Ryuu Kusari no Ori -Kokoro no Uchi no “Kokoro”- - Chapter 5.17

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Chapter 5 Part 17



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Jihad's POV


As the sun rising from the east reached the centerline, I, Jihad Roundel, observed the training area in the lookout tower set up at the administrative headquarters.


"There is no problem so far ..."


I looked around while muttering. Since the training area is covered by forest, I can't see the situation directly from the lookout tower, but I can't feel any disturbing atmosphere from the training area. At least so far there doesn't seem to be any abnormality.

I turned my eyes to somewhere under the lookout tower, I first noticed the tent where the operations headquarters was located. The teachers who took care of this training were busy going in and out of the tent.


In addition, there were several students who were already disqualified from training in front of the administrative headquarters, and some of them were injured.

Students with minor injuries only received medicine, and those with scratches were treated by Norn-sensei, a doctor in charge, in a tent built next to the administrative headquarters.

Despite some injuries, there were no reports of deaths and no reports of anyone trespassing into the training area.

For now, I let out a sigh of relief after confirming the training that proceeded without any major problems.

At that moment, I realized that I was not my usual self and was nervous. It was laughable that my mouth naturally loosened.

Maybe I was nervous because there were various things that happened recently, such as the massacre of the Cyclopes and the black demon beasts.


(But certainly, I can't neglect my vigilance ...)


The matter of the black demon beast was gradually resolved. The defeated black demon beast has been found, and its corpse has been recovered and is currently under investigation. So far, there have been no reports of any other black demon beasts, and it is almost certain that it was alone. In addition, there is no particular change in the movement of the demon beasts in the forest.


On the other hand, about the case of Cyclopes. There's no progress on it so far.

It was known that it was defeated by a human or something similar to it. However, even though the captain of the guards, Mauzu, and the knights of the Silver Rainbow Knight Order were pursuing its whereabouts, the person who did it had yet to be identified.


It was night when we found the corpses of the giants, and we couldn't bring back all the corpses because there were only a few manpower. All that was brought back were the pieces of arms and chunks of meat that had been cut off, and no clues were found.

Judging from the severed parts such as the severed arm, it turned out that all the wounds were made with the same weapon, and from that, the one who slaughtered the giants was probably alone.

Since the giant was heavily injured with almost a single blow, that person's rank was at least rank S. Being able to fight those giants by himself. There might be someone so powerful hiding in this Arcazam.


(What if I make a mistake... In some cases...)


My hands reached out towards my companions' backs before I knew it.

Thinking about it, I realized that I was overthinking it, assuming that I would have to fight that person before I knew it.


(...I'm too impatient. I guess I'm impatient because I can't have a picture of that person at all.)


I closed my eyes and exhaled while feeling the wind blowing on the lookout tower. The impatience in my chest was still smoldering, but it didn't burn significantly.

At least for now, it will be fine. It's still not too late to find out who defeated the Cyclopes. I don't know if that person has left the city or is still hiding, but so far, there has been no major impact on the management of Arcazam itself.


(...For now, it's better to concentrate on what's in front of me. Today's training is only half-day left before its over. I hope it stays like this... hmm~)


After I reorganized my thoughts, I heard the sound of someone coming up to the lookout tower.

Looking back, there is Ms. Inda, the second-class homeroom teacher.


"So you've been here all this time, Jihad. For the time being, half of today's training time is over, so I'm here to report."

"Is that so? ... so how about it?"


Ms. Inda shifted her gaze to the report in her hand.


"Currently, the number of parties continuing training is one-fifth of the total. Also, the party of the first-class Irisdina Francilt and Tima Lime. The party of Lisa Hounds and Ken Notice. The party of the second-class, Kevin Ardinal's party, and Shina Yuliel's party. They have defeated the special targets."


Ms. Inda, who read her report in a loud and brisk tone, handed the report into my hands.

After I received the report, I read it myself.

The pendants worn by these participants had some magic imbued just in case.

It can display the position of the pendant on the map with a special technique, which allows the students to be quickly located in an emergency, and we can also find out which party has how many pendants.


"I see... Even if they are first-class students and have high abilities, at least their experience hasn't caught up yet, so I thought it wouldn't be strange if they lost, but... they seem to be growing properly. "


I purely commend them for beating the special target while reading the report.

