Shock! The Spell Is In English! - Chapter 369

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Dode watched the Tyrannical Rock Bear that had accompanied him since he was young die tragically in front of him. His eyes were bloodshot as he glared angrily at Duncan, who was looking at him with a mocking expression. He growled, “Duncan… You bastard!”

“Aiya! Why didn’t you admit defeat earlier? I thought you still had the fighting spirit, so I went all out. I didn’t think that I would accidentally kill your precious source beast. I’m really sorry.” Duncan slapped his forehead, he put on a regretful expression and spoke.

“Contestant Dode has already admitted defeat. Why did you still do this?” At this time, the referee in charge of supervising spoke with a frown.

The referee at the side couldn’t stand it anymore. He clearly saw the situation on the field. Dode had already admitted defeat, but Duncan still didn’t care and let his source beast kill him.

Duncan raised his eyebrows when he heard that. He opened the folding fan to cover his face and said darkly, “I advise you not to talk nonsense. The moment the other party shouted to admit defeat, I already had no time to stop my Red-Armored Battle Lizard.”

“Moreover, in the end, this guy’s source beast is too weak. It can’t withstand the torment at all.”

Hearing that Duncan was still mocking his dead Tyrannical Rock Bear, he instantly lost his last bit of rationality due to his anger. He clenched his fists and rushed towards Duncan and roared, “You motherf*cker, I’m going to kill you!”

Seeing Dode charging towards him, Duncan’s eyes revealed that his plan had succeeded. He wanted to infuriate Dode so that the other party would lose their rationality and attack him. In this way, letting the Red-Armored Battle Lizard kill the other party would not be considered a malicious killing, it was considered self-defense. At most, it was just excessive defense.

Seeing this scene from afar, a cold glint flashed across Lugh’s eyes. Although he was quite far away and couldn’t hear the specific content of the conversation clearly, it was clear that Dode had lost his rationality after being provoked by Duncan. The other party clearly wanted Dode’s life.

Lugh had used this method on Oliver before. However, the difference between the two was that Oliver had a life-and-death grudge against Lugh.

Dode and Duncan were only arguing verbally, and it was triggered by Duncan’s unprovoked insult to the people present. It was only because of such a small matter that he had the intention to kill. This Duncan’s killing intent and hostility were even more intense than Oliver’s.

Lugh, who had not taken the insult to heart, was now a little unhappy with Duncan’s fierce behavior.

Just as Duncan was about to let the Red-Armored Battle Lizard attack Dode, a strong figure directly grabbed Dode, preventing him from taking even half a step forward.

After Dode was pulled back, he angrily turned his head to see who was stopping him from taking revenge. However, when he realized that it was a familiar face, he said in a daze, “Father?”

“Stand down!” Toran, who was pulling him back, said with a gloomy expression.

“I don’t! He killed my Tyrannical Rock Bear. I want him to pay with his life!” Dode shook off his father’s hand and retorted.


A loud slap sounded. A red mark instantly appeared on Dode’s face. Dode did not expect his father to hit him at this time. A wave of grievance and resentment extended from his heart, and he glared at his father with red eyes.

“What can you do now if you go up? Are you seeking your own death? Can’t you see this kind of shallow provocation? What have you learned after so many years of learning?” Toran said in a deep voice.

Facing the continuous questioning from his father, Dode felt as if he had been poured a bucket of cold water, and he calmed down his originally furious heart.

Only then did he realize that this was all Duncan’s scheme. He wanted him to lose his mind and attack him, so that he had a reason to kill him openly.

If not for his father holding him back, he would have been a corpse by now.

“This guy is so vicious!” Dode felt a chill in his heart. He no longer hated his father. Instead, he gritted his teeth and glared at Duncan, who was watching the show from afar, without saying a word.

Seeing that his son had finally calmed down, Toran turned to Duncan with a frosty expression and said, “Young Master Duncan, don’t you think you’ve gone too far?”

“Village Chief Toran, you can’t speak carelessly. I didn’t break the rules of the competition. If your son had admitted defeat earlier, such a thing wouldn’t have happened,” Duncan said indifferently, ignoring the imposing manner that Toran was emitting.

