Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student - Chapter 10

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This was the little town where she had lived for most of her short life .

Far out in the distance, Ye Tianxin could make out her grandmother’s little yard .

Suddenly, her heart felt like it had stopped beating .

Her grandmother loved her more than anyone else in the whole wide world .

Unfortunately, before she had the opportunity to repay her grandmother’s love and concern in her past life, her granny… passed away .

At the thought of seeing the grandmother who doted on her, Ye Tianxin’s heart brimmed with joy and the excitement of returning home .


“Auntie, Tianxin’s been bullying Youran in school and making her cry… . She even cheated during the mock exam . Auntie, since there’s only one Ye family name, Tianxin’s behavior has brought shame to all of us who bear the Ye family name .

“Back then, when our little sister got pregnant and was abandoned by the father, we advised her to get an abortion . Then, when she recuperated, we could get a man to marry into the family . But you insisted on pandering to our little sister’s request . Our little sister’s since disappeared into thin air without a single word from her all these years . We don’t even know if she’s dead or alive… .

“As for Tianxin, she used to be a sweet and obedient little girl when she was a kid . But since entering junior high, she’s been hanging out with the bad boys in town and is always up to no good . Her academic results are a train wreck, and now she’s bullying her own cousin in school . Is this behavior appropriate for an elder sister?”

“Auntie, in my opinion Tianxin will never achieve much in her life . It wouldn’t be realistic for you to rely on her to look after you in your old age until you pass on . Since you’re my Auntie, my husband and I will take care of you until you pass on . Now, about this house… . ”

Parking her bicycle in the yard along the old street, Ye Tianxin could hear the voice of Ye Youran’s mother .

Standing quietly in the yard, she listened in for a long time on the conversation .

She finally got to the main subject of the conversation . So, had Ye Youran gone home and whined about the incident at school, resulting in her mother rushing over to their house and giving her grandmother the third degree?!


And what was that about her, Ye Tianxin, not being able to care for her grandmother until she passed on?

What a load of horse manure! She was blatantly trying to get her hands on this courtyard house!

“Auntie Zhu… . ”

Ye Tianxin stepped into the house and walked directly to her grandmother’s side, adopting a protective stance .

“Auntie Zhu, don’t assume that Grandmother can be easily manipulated just because she’s old . Haven’t you been beating about the bush, spouting all kinds of nonsense because you’re trying to get your hands on my grandmother’s house? Well, you can stop dreaming . We’d rather tear this place down than give you even a piece of tile or brick of it . ”

Not feeling an iota of guilt at being sprung at by Ye Tianxin, Ye Youran’s mother turned the tables around and reprimanded Ye Tianxin instead .

“Ye Tianxin, you’re just an illegitimate daughter who doesn’t even know who her father is . This is a matter concerning the Ye family . Since when have you been given the right to interfere?”

Rudely, Ye Tianxin retorted, “Yes, I don’t have a father, but I do have a mother, whose family name is Ye . Therefore, I’m a member of the Ye family . My grandmother’s affairs are none of your concern, so you shouldn’t waste your time!”

“You little motherless b*tch with no upbringing whatsoever!” Auntie Zhu heaved and hmphed . “Even resorting to cheating during the exam!”


“Get lost!”

Not wishing to see Auntie Zhu’s snobbish and mean face a moment longer, Ye Tianxin swiftly reached behind the door for the broom . Moving toward Auntie Zhu, she began to hit her continuously with the broom across her body .

“Get out of here . You’re not welcome in our home .

“I forbid you to turn up here ever again . Otherwise, I’ll beat you up every time you come here!”

Ranting and raving, Auntie Zhu ran off . As she watched Auntie Zhu’s receding figure, Ye Tianxin callously marked this incident up in her mind as another bone to pick with Ye Youran .

Turning around, Ye Tianxin noticed that her grandmother looked pale, and helped her to a nearby chair .

Grasping her grandmother’s calloused, dry and wrinkled hands, she crouched in front of her and said softly, “Grandma, don’t listen to Auntie Zhu . I didn’t cheat . In fact, I did very well on the test . My test results were even better than Ye Youran’s . Grandma, I will definitely make it to university . ”

Her grandmother’s eyes lit up with joyful surprise . “Really?”

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