Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss - Chapter 994

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Chapter 994: Reliance on Her

Huangfu Qingjue hesitated for a moment when he saw how anxious she looked. He was not in a hurry to return to Little White’s appearance. Instead, he stretched his body and quietly followed behind her.

In front of them, Spiritual Qi poured down from the sky. The sky and earth changed colour as wind and thunder rumbled. The aura was actually no less than the nine heavenly lightning strikes.

Just as Ling Chuxi had guessed, the ones who had broken through were Jiang Wuhen, Lan Xinyu, and Su Xiu’er.

The Spiritual Qi was so dense that it was almost tangible. It wrapped around their bodies and surged into their meridians like a tide. The Spiritual Qi and Battle Qi collided violently and shattered their meridians.

Jiang Wuhen had a rare serious expression, but no pain could be seen. As the Spiritual Qi and Battle Qi surged, his body faintly emitted a majestic aura, but it was also graceful and agile. Clearly, the Battle Qi and Spiritual Qi in his body were fusing with each other and transforming into the Qi of True Essence. It would not be long before he could successfully advance to the realm of True Essence.

As for Lan Xinyu and Su Xiu’er, their situation was not so optimistic. Their faces were paleand their white teeth clenched tightly as their bodies trembled. Traces of blood seeped out from the corners of their mouths.

Su Yizhi and the others were anxiously gathering around the two of them, using pills, finger techniques, and needle techniques to protect their meridians. However, everyone could see that this would at most alleviate their pain, but it would not help them in advancing at all.

Ling Chuxi knew that the situation was not good. If this continued, Lan Xinyu and Su Xiu’er would not be able to break through to the next realm, and their lives would be also be in danger.

The breakthrough from the realm of Great Fulfillment to the realm of True Essence was different from the Heavenly Lightning Striking the Body. Out of the nine heavenly lightning bolts, only the ninth was the true lightning strike. The first eight were just heavenly might and could be blocked by others. If one wanted to advance from the realm of Great Fulfillment to the realm of True Essence, one had to fuse Battle Qi with Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth to form the Qi of True Essence. Unless one had the power of True Essence like Mo Shili, no one could help, and Su Yizhi and the others clearly did not have the power of True Essence.

Ling Chuxi was able to advance to the realm of True Essence without any danger because of the power of True Essence left behind by Mo Shili. She remembered that Mo Shili once said that when she advanced to the realm of True Essence and cultivated its power, the power of True Essence he left her would disappear.

However, after Ling Chuxi advanced to the realm of True Essence, she went to the Little Silver Ancient Mountain and fell through the barrier. Once she got out of it, she rushed to rescue Mo Kongyuan and then arrived at the Sacred Realm of the Sects. So, she had completely forgotten about this matter.

Lan Xinyu and Su Xiu’er’s situation had become even more critical now. Their pale faces had already turned blood red, and one could even hear the sound of their meridians bursting. If this continued, sooner or later, their meridians would break and their bodies would explode.

Baili Han and the others gathered around them. They had all their strength but still could not help at all. They were so anxious that they were running around in circles.

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Seeing that the situation was critical, Ling Chuxi did not have time to check the condition of the power of True Essence in her body. She quickly rushed forward.

“The sect leader is here! The sect leader is here!” The other sect disciples cheered in surprise when they saw her appear.

No one knew when it had started, but Ling Chuxi had become the anchor in the hearts of the Su family disciples. It was as if as long as she was there, all their problems would be solved easily.

“Chuxi, you are finally here. I did not expect that the two of them would be in such critical condition when they reached the realm of True Essence. Even I am helpless.” Su Yizhen also let out a long sigh at the arrival of Ling Chuxi. In fact, it wasn’t just the younger generation of the Su family. Even he himself had unconsciously developed a bit of dependence on Ling Chuxi.

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