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Chapter 314: Lost The Light Elemental Heart

Lei Luo and Ying supported each other as they brought Alanis into the house.

Lei Luo let Little Yue’er go out to play.

There were some things that Lei Luo still did not want Little Yue’er to know.

Lei Luo put Alanis on the bed and said, “Silly girl, why are you trying to be brave? You know that this curse cannot be easily completed, so why are you trying so hard?”

Alanis smiled slightly.

“Then I won’t trouble master…”

It turned out that Alanis was trying so hard to not trouble Lei Luo.

Lei Luo also sighed.

“Alanis, this curse of yours has broken my contract with Reya. How are you going to compensate me?” Lei Luo teased Alanis.

Alanis smiled sweetly.

“With your identity, it won’t be easy to get anyone?”

Alanis reached out and pushed Ying to Lei Luo’s side.

“This elf is the elf I chose for you. She’s pretty, right?”

Ying’s smiling face immediately turned red. She grabbed the corner of her clothes with both hands, seemingly at a loss.

Seeing her shy appearance, Lei Luo was also very satisfied.

Lei Luo reached out and held Ying in his arms. Ying was even more at a loss.

While she was afraid, she also felt a trace of fear.

After all, she was going to serve this lord god of creation.

If she couldn’t satisfy the god of creation, then wouldn’t she be letting down the elven god?

Alanis smiled and said, “Back then, the few of us sisters discussed that each of us should choose the most beautiful woman for you in our own race. At that time, the four of us would compete to see who would choose the best. What do you think? My selection is not bad, right?”

Alanis smiled proudly.

Hearing this, Ying felt even more nervous and afraid.

If she didn’t serve him well, wouldn’t the elven god lose face in front of the other goddesses?

Ying was even more determined. Her elven god had made such a great contribution to the elven race.

She definitely couldn’t lose face for the elven god!

After Ying made up her mind, she began to carefully observe the actions and hobbies of the creator god.

“The four of you are the representatives that you have chosen, right?”

Lei Luo looked at Ying’s shy little face, and his eyes gradually turned blue.

“That’s right. Our representatives are the people that we have chosen for you.”

Alanis looked at Lei Luo’s sky-blue eyes and smiled knowingly.

She turned to Ying and said, “Ying, aren’t you going to serve the lord god of creation?”


Ying stood up shyly, and even her skin turned pink.

At this moment, Little Yue’er secretly leaned against the crack of the door and looked inside.

No one noticed that Little Yue’er was peeking.

“Big Brother Lei Luo, what are you doing?” she muttered.

Lei Luo was hugging Ying and kissing her passionately.

“Wu…” Little Yue’er was a little surprised when she saw this scene.


Lei Luo suddenly felt the presence of someone at the door.

It seemed to be Little Yue’er’s.

Lei Luo hooked his finger, and the door suddenly opened.

“Aiya!” Little Yue’er fell to the ground.

Standing behind him, she looked like a child who had been caught for doing something wrong. She looked at Lei Luo timidly.

Lei Luo shook his head. It was not good to punish Little Yue’er, so he could only bring Little Yue’er out to play.

Two months passed like this.

“Okay. Don’t cry. When you’re done here, you can come and find me.”

For a month, Lei Luo played with Alanis and Ying every day.

Even Angela was half threatened by Lei Luo.

Lei Luo let Alanis stay in the elf clan to help the elf clan recover.

He continued to take Little Moon and the others on their journey.

After hearing what Lei Luo said, Alanis cried again.

She wouldn’t let Lei Luo leave no matter what. In the end, it was only after Lei Luo tried his best to persuade her that Alanis reluctantly agreed.

Hai Te and Jack came up and said, “Boss, we need to discuss something with you.”

“We are prepared to separate and take risks with you. Under your protection, we will never grow.”

Hearing what they said, Lei Luo felt that they were right and agreed.

Just as they finished speaking, Angela also said goodbye to Lei Luo.

She said that it was time for her to return to the divine realm.

Lei Luo had no choice but to leave.

Now, only Lei Luo and Little Yue’er were left.

As for Reya, this elven princess…

After Lei Luo obtained the elven human world spokesperson, he no longer had any interest in Reya.

In the end, Lei Luo gave Angela and Ying a guardian necklace.

He gave Hai Te and Jack a communication crystal.

If their lives were in danger, they could call for Lei Luo at any time.

Just like that, under the reluctant gaze of Alanis, Lei Luo and Little Moon once again embarked on a journey forward, starting a new adventure.

Two years later, Lei Luo and Little Yue’er traveled across five continents, seeing all kinds of novel things.

Little Yue’er also began to mature.

Her appearance also began to become more beautiful.

Lei Luo and Little Yue’er both joined the mercenary guild.

But they also produced missions above Grade A.

But their success rate was still 100%.

They were also somewhat famous in the mercenary world.

Lei Luo also received a nickname: “The silver-haired destroyer.”

It was probably because Lei Luo would often use forbidden spells to blow up his opponents in battle.

Moreover, the environment after each battle was a mess.

The information about Lei Luo and Little Yue’er in the mercenary guild was the most mysterious.

In the end, Lei Luo and Little Yue’er came to the Blue Moon Kingdom to find Bing and Naili.

It was said that they were too outstanding and had graduated early.

When Lei Luo and Little Yue’er were traveling around the world, they would also come to find Bing and Naili.

However, they discovered something that made Lei Luo angry today.

“What! The Heart of Light element is lost?!”

After Lei Luo and Little Yue’er saw Naili and Bing.

The two of them were terrified as they told the shocking news.

This was going to be troublesome.

The light elemental heart should not have appeared in this world.

Just by relying on the light elemental recognition ability, it would definitely cause chaos in this world.

“Hmm…We don’t know when we lost it. On the day after we graduated, we discovered that the light elemental heart was gone,” Bing said carefully.

She also knew the severity of losing the light elemental heart.

Both of them lowered their heads and did not dare to look at Lei Luo.

Looking at them, Lei Luo did not want to get angry. After all, they had just met today.

Lei Luo patted the shoulders of the two of them and said, “Forget it, I will forgive you this time. Let’s hurry up and find the heart of light element.”

When they heard that Lei Luo did not blame them, Bing and Naili heaved a sigh of relief.

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