Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder - Chapter 353

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The emperor wanted to abandon the harem, and only the queen was left. The courtiers naturally refused. +++ Popular Tanmei Novel: Even the newly appointed Chu Guogong and General Chu were shocked. They were not ecstatic, but worried.
No emperor in the past has only spoiled one person in his life. Now Xiao Yuanzhao loves Chu Xiang alone and is willing to do such an extraordinary thing for her. They naturally believe that this intention is true. But one year later, five years later, ten years later?
Beauty is easy to grow old, and it is easy to polish all the enthusiasm for one person for many years. By then, Xiao Yuanzhao will regret it and only need to reopen the draft to restore the Sixth House of Sannomiya. But how will Chu Xiang deal with himself then? She will become a joke in the world, the most famous jealous queen, the emperor's most disgusting existence, and the object of oppression by the next favorite concubine.
Only by oppressing her again and again, can the next favorite concubine prove that she is really favored, better than the queen who once dominated the harem alone.
With his heart in mind, Chu Guogong asked Mrs. Chu to go to the palace to see him when he returned home, and talked to Chu Xiang about the stakes (guan) of this matter. Being alone is not so enjoyable. Chu Guogong is a man himself, how can he not understand the psychology of a man? He asked Mrs. Chu to make it clear to Chu Xiang that it is impossible to expect a man to be infatuated for a lifetime.
Mrs. Chu asked Chu Xiang to stand back and forth, and said to her heartily that she hoped she could let go of the idea of ​​monopolizing the emperor, otherwise there would be endless troubles. She also cited several well-known favorite concubines in history as examples, worrying that Chu Xiang would follow in their footsteps. There were also queens and emperors who were childhood sweethearts, but later they only had the respect of the emperor, and the love was gone.
Chu Xiang listened patiently, knowing that they were all caring about her, and they were not displeased. It's just that these worldly worries are the least important to a (strong qiang) person. Because all these concerns have solutions. Of course, it is impossible for two people to keep the passion of honey love for decades, but if you want to remain flat and simple, you only need to find something interesting and fresh to do every few years and keep it fresh.
As for whether Xiao Yuanzhao, an emperor, would treat her well forever, of course he would. Not to mention the illusory thing like feelings, her value alone is beyond countless imperial concubines, countless princes, countless courtiers. The emperor saw her value, how could he abandon her for those things? Although this thought is utilitarian, it is very realistic and indestructible, not to mention that Xiao Yuanzhao is really sincere to her, and with this, he will never change his mind.
She doesn't like to test people (sexual xing) and whether men's feelings will change, so after confirming that Xiao Yuanzhao is sincere, she has eliminated all factors that might affect their relationship in the future. As the so-called soldiers are coming to cover up the water and earth, none of the things that the family is worried about will be born.
Of course she couldn't tell Madam Chu, so she just showed trust in Xiao Yuanzhao, comforted her mother happily, and then denied her mother's advice.
The Chu family were also helpless. After thinking about it, they had to work hard for Xiao Yuanzhao and try their best to develop their power without getting Xiao Yuanzhao taboo. In this way, even if Chu Xiang falls out of favor in the future, there is still a family that can rely on, Xiao Yuanzhao and other imperial concubines will not be too much to Chu Xiang in the power of the Chu family.
The Chu family worried a lot for Chu Xiang. Chu Xiang received this love and sent a large number of rewards to the Chu family, which made others look enthusiastic. Especially the family of the three concubines, everyone hates why the favored one is not their own daughter.
However, no matter what the courtier thought, he could not stop Xiao Yuanzhao's decision. The imperial decree was quickly announced to the world, and all the people knew that the draft was cancelled. Some whispered queens were jealous, and some envied the empress’s affection. Anyway, Xiao Yuanzhao (strong qiang) was of no use to anyone, and this thing passed.
When the three concubines were sent home, Chu Xiang gave them generous rewards, and even vowed to allow them to marry on their own. If they don’t want to, no one can force them to marry, so as to protect their future lives to the utmost extent. Their compensation was paid.
Chu Xiang no longer lived in Taihe Palace, and moved directly into Xiao Yuanzhao's bedroom. In the morning Xiao Yuanzhao went to court, and Chu Xiang went to the specially opened farm to serve the crops. In the afternoon, Xiao Yuanzhao reviewed the memorials. Chu Xiang sometimes read a book to accompany him in the imperial study room, sometimes called opera singers, storytellers, and dancing to relieve boredom.
When Xiao Yuanzhao was free, the two of them would enjoy the flowers and the moon, the piano, chess, calligraphy and calligraphy, and private visits in microservices, looking for all kinds of fun things to do, and their daily life is full of interest.
Of course, the courtiers still did not give up persuading to start the draft, but they were wise not to speak directly, but to try out various things round and round, and then the result of each trial was disappointment. They were of course dissatisfied. After all, they didn't know what Chu Xiang had done. On the surface, it was just a beautiful woman who got the emperor's blue eyes. It was nothing special. In this way, the entire harem was abandoned, which they could not understand.
Spring goes and autumn comes, and the crops cultivated by Chuxiang have a bumper harvest. She took Xiao Yuanzhao's hand and led him to stand on the high platform. Looking around, the crops were covered with heavy grains, and the plants were all bent over. The golden (color) piece is very dazzling!
She waved her hand and ordered Ziyue to report the data. The crop yields of this dynasty were average. Converting this piece of land to the same area in the Royal Zhuangzi, the yield actually doubled ten times! !
Xiao Yuanzhaoyuan's expression of playing with Chu Xiang suddenly became shocked. He looked at Chu Xiang incredulously and then at the rice field, "Ten times? Is this true?"
