Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 35

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“Auntie Du, you’re a good person . Let me buy you dinner tonight . ”

Ye Tianxin was so touched that she became a tad emotional . The fact that they were able to stay in a double-story house in Capital City made Ye Tianxin feel as if she’d won the national lottery .

“Sure thing . Why don’t you start cleaning up the place? This place hasn’t been lived in all this time, and I’m not sure if some of these items are still useable . If they aren’t useable, just leave them outside, and I’ll send someone over to collect them for disposal!”

“Okay . ”

Her grandmother offered to help her clean up, but Ye Tianxin didn’t need her help .

Ye Tianxin found a basin and a rag and started cleaning up with gusto . There was absolutely nothing wrong with the structure of the sturdily built two-story house .

However, because it hadn’t been lived in for a very long time, the furniture and fittings were covered in layers of dust .

Ye Tianxin became engrossed in her cleaning that she lost track of time . Fortunately, Madam Du had ordered some take-out to be delivered to the house .

“Tianxin, stop working for now and come and eat something . ”

At Madam Du’s words, Ye Tianxin felt a little embarrassed and responded, “Madam Du, you should eat first . ”

Madam Du, who was standing at the doorway, looking inside, noticed that Ye Tianxin was a fast and efficient worker, as the house looked like it was close to being fit to live in . “You’re really a fast worker,” she commented .

“I just did some general cleaning and tidying around the house . ”

Ye Tianxin smiled shyly . Being busy meant staying focused on the task at hand, and it didn’t leave time for her mind to dwell on useless thoughts .

It was one in the afternoon by the time Ye Tianxin and her grandmother sat down in the yard to eat lunch . It was a beautiful day . The sun’s warming rays shone upon them, making them feel comforted and cozy .

Ye Tianxin looked at Madam Du, who was sitting beside her . Under the sun’s rays, Madam Du’s gambier silk qipao seemed to radiate dancing rays of light .

In that instant, Ye Tianxin suddenly felt sad as she thought of her mother .

In her mother’s generation, there were only black and white photographs, and she only had one photo of her . However, that one photo had been misplaced .

To this date, Ye Tianxin had no memory or picture of her mother whatsoever .

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she wouldn’t be able to recognize her own mother, even if she were standing right in front of her .

At that moment, however, looking at Madam Du, Ye Tianxin found herself wishing with all her heart that Madam Du was her mother . She dearly wanted someone to lean on, but, more than ever, she hoped that her grandmother could see her own daughter again before she passed on… .

“Grandma, I’m going to the market to buy something later . ”

Her grandmother’s clothes also looked a little shabby and old . Ye Tianxin wanted to buy her grandmother some new clothes and pretty her up for their visit to the hospital the next day .

“I’m coming with you . ”

“Grandma, we’d need to make a few bus transfers to get to the market . It might get complicated, and since I’ll be busy carrying stuff after we go there, I might not be able to take care of you as well . How about this? Can you stay home and help me with the laundry instead?”

“All right . ”

Grandma knew very well that she might get lost in this big city because of the huge crowds of people . If that happened, and with her being illiterate, she would only be an added burden to Ye Tianxin .

Smiling sweetly, Ye Tianxin said, “Grandma, I’m going to do some grocery shopping . Let’s cook up some delicious Jiameng food for Auntie Du . You’ll be the chef, and I’ll be your sous chef, okay?”


“Okay . ”

Her grandmother was an elderly woman . It would only make her feel useless and uneasy if she didn’t give her any tasks to do .

Ye Tianxin wanted to give her grandmother some easy tasks to be in charge of so that the old lady felt like she was still needed .

“So please tell me what ingredients I need to buy . Let me get my notebook to write them down so I don’t forget anything… . ”

Observing this interaction between Ye Tianxin and her grandmother, Madam Du was reminded of her own daughter, who had died in infancy . If her daughter hadn’t died, she would’ve been about Ye Tianxin’s age about now . Would she have been as considerate, obedient, kind, and filial as Tianxin?

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