Second Life Ranker - Chapter 522

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As Yeon-woo gave the order, Valdebich moved towards the Crawling Chaos, who looked just like him. The Crawling Chaos was his mortal enemy, an entity who treated his people like livestock. When Valdebich had first arrived and met the Crawling Chaos, he wasn’t powerful enough and had to accept the Crawling Chaos’ one-sided terms. If not, he and his people would have been doomed.

But now, Valdebich had met his god, and he could stand firm. He now planned to defeat the entity that had subjugated him and his people. The Crawling Chaos turned around a beat too late, as if he hadn’t expected this to happen, but Valdebich’s greatsword was already lodged in his chest.

Crunch! The Crawling Chaos’ incarnation flinched. Valdebich had already realized transcendence after absorbing the divinity and Factors of the otherworld gods as they fought their way here. The God Death attack of his greatsword was powerful, especially after it was upgraded by his achievements. He could attack not only the Crawling Chaos’ body, but also the essence of his being. It was a technique that struck the soul.

Valdebich could feel that the sensation transmitted through his greatsword was similar to when he’d felled the otherworld gods, and he was sure that his surprise attack had worked. Obviously, Valdebich did not think the Crawling Chaos would die from a single blow; he wouldn’t be considered a monster if that were the case. After all, this was an entity who had destroyed both the dragon and giant races.  

Creak! With a grinding sound, the Crawling Chaos’s head turned 180 degrees and made eye contact with Valdebich, who clenched his teeth at the eeriness of looking at his own face.

I didn’t mind coming into this uncomfortable body because I wanted to talk with all of you, even for a moment. What a pity.

「Stop with your jokes. Outside of bullying and making fun of us, have you ever said anything seriously to us?」

Of course… A corner of the Crawling Chaos’ mouth shot up. Not.

Puff! In an instant, the Crawling Chaos’ incarnation scattered like an imploding sandcastle, reassembling into a different form with dozens of tentacles that shot out and wrapped around Valdebich.

Boom, Boom, Boom! Valdebich quickly snapped back and swung his greatsword wildly, lightning bolts shooting out in all directions with dark-red pillars of fire.

「Get. Up.」 At that moment, Boo raised his hands high into the air before slamming them on the ground. As his magic power rippled out, it formed a large magic circle. Bizarre-looking monsters appeared in large numbers and began to cut off the tentacles. However, as pieces of the tentacles fell, they quickly turned into monsters who looked even more bizarre than the ones Boo had summoned. They bared their fangs. Kekeke! Kya! Kya! Kya!

Boo pointed to the sky. Hundreds of magic circles formed one after another in the sky, creating a bombardment of magic. Countless fireballs and icicles poured out. Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Rumble!

Boo cast all kinds of high-level magic spells one after another as if to demonstrate why he was an Arch Lich, proving that he had already surpassed his previous life. He was slowly beginning to understand the laws of the universe.

However, the pieces of the Crawling Chaos danced around as though they didn’t have a care in the world.

「Brothers, let’s go!」

「We have to kill him, no matter what. We have to avenge our ancestors!」

「We need to show who we are!」

「We need to bring victory to our god!」

The warriors grasped their weapons and rushed in, fed up with the Crawling Chaos’ provocations. The Crawling Chaos was a being who had toyed with them, and they raised their weapons, determined to achieve freedom. Clash!

This was how the battle against the Crawling Chaos began. The fortress shook violently as if it were about to collapse. Yeon-woo slowly stared up at the sky. Pieces of the Crawling Chaos gathered in the sky, creating small tornados instead of taking Valdebich’s form.

Yeon-woo’s expression hardened. Crack! Yeon-woo had told himself to maintain his composure no no matter what the Crawling Chaos did. However, he could not help grinding his teeth. The Crawling Chaos was taking on his younger brother’s appearance. Although his aura and attitude was nothing like Jeong-woo’s, everything else was the same.

I just wanted to talk. Well, it is interesting to see these little creatures trying to survive in their own way.

Bayluk had provided Jeong-woo’s DNA to the Crawling Chaos in order to learn how to mass-produce Jeong-woo’s clones. It was all to create a Divine Human, but in the end, Yeon-woo had killed Bayluk.

However, the Crawling Chaos was different from Bayluk. He used Jeong-woo’s DNA to create the closest thing to the Divine Human that Bayluk longed to create since he possessed the complete knowledge for cloning, and he had various abilities and powers at his disposal. As a nearly omniscient entity, the Crawling Chaos would not find this task too difficult.

Yeon-woo became angry. His younger brother’s soul was still wandering somewhere in the emptiness without finding rest, and others were treating his existence so callously. Furthermore, the Crawling Chaos knew all too well that this was one of Yeon-woo’s weaknesses.

Of course, you’re not an exception either, right?”