“I’ll remember this.”

At this moment, Toran looked at Duncan with an expressionless face. He turned around and left the arena with his son. Outside the arena, the energy shield system of the second arena was turned off. A few staff members came in and carried the Tyrannical Rock Bear’s corpse out.

“Duncan will be waiting for you at any time.”

Duncan smiled disdainfully. After giving a junior greeting, he waved his hand and left the arena. It was obvious that he was not interested in Toran’s threatening words.

Dode was arranged to be treated by Toran. Toran did not accompany his son. Instead, he returned to the main stage alone and continued to watch over the competition with the other village chiefs.

The surrounding people looked at Toran, whose face was as cold as frost. After he had lost his original kind face, they all sighed secretly. They did not choose to say anything to Toran at this moment.

The competition was still going on. The names of the contestants continued to be read out. The battle was still very exciting. Soon, the audience on the stage gradually forgot about what happened to Dode.

“Austin and Spender, please take your positions on the stage!”

After hearing the announcement, Austin stood up from his seat. He nodded at the encouraging eyes of Lugh and walked up to the stage.

Austin’s opponent was the cold-looking young man who had talked back to Duncan. After both parties stood still, the referee whistled, and both parties began to release their own source beasts at the same time.

Lugh also looked at Austin curiously. He was also curious about the extent of Austin’s strength.

The earthy yellow source beast behind Austin gave off a simple and heavy feeling. A gentle breeze blew Austin’s hair, and a beast source beast that Lugh was very familiar with slowly walked out from the source beast.


A canine source beast was baring its teeth and growling, its sharp fangs gave off a sharp and cold light, and its fluffy earthy yellow hair covered its entire body and face. Its body was covered with evenly and moderately strong muscles, and one could tell at a glance that it was not someone easy to get along with.

‘As expected, it’s just like Uncle Anderson. It’s a Savage Fang Hound…’

[Race: Savage Fang Hound]

[Origin: Beastrace Dog]

[Attributes: Beast]

[Innate Ability: Enhanced Sense of Smell]

[Race Quality: Middle Soldier Class]

Savage Fang Hounds were famous for their high mobility and strength among the commoner class source beasts. Moreover, Savage Fang Hounds were very loyal beast-race source beasts, so the difficulty of taming them was relatively low.

As a result, many people in the villages raised these source beasts. They were considered the most popular source beasts among the commoner class source beasts.

Austin’s Savage Fang Hound was raised very well. With a glance, Lugh could tell the racial quality of Austin’s Savage Fang Hound. Austin had raised the Savage Fang Hound from the high commoner grade to the middle soldier grade, and its level was also up to rank 1 level 4, obviously, he had invested a lot of resources into it. Its strength was not inferior to Dode’s Tyrannical Rock Bear.

“This is… attribute cultivation?!”

After breaking through to late-stage Black Iron rank, Lugh’s eyesight became very good. He immediately noticed that there seemed to be something different about the Savage Fang Hound’s body. A few electric arcs suddenly flashed around the Savage Fang Hound’s limbs, and a lightning-shaped pattern appeared on its forehead. It was obvious that Austin had done the same. They had cultivated their Savage Fang Hound’s new attribute.

What was different between Austin and Lugh was that the training of the Savage Fang Hound’s new attributes had clearly been completed. The Savage Fang Hound had completely mastered the lightning attribute, while Lugh’s Big Mouth was still lacking in the cultivation of the poison attribute.

The physical abilities of beast-type source beasts were all very outstanding. They could occupy an advantageous position in close combat, but they also had obvious shortcomings. That was the lack of a variety of attacking methods, and the lack of long-range moves, which made pure beast-type source beasts seem easy to target.

Austin had obviously taken this into consideration, and trained the Savage Fang Hound’s lightning attribute. The lightning element was characterized by its high speed and explosive power. The Savage Fang Hound’s physical strength combined with the lightning attribute was undoubtedly the best combination. As a Beast Master, Lugh agreed with Austin’s judgment and choice.

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