him to succeed. The restriction on soul beasts is like a curse that is imprinted in the depths of their bloodline. Even if all the conditions are met, they will eventually self-destruct. Wasn’t this the same during the Avatar Tribulation today?”

“I’m afraid that’s the case,” Bai Lingshuang said. “So, the Federation is just being petty.”

“Be careful with your words,” Yang Hui said in annoyance. “The Federation has its own difficulties as well. The pressure on the frontline is not small, and there must not be any problems at the rear. Beast God has a strong foundation after all and could easily become a variable, so the Federation has no choice but to be cautious. Alright, there’s no point in talking about this now. Let’s go !” As he spoke, he walked towards the War God Temple.

The various experts dispersed one after another and were on their way back. Then, they arranged for spacecrafts and left the planet as soon as possible.

With the death of Beast God Di Tian, the world of soul beasts would definitely undergo a long period of reorganization. Tiger King was still young, and it would take a long time to stabilize her position as Beast God. The interior of the soul beast world needed to be adjusted. This was also what the Federation wanted.


Lan Xuanyu and his companions returned to the base in low spirits. Yuanen Huihui followed them back. He had something to say to Lan Xuanyu but seeing that everyone was in a bad mood, he didn’t say anything.

Dong Qianqiu, who had changed her name to Bai Xiuxiu, went straight to Xiao Qi and told him that she wanted to change her name. Shrek Academy didn’t have any restrictions on this, but the school registration and Dong Qianqiu’s own federal file had to be changed because of this and required some procedures.

Back in their own bedroom, Lan Xuanyu and Liu Feng looked at each other.

Liu Feng sighed and said, “Beast God still didn’t succeed! The Thorn Dragon is very sad.” The entire first year was in a bad mood, and the main reason was that they were affected by their Spirit soul. Their Spirit Soul had kept their memories, so they could naturally feel Beast God’s death. One could only imagine their sadness.

Lan Xuanyu said, “We don’t really understand things at that level, but it was truly a pity for Beast God and he was so unwilling. His cultivation of hundreds of thousands of years was burnt to ashes. Little Die should also be very sad.”

“I didn’t expect that the person who came to our place to sleep that day would be the successor of Beast God. Do you want to visit her?” Liu Feng asked.

Lan Xuanyu shook his head and said, “Forget it. She must be very upset right now. There’s no point in me visiting her. There must be a lot of soul beasts consoling her right now. I don’t know where to look for her either. I just hope to see her again before I leave.”

Liu Feng nodded. “It’s been a long day, let’s rest. After feeling the aura of Beast God today, my White Dragon King bloodline has strongly fluctuated. I want to comprehend it.”

“En, let’s cultivate.” It was already evening when they rushed back and it was already dark outside.

They were returning tomorrow and Lan Xuanyu wanted to take advantage of the night to absorb more life energy so that he could cultivate on the way back. After all, the journey back would take a long time.

The two sat cross-legged on the bed and entered a meditative state.

Actually, during the process of Beast God’s tribulation today, due to the isolation from the four god-rank powerhouses, they weren’t able to sense too much of a god level aura. This was somewhat regretful, but there was nothing they could do about it, for safety’s sake. Otherwise, once Beast God Di Tian’s Avatar Tribulation would have fallen on the ground, not many of them would have been able to withstand it.

Lan Xuanyu entered into a meditative state particularly slowly today because there were too many messy thoughts in his heart. He calmed down with much difficulty and reached a state where he forgot everything.

Right at this moment, two guests arrived at Shrek Academy’s encampment.

Wang Tianyu looked at the two people standing in front of him in surprise and felt somewhat incredulous.

Because the two people who appeared outside his door at night were the two people who almost died for Di Tian!

Dressed in a jade green dress, it was the Emerald Swan, Bi Ji, an existence below only one person in the world of soul beasts and above all others.

Wang Tianyu also knew that lady in the purple dress. She was already ranked among the top ten Great Beasts tens of thousands of years ago, and in terms of actual combat power, she was even above the Emerald Swan. She was one of the few True Dragons that had survived until now, the Abyssal Demon Dragon. Her name was the Demon Queen.

In the records of the human race, they vaguely knew that Bi Ji and the Demon Queen were both Beast God Di Tian’s women. It was just that they had always competed with each other and outsiders were not too sure of their relationship with Di Tian.

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Wang Tianyu did not expect that these two would actually come together.

“Seniors, you guys are…” Wang Tianyu looked at them doubtfully. For a moment, he was somewhat at a loss.

Bi Ji and the Demon Queen appeared very calm. Bi Ji said indifferently, “Pavilion Master Wang, you should be very clear about our situation after Beast God left us today. I am not good at fighting and will face my tribulation very soon. I wanted to follow after Beast God’s trails, but he wants me to try living again for my clansmen and see if there is a chance. So, I am here to sign a contract.”

“Me too.” The Demon Queen had always been a person of few words, and she made her stance clear.

Hearing these two’s words, Wang Tianyu’s eyes widened. ‘What’s going on? These two are top-notch existences in the Soul Beast World! What does signing a contract mean? Isnt’ it becoming a human’s Spirit Soul? And they actually chose me?’

Wang Tianyu hesitated for a moment and said, “I welcome both of you very much and thank both of you for your choice. It’s just that I’ve already become a god and my slots are full, this…”

If it was Beast God Di Tian, he would definitely be willing to sacrifice one of his Spirit Souls at all costs. Although these two people before him were also top-notch soul beasts, Wang Tianyu was still hesitant to sacrifice a Spirit Soul for them, even if his Spirit Souls were man-made. But he was still tempted, especially the Abyssal Demon Dragon Queen. His Martial Soul was the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon, and having a True Dragon Spirit Soul would undoubtedly improve his foundation. It would not be a problem for him to reach the 11th level in the future.

However, the process of re-cultivating to become a god would definitely not be short. Whether it was worth it or not would have to be weighed. After all, even if he continued to cultivate steadily, it was not impossible for him to reach the 11th level in the future.

“Pavilion Master Wang, we don’t want to make things difficult for you. We will naturally not trouble you to re-cultivate. We have each set our eyes on a student from Shrek Academy. We came here this time just to greet you first, then we’ll find them to sign a contract,” the Emerald Swan, Bi Ji, said indifferently.

Wang Tianyu was stunned for a moment and was immediately disappointed. But this was equivalent to helping him make a decision. He adjusted his state of mind very quickly. This was always a good thing! With these two choosing Shrek, there would definitely be two students with the potential to become gods in the future, and it could even be said that it would be sure they would become gods.

“That’s great, we welcome you with open arms. May I know who both of you have chosen?” Wang Tianyu said hurriedly. At this time, he felt his heart heating up. He hadn’t expected much of the small probability of Beast God forming a contract, but now, he had two Great Beasts willing to join. This was definitely a good thing!

Especially that Emerald Swan. Her healing ability had always been ranked first in the world of soul beasts, and no one could replace her. Legend has it that when the soul beasts launched their Beast Tide 20,000 years ago and attacked the human cities, Bi Ji was able to rely on her own strength to heal the entire soul beast army! No matter who will get the Spirit Soul of this top-notch healing-type soul beast, Shrek Academy would definitely produce a soul master with super healing abilities.

Bi Ji and the Demon Queen looked at each other and each said a name.

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