Rise - Chapter 400

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“Man. Man, oh, man!” Qiu Yijie said, amazed. He looked at the large LCD screen above the two soundproof booths and shook his head. “Man…”

Zou Cheng from Zhejiang University nodded vigorously and replied, “I know, right!? That positioning, holy smokes! It’s superb with a capital B!”

Qiu Yijie rubbed his chin and asked, “How does he do that? He makes it look so easy… But if I’d been the one playing? In the Finals of the biggest tournament at this level of competition? With tens of thousands… maybe even hundreds of thousands of people watching? I wouldn’t have even seen the Charm until it hit me.”

“No one would’ve,” Sun Ruinian chimed in. He shook his head and continued, “Because no one would’ve considered teleporting down there and taking the fight. That dude knew what was up from the start. Did you see how he waited before teleporting in? There was a short pause before he went. I’m thinking he did it to bait them underneath the tower.”

“ShitShit! Guys!” Zou Cheng exclaimed. He pointed at the screen and said, “It’s not over yet! Sivir is in trouble!”

Tang Bingyao’s Sivir had lost most of her health trying to help Zeng Rui survive. Team Beijing initially engaged Lin Feng’s Twisted Fate, but when they failed to burst him down, they turned their attention back to Tang Bingyao’s Sivir because her auto attacks could do a ton of damage in a prolonged fight.

Yu Ping used the second dash from Spirit Rush to get past Lin Feng’s Twisted Fate and arrive in front of Tang Bingyao’s Sivir. He followed up with Fox-Fires and Orb of Deception! Three magical flames manifested around Ahri and shot towards Sivir together with the orb! They finished what little health she had left.

《You have slain an enemy!》

“Oooooh, shiiiiit!” FourEyesChang hollered into his microphone. He clutched it tightly in his fist and continued, “They’re turning around the turn around! It’s a turn-turnaround!”

Cherry giggled and screeched, “WOOOOOOOOO!”

Yu Ping narrowed his eyes and used the third and final cast from Spirit Rush to jump away from the outer tower. W-what!? That did no damage! Each Spirit Rush generated magical friction that manifested into a powerful magic attack. The previous one had helped him kill Sivir by dealing a significant amount of damage. But on his way out, that same attack dealt almost no damage to Lin Feng’s Twisted Fate. He smashed on the Tab key and paused. His entire body stopped for a brief moment, and then he shouted over the team’s voice chat, “CARE! HE HAS MAGIC RESIST!”

“Fuck!” Team Beijing’s Jungler cursed. His Nidalee and Yu Ping’s Ahri were both ability power Champions.  And their team’s sole attack damage Champion, Ezreal, was dead. It was worse even for Team Beijing, because Ezreal had the Red Buff when he died. Upon death, this buff got transferred to Lin Feng’s Twisted Fate.

Lin Feng looked down at his skill bar and grinned. Just a few more seconds. He ran after Yu Ping’s Ahri and threw a card at her. The damage it dealt was secondary. What Lin Feng cared about was applying the slow from the Red Buff, because since Ahri used her ultimate she didn’t have any other escapes left. He followed up with a second card, counting down the last second of Pick a Card’s cooldown. And he then activated the skill.

A Blue Card appeared above Twisted Fate’s head…

A Red Card appeared above Twisted Fate’s head…

The audience, the casters and the people at home, everyone knew what was going to happen. They sat on the edge of their seats, expectant. Some even forgot to breathe, mumbling a version of, “Come on, kill him!”

A Gold Card appeared above Twisted Fate’s head. Lin Feng selected it and threw it at Yu Ping’s Ahri! There was no running from it. Even Janna’s shield from Eye of the Storm did little more than negate some of the damage. Twisted Fate stunned Ahri! He followed up with a fourth auto attack, triggering Stacked Deck for bonus damage! He then threw a volley of cards with Wild Cards! Their sharp edges cut into Ahri and sheared away her health!

Yu Ping shouted through gritted teeth, “Kill him already!”

“I’m trying!” Team Beijing’s Jungler exclaimed. He threw his arm up and continued, “But what can I do? He keeps dodging every fucking spear I throw at him! It’s like he fucking knows where I’m throwing them before I even throw them! How the fuck is he doing this!?”

“Just… Just kill him!” Yu Ping shouted, frustrated.

“Dodge it, dodge it, dodge it!” Su Xue chanted. She leaned over her desk, her nose almost pushing into her screen. When Lin Feng dodged another spear from Nidalee and then hit Ahri with an auto attack, she jumped in joy! Her screen almost fell over and she yelped from her nose hitting the monitor. But the shocked surprise only lasted for a moment, intense joy overwhelming all her other sensations. She smiled and cheered, “LIL FANCY FEET BRO! WOOOOOOOOO!”

「sick dodge game!」
「hows he keep dodging all em skilzzzz?????」
「with his stanly ass manly skilllzzzz OBVIOUSLY!!!」
「we can dooo thizzzzzzz」
「omgomgomgomg kill ahri plzzzzzzzz」

Lin Feng’s Twisted Fate was well clear from his outer tower. They were in the open, he and three Champions from Team Beijing. They seemed to realise this. More specifically, after missing another spear, Nidalee changed to her cougar form and pounced at him! But he just grinned. Don’t make this too easy, please. He looked around the bot lane and realised he was very close to the bottom ring, where there were three brushes. He ran towards the one nearest to him and briefly paused, waiting for Nidalee to cast a skill. When she did, he stepped inside the brush and killed vision, canceling Nidalee’s skill.

“Gotcha!” Lin Feng mumbled, grinning.

Zeng Rui said through gritted teeth, “Don’t joke. Focus!”

Lin Feng glanced at Zeng Rui and replied, “Don’t worry, ZengZeng! I’ve got this! Watch me!”

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