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Lei Luo came before the remaining elemental heart.

Seeing the hexagram missing a corner, he reached out and injected energy into all the remaining crystals.

After the six crystals absorbed the energy, they began to emit a fluorescent glow.

“Lei Luo, what are you doing?”

Bing walked in front of Lei Luo. Lei Luo turned around and continued, “From here, you can see the situation around the light elemental heart.”

At this moment, the elemental heart suddenly flashed with a ray of light.

An image appeared in the middle.

The first thing that appeared was a luxurious roof. It seemed to be in a palace.

The four of them carefully went up to observe.

They hoped to be able to see what this place was.

At this moment, a pair of hands picked up the light elemental heart.

Lei Luo and the others looked at the screen carefully, but an unexpected face appeared on the screen.

This face was actually Yanni’s.

Then, a voice came from the elemental heart.

“Aros, I’m so scared. I’m afraid that they’ll know that I stole the elemental heart…” Yanni muttered to the elemental heart.

At this moment, Lei Luo realized that there was a handsome man beside Yanni.

“I’ve seen him before!” Bing said in surprise. “He’s the second prince of the Mist Wind Empire!”

“Oh? This guy is the second prince of the Mist Wind Empire?”

“It doesn’t matter. We already have 3,000 spells that have been approved. Now, they can fire the Sword of the Sun five times in a row. Soon, I’ll be able to inherit the throne. By then, you’ll be the queen.”

Aros smiled and kissed Yanni.

“But I’m still scared. You don’t understand his power. His power is too strong. I even suspect that he is a god. You know that he defeated the seraph angel.”

“Don’t worry. Don’t forget that gods are not allowed to interfere in the affairs of the human world. Hurry up and get ready. Our wedding is about to begin.”

Aros and Yanni started kissing passionately once again.

On the other hand, Lei Luo was almost angered to death. He did not expect Yanni to dare to betray him.

“Why? Why did she betray me?!”

Bing and Naili looked at Lei Luo, who was constantly changing his expression in fear.

Especially his eyes, which were constantly changing from red, silver, green, and purple.

Through the approval of the elements, they could sense the situation of the elements around them.

At this moment, all the magic elements around them were trembling.

They were in fear.

Countless elemental elves were desperately hiding in the corners.

At this moment, Lei Luo was in the midst of extreme anger.

The Heart of Darkness was constantly expanding.

Even the originally bright silver hair had turned black.

“Big Brother Lei Luo is so scary…”

Little Moon’s Cry pulled Lei Luo back to reality.

Lei Luo turned his head to look at the trembling crowd.

Only then did Lei Luo realize that his divine might had already been unconsciously released.

Lei Luo took a deep breath and said, “I’m going to take care of some things. You guys go and rest first.”

The white light flashed and disappeared without a trace.

Damn it! They actually dared to betray us!

Lei Luo had already decided to punish them properly.

On the wide avenue, a woman wearing white armor was riding a unicorn.

Her long black hair fell behind her back.

The snow-white and elegant armor covered her alluring body.

It also showed her moving outline without a doubt.

The naked snow-white double swords were outlined in the darkness.

In her arms, she was holding a small moon eagle.

“Is this the place?”

The woman stopped in the middle of a mountain villa.

She knew the identity of the owner of this mountain villa.

But at this moment, the mountain villa was filled with an aura of death that did not match it.

“That’s right, I can sense it. Master has been here before.”

The Moon Eagle in the woman’s arms opened its eyes.

The Moon Eagle’s eyes were filled with a terrifying purple light.

The most surprising thing was that a Grade-3 magical beast could actually speak.

“This place was once filled with the flames of hell. Now, we continue to move west. I can sense master’s aura heading west.”

The woman patted the unicorn lightly, and the unicorn turned around and ran towards the west.

The Moon Eagle in the woman’s arms closed its eyes once more.

The woman rode on the unicorn and continued to sprint towards the west at an extremely fast speed.

At this moment, a great event was about to happen in the misty wind empire that would change history!

The capital of the Misty Wind Empire, the Misty Wind City, was currently bustling with activity.

Today was the day the second prince of the Misty Wind Empire would hold his wedding.

However, those who were truly powerful knew that today was the day the second prince would become the crown prince.

The second prince was using the divine weapon he was going to marry a woman today to nurture a terrifying magic army.

From there, he would smoothly drive the first prince off the throne. Today was supposed to be a day that was worth celebrating, but who would have thought that today would be the beginning of the collapse of the Misty Wind Empire.

The pope stood on the high platform and said, “The wedding of Prince Aros and Miss Yanni will now begin…”

“Wait!” A loud sound drowned out the voices of everyone present.

Instantly, everyone present stared at this uninvited guest in front of them.

When Yanni heard this voice, she could not help but tremble.

Because the thing that she was most worried about was about to happen.

In the air above the square, a man stood in the air.

His long silver hair danced in the air.

His extremely handsome face was filled with anger.

“Yanni, who allowed you to do this privately?”

Lei Luo asked expressionlessly.


Yanni opened her mouth.

She did not know what to say.

Aros came forward and said loudly, “I don’t care who you are. Please don’t disturb our wedding!”

Lei Luo said contemptuously, “Aros, right? Are you the one who instructed Yanni to steal my artifact?”

Aros immediately retorted, “Don’t slander me! When did Yanni and I steal your artifact?”

“Hahahahaha! Then what is this?”

Lei Luo waved his hand, and the palace suddenly exploded as a white crystal flew out from inside.

“This is my light elemental heart, what else do you have to say?”

“This was originally Yanni’s, and you even snatched her other divine artifacts!”

Aros saw this situation and hurriedly changed his words.

Everyone in the room understood the general situation. At this moment, there were some who were happy and some who were sad.

In a corner, the first prince said viciously, “Hurry up and start fighting!”

“Hahaha! Don’t laugh to death! How can a slave like her have a divine artifact? Don’t laugh to death! If the divine artifact was hers, would she still be bought by me in the slave market?” Lei Luo said contemptuously.

When Yanni heard this, her heart ached.

She was still a slave after all. When she thought of this, her eyes couldn’t help but turn red.

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