Despite having the same A rank, there is a clear difference in experience between students and teachers. No matter how high their abilities were, the difference in experience could not be easily overcome.

Those who were not yet ripe have beaten the teachers who should be ripe. Of course, they had numbers, but it was enough to see their growth.


"And there are also second-class parties that have defeated special targets. Aren't Inda-sensei's students quite excellent?"


And they were the ones who defeated the black demon beast. I see, did the previous matter make them grow…?


"Y-yes. Thank you very much. They have been enthusiastic and proficient lately. Especially the coordination within their parties was excellent, and I was honestly surprised. I was a little worried that Feo Rishitza, who had not teamed up until now, would want to join their party in this training, but the results did not show any problems…. I'm proud of my student.”


It was unusual for her, who had always been indifferent, to speak so excitedly. She seemed to be inwardly pleased with the growth of her students.

Ms. Inda's face turned slightly red, but the next moment her facial expression became clouded.


"Actually, there's something..."


Inda-sensei hesitated to say her words. She probably still had something to say.


"Hmm~, is there anything else?"

"Y-yes. Actually, there is another party who defeated a special target..."


Prompted by her words, I read ahead of the report. Certainly, there is another party in addition to the previous four parties that defeated the special target.


"Nozomu Bountis, Mars Dickens ..."


I feel familiar with their names. Mars Dickens is a student who has a high level of ability but has problems with his behavior.

The other is Nozomu Bountis. He is one of the students who encountered the black demon beast, just like the students in Inda-sensei's class who defeated the special target.

But, somehow he was a little worrisome boy. I didn't hear very good stories from other teachers and students about him.


About that black demon beast. I know how dangerous it is. It has great vitality and regenerative abilities. And its best feature is that it can absorb other organisms and transform its body.

I met that demon beast 10 years ago, and to be honest, I don't want to remember it.

I encountered such a demon beast and took it down alone and survived. Of course, there's an element of luck, but it's not the only one.


“Y-yes, their party members are the largest among the parties that have defeated the special target…”


It seemed she couldn't believe Nozomu Bountis' party defeated a special target.

Certainly, there had never been a 10th-class party defeating a special target since the founding of Solminati Academy.

While thinking so, I continued to read the report in my hand.


"Their opponent is their own homeroom teacher, Anri Var .... Do you think she's going easy on her own students?"

"No ... that won't be happening ..."


Ms. Inda answered my question as she was somewhat at a loss. As far as I can see from the expression on her face, the most appropriate thing to describe her feelings must be bafflement, so it seems that this result is not due to Ms. Anri's unfairness.


"Sure, she's a teacher who is very close to her students, but at least, she doesn't spoil her students."


Ms. Inda is a very talented and strict teacher. It can be seen from the fact that she is still in her twenties and is in charge of the upper class, which is the second class in this school.

She has a serious sense of responsibility. She is proud of this school. She sometimes takes charge of the first-class lessons on my behalf, who is busy.

Therefore, although she is a person who cannot tolerate unfairness and wrongdoings, she is inflexible and tends to be a little rigid in her thinking.


On the other hand, Ms. Anri is the exact opposite of Ms. Inda.

She is very easygoing and kind.

She might be viewed by others as being too kind, but at least she wasn't the type of person to be unfair in such situations. She is a woman who is fully aware of the difference between pampering her students and being kind.


"Although she is a person who thinks differently from you, as a teacher, I think that she is still looking at the same place as you. In the first place, unpredictable situations might occur. In such a case, aren't we training our students every day for this moment? "


Ms. Inda was shocked by the fact that a 10th-class party had defeated a special target this time, perhaps because she decided on her own that this result was impossible.

We cannot predict what will happen in an actual battle. In that sense, it would have been very beneficial to be able to produce this unpredictable result. For our students and for us teachers.


"Yes ... I'm sorry. I just can't believe they can defeat Anri-sensei ..."


Then, Ms. Inda bows her head after saying that. She seems to be ashamed of her own thoughtlessness.

But that would be the same for me. Until recently, I had been trapped in my own thoughtlessness, just like Ms. Inda, who is in front of me.