Yeon-woo knew that the Crawling Chaos was making fun of him, however, he had no choice but to respond. Crack! Crackle! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

“One way or another, I will kill you.” Yeon-woo raised his sword energy and released all his powers. As the Sin Stone violently trembled, his Dragon Heart began to unleash its maximum output of mana.

[6th-step Dragon Body awakening]

Crack! Crack! Yeon-woo’s skin started cracking as dragon scales flipped all over it with a jewel-like glow. They clearly illustrated Yeon-woo’s power. His Dragon Eyes formed and his teeth turned into fangs that peeked between his lips. Dragon wings grew on his back as he shouted at the envoys standing behind him. “Now!”

「… Damn it!」

The envoys froze in surprise. Before entering this territory, Yeon-woo had given them orders, and the envoys had agreed without a second thought because they were reluctant to lose out to their peers.

“If you won’t fulfill your promise, then get out!”

「Damn it!」


When Yeon-woo loudly shouted once more, the envoys had no choice but to carry out his command, their eyes full of anger.

[The godly society has created ‘Sea God’s Storm”!]

[The godly society has created ‘Flood’!]

[The godly society has created ‘La’s Glory’!]

[The demonic society has created ‘The Advent of the Demon King’!]

A huge number of buffs began to descend on Yeon-woo.

As the name suggested, each buff was the highest-level blessing from each society. The gods and demons had to unleash enormous amounts of power and resources to create and apply the blessings, so they had rarely been used throughout history.

The only other times that blessings had been used this way was when Olympus created Hercules and when Asgard created Beowulf. Most recently, L’Infernal unsuccessfully tried to create the seventy-third Demon King through this approach.

More than a thousand years ago, the gods and demons had used the Great Blessing to catch the lighthouse keeper, Luciel. Usually, a blessing was only activated when a society was in danger of annihilation or something equally urgent was happening.

Yeon-woo boldly demanded the Great Blessing, and of course, the societies were all stunned. Yeon-woo’s power was already at a level that concerned them, and there had never been a precedent for a situation like this which focused all the Great Blessings on a single entity at the same time.

Additionally, the Great Blessing was like a permanent buff since it forced the soul’s level to rise—an effect that remained even after the blessing was over. This meant that each society was officially supporting an entity; so as long as the society existed, the Great Blessing would continue.

Furthermore, each society had to deal with a large amount of the laws of causality. They wanted to deny Yeon-woo’s request, but their greed for the revelations forced them to agree. They vowed in their hearts again that as soon as this was over and they had access to the revelations, they would eliminate Yeon-woo and all his followers.

Of course, Yeon-woo was aware of this dissatisfaction, but he also had no choice. The Crawling Chaos was a great god who was one of the most powerful otherworld gods. It was possible that he could even go toe to toe with the Heavenly Demon, and Yeon-woo’s current power level was not high enough to deal with such a being. He had no choice but to call on all his resources.

Poof! Poof! Yeon-woo received the various Great Blessings one after another. He spread his wings as he felt full from the incoming blessings.

[Your powers have been fully opened.]

Although he had given up the powers and abilities of thousands of gods and demons before, Yeon-woo had already written his own legend and was developing two god-like powers. His Sky Wings were the pillars that bound and supported those powers. For example, he possessed divinity that went beyond the realm of physical power. It acted as the core that made it possible for him to exist as Cha Yeon-woo, a divine entity. This divinity helped to bind the clashing characteristics of the Great Blessings.

As a result, Yeon-woo experienced tremendous spiritual growth. His brain felt as though it were boiling over as it seemed to reach its limits, and his body expanded as though it would explode at any moment.


Because his skill had risen to its maximum, his body did not collapse, and it managed to accept the new changes. Unfortunately, he didn’t awaken a new Dragon Body, but the awakening of the sixth step reached its limit.

Boom! Yeon-woo stamped on the ground and rushed to the Crawling Chaos like a beam of light.

Oh ho. The Crawling Chaos snorted, as if he found Yeon-woo’s actions entertaining, and he made a move to punch Yeon-woo. Yeon-woo’s current form, which combined the powers of the various gods and demons within the Tower was very interesting to the Crawling Chaos. He wondered how Yeon-woo, an insignificant being, could come up with such a novel idea.

I knew it. You’re really a lot of fun. The Crawling Chaos thought he made a good decision to wait patiently for Yeon-woo to develop. If he hadn’t, he would have missed out on such a fun experience.

As the Crawling Chaos smiled, Yeon-woo’s disgust grew. The way the Crawling Chaos used Jeong-woo’s face to smile made Yeon-woo want to rip him apart, even though it was clear that the Crawling Chaos only saw this as a fun game. This gave Yeon-woo a terribly unpleasant feeling.


Their fists collided. Yeon-woo’s sword energy and the Crawling Chaos’ divine powers clashed together before shooting off in all directions, creating deep crevices around them. Beyond space, a void opened like a greedy mouth. The already damaged fortress started crumbling further.

Sss! Suddenly, black chains shot out one after the other, winding around the Crawling Chaos’ incarnation.

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