Soul Land IV (Douluo Dalu) : Ultimate Fighting - Chapter 495

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Chapter 495 – A Strict Teacher Produces Outstanding Disciples

“This is indeed difficult.” Nana nodded and said thoughtfully, “You should change your members. Qian Lei, release Fatty Jin for me to see. I heard from Xuanyu that after you have merged with him, it has increased your strength and defense.”

“Me?” Qian Lei pointed at his nose and said in surprise.

Nana smiled and nodded. “Let me see your Fatty Jin.”

“Alright, Teacher Nana.” With a thought, a golden light surged out from his chest and landed in front of him.

Fatty Jin had grown much bigger than before and was now over half a head taller than Qian Lei. He was plump and had thick golden hair covering his entire body. His arms were extremely thick and there were two fangs protruding out of his mouth. He looked quite ferocious.

The moment he appeared, he instinctively looked at Nana and bared its teeth.

Then, Qian Lei saw Fatty Jin’s unprecedented peculiar expression.

His originally ferocious face suddenly changed, and his jaw dropped as though it was about to fall off. His eyes bulged out, and his nostrils flared. Then, with a “swish”, he suddenly turned around and jumped onto Qian Lei. A pair of thick legs wrapped around Qian Lei’s waist, and his thick arms wrapped around Qian Lei’s neck as his fat body trembled violently.

Before Qian Lei could make a sound, he was pressed down by its heavy weight and fell to the ground.

“Fatty Jin, what are you doing?” Lan Xuanyu asked.

“It seems to be very afraid of Teacher Nana?” Dong Qianqiu asked in surprise.

At this moment, Nana’s eyes revealed a hint of surprise as she looked at Fatty Jin in surprise. “You are…”

“A descendant of a Divine Beast, a prehistoric mutant.” Nana blurted out.

Everyone looked at him at the same time. Qian Lei struggled out of Fatty Jin’s “embrace” with much difficulty.

“Teacher Nana? What is a descendant of a Divine Beast, a prehistoric mutant?” Fatty Jin asked excitedly.

Nana furrowed her brows and seemed to be deep in thought as a hint of disgust flashed across her eyes. “I can vaguely remember some of it. If I’m not wrong, it’s from the ancient Behemoth bloodline. His fur is gold and he should be a member from the royal family of the Behemoth bloodline, the Golden Behemoth bloodline. In ancient times, before humans existed, the dragon race ruled the entire continent. After that, as the dragon race grew stronger, they gradually broke through the restrictions of this world and ascended to become gods. In that era, there was also a race that constantly fought against the dragon race, the Behemoth race. Later on, after the apparition of soul beasts, the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear has actually inherited some of the bloodline of the Behemoth race. The Behemoths hunted the dragon race and even used the dragon race as food to strengthen themselves. The powerhouses of their race were not inferior to giant dragons.”

“The Behemoth race was extremely strong and powerful at one time, and there were even Divine Beasts that had ascended to the Divine World. The Dragon God was worried that they would be too strong and ordered the Dragon Kings under his command to encircle the Behemoth race. He almost wiped out the Behemoth race from the Divine World and the human world. But I didn’t expect that there would actually be an inheritance of this bloodline left behind. It is very likely that he is the only Behemoth beast that exists in the world today, and he is also a member of the royal family. You have already formed a life and death contract with it. This isn’t a Spirit Soul anymore, he is your life-bound beast. If he dies, you die, and vice versa. If you die, he dies.”

“Gold Behemoth?” Qian Lei blinked. “It sounds a little awesome!”

Nana narrowed her eyes. “If it’s the Gold Behemoth, you guys might really have a chance. The only pity is that Xuanyu can’t strengthen it. Your bloodlines would clash.”

Qian Lei was puzzled. “Teacher Nana, it’s fine! Xuanyu has already enhanced me previously.”

Nana said, “That’s because the Golden Behemoth hasn’t truly awakened yet. If his Golden Bloodline is truly awakened, it will naturally reject all dragon-type auras. Naturally, that means that he can’t be enhanced either. However, you guys will have to pay quite a price to awaken his bloodline. But I think it’s worth it because after his bloodline is awakened, his growth rate will increase greatly. It will also benefirt to Qian Lei. But Qian Lei, you might be weakened for a hundred days or so. It’s best if you can go into seclusion during these 100 days and continuously replenish your life energy.”

Qian Lei was taken aback. “Is it that serious? If we win, can I still go to the planet?”

Nana shook her head. “You won’t be able to go anymore, so you have to consider it carefully. You need to use 100 days to recover your life energy and at the same time, you have to give the Gold Behemoth that has awakened his bloodline time to grow. He needs a large amount of life energy to replenish itself. There is no place more suitable than Shrek Academy. Once he completely awakens his bloodline, you will also receive some benefits. The two of you are now in the same body, so no matter how weak you become, your life will not be in danger. When he will start to grow, it would mean that good times will come for you. You just have to grow along with him and improve, and your future will naturally be limitless.”

Qian Lei looked at Lan Xuanyu as though he was asking for help. Lan Xuanyu nodded at him without hesitation. He trusted Nana’s words completely.

“Alright, I’ll go all out. Please teach me what to do.” Qian Lei gritted his teeth and agreed.