"You don't have to worry about it. Everyone has an immature side. Even I was laughing at my own immaturity just now."



Ms. Inda leaked out a voice that seemed to be taken aback by my sudden words. She instinctively replied to me while showing her unusual facial expression, which she was usually knitted her brows and stiff.


"Fufu. Well, let's go back to the headquarters."



Ms. Inda followed me after I started to get off the lookout tower.


(Nozomu Bountis… right?)


A student who has been said to have fallen out since the school started, is that really the case?

As long as he encountered that black demon beast and survived, I don't think the rumors are true.

And with Ms. Anri's disqualification this time, that idea is even more evident.


Ms. Inda has been putting her hand on her mouth with a pondering expression. Perhaps she is thinking about Nozomu Bountis.

Ms. Inda's thoughts about him will not change easily. However, I hope this will be an opportunity for her, who only judges her students based on their grades.

Arcazam is still young. About the city itself, about the students, and about the teachers.


(Should I ask Ms. Anri about Nozomu Bountis?)


Just then, a wind that was stronger than the wind that had calmed me down until now blew.




I feel something is mixed in it. The foreign air spreads ripples like paint falling on the surface of clear water.

It was something I used to smell 10 years ago. It was the air of the battlefield.

However, the discomfort immediately melted into the air of the training area and disappeared.


(... I hope it was nothing.)


I wonder, is it because I thought of the Cyclopes and the black demon beasts? There's still a bit of anxiety left in my chest.






Lisa's POV


On the north side of the training area, a party of me, Ken, and Camilla were walking around while observing the surroundings.


"For the time being, everything is going well so far."


I muttered so while holding the pendants we got from the other party.

In the morning, we defeated multiple parties while moving counterclockwise around the training area from the south side, defeating a special target, and earning considerable points.

I don't know if we're at the top of the ladder or not right now, but I'm sure we're at least in a position to aim for the top.

After taking a break, we started to act to earn more points.


"That's right, but to be honest, it's only natural. Only we or Irisdina's party are A rank. So, no party other than them or Kevin's poses a threat for us"


Ken smiled while saying so. However, I feel that the expression on his face contains contempt for the party that was defeated by us.

Why is it... When I look at the current Ken, my heart feels strangely uneasy.


"... Hey Ken. Did you change recently?"


Maybe Camilla was thinking the same thing as me, she spoke in a questioning tone towards Ken.


"Hmm? Why do you think so?"

"Because you ..."

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"Nothing has changed. Yeah, nothing ... Isn't that right, Lisa?"


Ken smiled at me as he said so. Ken supported me when I was betrayed by Nozomu. The same smile that hasn't changed since then.

But why? Even though it's the same as usual. Even though that smile should make me feel relieved.


"... Yup. Ken hasn't changed at all."




I ignored the uneasiness inside my chest and said so.

Ken smiled at my words as usual, but Camilla's expression was still stiff.


"...If Lisa says so"

"That's right. Ken hasn't changed..."


Yes, nothing has changed. Ken didn't change. He never left my side like he did...


"Isn't this conversation enough for now? More importantly, after this... hmm?"


When Ken tried to change the topic, we heard something from a distance.

The sound of metal clashing and someone screaming. Perhaps some party is fighting.


"... I can't hear it anymore."


However, the fighting sound disappeared immediately. Perhaps it has been settled.


"……What will we do?"

"I think it's fine to check who was fighting and defeat it by surprise if possible."


Ken answered Camilla's question.

I don't think that's a problem. With a significant number of parties dropping out in the morning, the chances of getting points diminished. As much as possible, I want to earn points when we can.

After I saw the other two and nodded, we started walking towards the source of the angry voice while erasing our presence.





The northern part of the forest where Lisa and her friends were. There, two parties were competing against each other, but the situation was too one-sided.


"Take this!"



A girl with jet black hair fluttering in the wind slashed the arm of a male student who was confronting her. Without seeing the student whose arm was slashed drop his sword, the girl immediately spun her rapier and slammed it against the student's chin.

The boy's chin jumped up, and at the same time he collapsed, the pendant around his neck glowed red.


"Fuh~ ..."


The female student with a rapier. Irisdina Francilt exhaled and put her rapier into its scabbard.