Nana said, “You don’t have to be anxious first. You have to go to the battlefield to awaken his bloodline. A Gold Behemoth that has just awakened will have a temporary period of power up. After that, it will fall into a deep sleep. He can’t be awakened yet. Qianqiu, you and the other three can work together. As another strong asset, Xuanyu will strengthen you guys. It’s equivalent to the five of you performing a fusion skill.”

Nana began to give them detailed pointers. In the process of Nana’s pointers, everyone realized that the trajectories of their soul power that Nana pointed out were slightly different from the Mysterious Heaven Skill that they usually cultivated, but it was also these minute changes that allowed their soul power to flow more smoothly, especially when they coordinated with each other. There were even some strange changes.

Initially, the others weren’t familiar with Nana, but because she was Lan Xuanyu and Dong Qianqiu’s teacher, they trusted her. But after being truly guided by her, everyone began to admire this stunning lady who appeared to be in her twenties.


Shrek Academy’s Outer Court, the dean’s office.

Ying Luohong sat on the sofa with a few other teachers beside her. They were the main teachers of the first years.

On the wall right in front of the sofa, a large screen was playing a video. The video was showing the first years continuously challenging those stronger than them.

The big screen was extremely detailed and captured detailed battlefield changes from various angles.

The second year, third year, fourth year, and fifth year teachers who had already lost the competition were especially attentive. Before their own year was challenged, none of them thought that their students would lose, but the final result was right before their eyes and they had lost. At this moment, they could clearly see how they had lost.

Finally, the scene stopped at Hua Linhan losing the match in exasperation. Ying Luohong said indifferently, “Tell me what you think. You guys are really good! You can’t even defeat first years who don’t have Battle Armors.”

Xiao Qi wasn’t invited to this meeting and no one wanted to see him acting smug, including Ying Luohong.

The teacher in charge of the second years smiled bitterly. “Lan Xuanyu is a genius. In all four matches, the tactics used in each match were different and the team members that were sent out were all very targeted. Even the top student of the third years was sent to the first years’ side. Dean, you can’t blame us for this!”

The teacher-in-charge of the fifth years said in a strange tone, “That’s right, some people can’t even keep their own students and ostracized their strongest one. Otherwise, how could we lose?” He felt that he was the most wronged. No matter how he looked at it, Lan Xuanyu’s team shouldn’t have been able to defeat Hua Linhan. Especially without Tang Yuge’s participation, Lan Xuanyu’s team wouldn’t even have a chance.

The teacher-in-charge of the third years had a dark expression. “It’s my teaching method that is problematic, I am willing to accept any punishment.” Ever since Tang Yuge left, he had been feeling extremely upset. He initially wanted to motivate his disciple, but he didn’t expect her to be so disheartened that she would make up her mind to leave. He didn’t really care about losing the competition. The once strongrst third years were now in this state because of him. It was indeed a loss while having a great hand.

Ying Luohong said indifferently, “Do you think that Lan Xuanyu is too cunning? There is still the last match tomorrow.”

The teacher-in-charge, who had been silent all this while, smiled and said, “There won’t be a problem with us. It’s impossible to get through. You know how capable that guy in our class is. I don’t even dare to say that I can beat him for sure. If Lan Xuanyu is a genius, then we have a super genius.”

“En.” No one refuted the sixth years main teacher’s words. Yes, it was impossible for the sixth years to lose because of that person. From the odds, it could be seen that the odds were 1 to 3! The odds of the sixth years winning were only 1 to 0.1, and it wasn’t even enough to fill the gaps between their teeth.

“As for Lan Xuanyu and his small team, the academy might have other arrangements in the future. Ordinary teachings are no longer enough to satisfy their teachings. After they have their One-Word Battle Armor, they might be able to advance to the next stage.”

“What do you mean?”

“En.” Ying Luohong nodded her head. “I had the same thought at first, but this match has strengthened the academy’s confidence. We have already asked the Inner Court for instructions. The Inner Court has approved it and will focus on grooming Lan Xuanyu and his partners.”

At this point, she looked at the teacher-in-charge of the third years. “Including Tang Yuge. After all, with her strength she should have already entered into the next stage. So, after half a year, you guys will probably become competitors.”

The headteacher of the third years didn’t say a word and just nodded his head silently.

Ying Luohong said, “Due to the outstanding performance of the first years this time and considering their unity, after the competition tomorrow, the academy will announce the prize for the first years. All the participants of the first years will be allowed to go to the Elven Planet to watch the ceremony. Do you have any objections?”

The fourth year teacher hesitated. “Then our quota…”

Ying Luohong glanced at him. “Didn’t you lose your spot?”

“Can we make an exception, Dean ? After all, this is a rare opportunity. If that Beast God fails to transcend the tribulation, he might choose to become a Spirit Soul and re-cultivate, and outstanding students like ours have the highest chance. The more people there are, the higher the chance. We can’t let other forces snatch it.”

Ying Luohong said indifferently, “Rules are rules. There are rewards for ability and punishments for problems. You guys lost to the first years and still have the cheek to ask me for a spot?”

The headteacher of the fourth years remained silent. The headteacher of the fifth years was already embarrassed to speak, and the headteacher of the second and third years were naturally even more speechless.

“Alright, it’s decided then. All of you can go back. I hope that you can take this match as a warning and praise this batch of first years for being outstanding. At the same time, all of you have to think about why your students aren’t outstanding enough and whether you’re not strict enough in grooming them.”

While the main teachers were in awe, they all had the same thought. Not strict enough? That’s right, not strict enough. They should be stricter—strict teachers produce outstanding students!

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