"...Looks like it's over."


Tima Lime, who was behind Irisdina, spoke.

Six students were lying down around them. All of their pendants glowed red, announcing that they had been disqualified.


"Yeah, to be honest, it's quite troublesome...are you guys okay?"

“Y-yes… somehow…”


Irisdina and Tima called out every student they had defeated. It seemed they cast simple healing magic on those who were injured.

After a series of treatments, the students handed over their pendants to Irisdina and returned to the administrative headquarters.

Tima gave a potion to Irisdina who saw them off. It was a medicine that heals and speeds up the recovery of magical powers.


"Ai, thanks for your hard work."

"Thank you."


Irisdina drank the potion she received. Tima also took out another potion and drank it.


"Fuh~ ..."


After Irisdina drank the potion, she sighed and looked up at the overgrown trees.

She looked somewhat gloomy. It was a sight that made people drawn in because of her beauty and artistic appearance, but Tima, who was looking at her best friend with a sideways glance, could feel Irisdina's anxious feelings mixed in her gestures.


"Ai, as I thought, are you worried about Nozomu-kun?"



Irisdina answered while facing her head down. Tima who was watching her seemed to feel her heart tighten. Tima thought that the words she said earlier, had led to the sad face of her best friend in front of her.


"... Hey Ai.... Honestly, I regret it."



Irisdina made a perplexed expression due to the words Tima suddenly said.


"We talked to everyone before. About Nozomu-kun's strange behavior recently..."



Nozomu has been weird recently. When they realized that, they tried to talk to Nozomu, but it was Tima who told them to wait.

Tima was isolated from her surroundings due to her extraordinary magical powers. She was more sensitive than the others, so she could sense that Nozomu's worries were deep and heavy for him, and she said it was better to wait for Nozomu to talk to them than to try to talk to him unnecessarily.

It could be her personality that made her hesitant to get into other people's problems in a relationship, and Irisdina and Mars were about to ask Nozomu when she told them to wait.

However, as a result, a strange trench was created between Nozomu and his friends, and even though on the surface it did not change, the trench gradually expanded.


"... But maybe we should have talked to him ... That's why Mars also looks weird these days ..."


Just like Tima said, Mars' behavior has been weird recently, probably because of Nozomu.

He repeated his reckless training, and every time Tima told Mars not to overdo it, Mars said he understands it, but he didn't seem to stop his reckless training.

Every time Tima saw him like that, her chest ached.

Certainly, her words were one of the factors that cast a shadow over Nozomu, Mars, and their relationship.


"... No, it's not only Tima's fault. I couldn't talk to him either. I wanted to listen to his story, but I couldn't step in to ask..."


However, not only Tima but also Irisdina couldn't do it. At Tima's suggestion, she stopped asking Nozomu, but she just used "waiting for Nozomu to speak" as an excuse. Actually, there were plenty of opportunities to ask him after that.


(Why couldn't I ask ...)


Irisdina couldn't muster up the courage even though she desperately wanted to know Nozomu in her heart.

When Irisdina noticed it, she was struck by a tight sensation in the depths of her chest.


" !! "


Before she knew it, Irisdina clasped her hands over her chest tightly, but she didn't know the reason.

Her chest felt warm when she thought about Nozomu, but at the same time, it hurt like her heart was being ripped apart. Indescribable anxiety arose and it clouded her mind.


She kept wondering why, but her head was a mess and she couldn't control her own thoughts, and the questions kept swirling in her head.

She shook her head in an attempt to reorganize her messy thoughts, but her lustrous black hair just danced in the air and her mind still doesn't calm down at all.

No, on the contrary, the momentum inside her head that kept spinning was steadily increasing. Feelings of warmth and coldness, and many other opposite feelings, continued to disturb her mind.

It was reasonable. It was the first time she had felt such a feeling.


"...Ai, after this training is over, let's ask Nozomu-kun."


"Mars-kun and Nozomu-kun.... I can't bear to see Mars-kun and Nozomu-kun like this any longer."


It was Tima's own words that created this situation, so she regretted it. She felt guilty for her previous words and still wanted to do something about it.


"Yes, let's do so ..."


Irisdina nodded slightly at Tima's words. At that moment, the bushes behind them shook.

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