Chu Xiang smiled and said: "Naturally it is true. Seeing is believing. I said I want to give you a big surprise. Is this surprise big?"
Chu Xiang thought, with experience this time, the output can be more next time. Not only rice, other food, vegetables and fruits can be more.
Xiao Yuanzhao heard her heartfelt feelings, and was surprised to see fireworks all over the sky. At the time of the wedding, Chu Xiang said that he would give him a gift. Now, he feels that this is the best gift in the world. With ten times the output, his people will be well-fed and will never starve to death easily.
Regardless of the many palace people on his side, he hugged Chu Xiang tightly, his voice was a bit excited, "Xiang'er, you are such an inexhaustible treasure! How did you do it? This surprise is really too big. , I like it very much and I am very grateful, all the people under heaven will thank you!"
Chu Xiang looked up at him in his arms and said, "I just happened to know this, and I have discovered more than others. So, is there no one against my dominance anymore?"
Xiao Yuanzhao laughed loudly, "You are so careful, there is no sound of wind, and you don't want me to disclose your credit, so I am waiting here? When this great achievement is made, how many people have been beaten in the face? Let's talk, you think how is it?"
"Of course it is to announce them to enter the palace to see with their own eyes, so that they will not be so narrow-minded in the future. They should work hard for the country if they have spare time. How can so much energy be in charge of the emperor's harem? You are such a savvy emperor. Spoiling a beautiful woman? They suspect that you are fascinated by beauty. I think they are the ones who are dull."
"Okay, just as you say."
Xiao Yuanzhao summoned all the civil and military officials into the palace, and ordered the officials in charge of agricultural affairs to explain how amazing the results of this farmland were. When the courtier heard that this was planted by Chu Xiang, his eyes were full of shock when he looked at her.
Some people suspected that this was the emperor deliberately creating momentum for Chu Xiang, but immediately after Chu Xiang walked into the farm and talked aloud about every improvement and the matters that should be paid attention to in farming, they dispelled this idea.
This is not creating momentum, this is really the great blessing that Chu Xiang brought to the world's subjects!
Someone asked Chu Ze quietly, "The queen mother actually knows how to farm? How do people like you let the mother come into contact with farming?"
Chu Ze also looked at the rice fields with eyes full of shock, and subconsciously said: "She didn't like to go out very much before. She liked to care for flowers and plants in her yard, but, but I thought she only likes flowers and plants, and I didn't expect that she would still grow crops. ."
Speaking of this, Chu Ze felt guilty, “I’m a bad elder brother. I ignored the empress in the past and didn’t pay much attention to her preferences. It was the emperor’s love that opened up this farm for empress, so that the empress has a long life. Played."
The courtier nodded clearly, and wanted to go back to ask his wife, what do the girls in the family like, shouldn't be restrained by them, let them think about it, maybe they can figure out something extraordinary.
When the courtiers repeatedly determined that this high-yield grain could be planted in various regions, they knelt and shouted excitedly: "Long live the emperor! Long live the empress! Thousand-year-old Queen!"
The catastrophe of the famine of the people was resolved in their dynasty, and these people also had a little more chance to live forever, and future generations will certainly praise this flourishing age when they mention this dynasty. As officials of the dynasty, they and You Rongyan also accepted the mother of the dynasty from the bottom of their hearts!
Chen Wanqing was placed under house arrest in a corner of the palace and could not go out, but she could know the news from the outside world. When she heard that Chu Xiang had increased the grain output tenfold, she was stunned. She was not sure if Chu Xiang was a transgressive woman, because there were many capable people in the ancient aborigines, and she might not be able to do this.
But if Chu Xiang is really a crossing woman, then this pattern is really much bigger than her. The mirrors, skin care products, and jewellery she took out were all to make women's money, and she also had a sense of superiority over women. But what Chu Xiang did was to benefit the world. Only by this, she understood why Xiao Yuanzhao dismissed her.
She is beautiful and has many tricks, but Xiao Yuanzhao already has something better than her in his heart, so he naturally looks down on her.
Her system requires her to buy things with points for doing tasks. She is trapped here and can't do tasks. In order to escape (tuo), buying those daggers, powders, space, etc. has already spent all the points. Now she can't get the help of the system, so she can only think about everything in the modern era desperately, and show her value.
She panicked so badly, she suddenly figured out why Xiao Yuanzhao never came to see her. Because Chu Xiang's value is much greater than hers, the modern knowledge she brought out, although novel, was not enough to make a country's emperor pay attention to it.
She was urged by the system to find a way countless times, but after knowing that Chu Xiang was such a show, she became frustrated. She doesn't know how long she can live in this world, maybe the end result is that she and the system die together.
She regrets it. If she had known today, she must be a low-key person, no longer relying on crossing and the system to become arrogant. But regretting it was useless, she could only continue to be trapped, thinking happily in the pain, at least the cost of food and clothing was good, except for no fun, she would not be tortured to confess.
She was right. Even if Xiao Yuanzhao was curious about modern times, she couldn't pay much attention to it. She was just an ordinary person in modern times. She said that the modern things she portrayed could not be realized. To Xiao Yuanzhao, it was like a fantasy The castle in the sky made up by the family is not of much value.
However, Xiao Yuanzhao didn't do anything to her anymore, because she knew everything she could say, and gave her countless books and playthings to pass the time.
She didn't suffer much in the palace. Later, after she gradually no longer feared, her mentality relaxed, and she accepted her fate. She lived to be more than 80 years old and died.
Xiao Yuanzhao created the most prosperous era in hundreds of years. With the assistance of Chu Xiang, agriculture was extremely developed, which promoted the development of many other industries, and truly achieved the prosperity of the country and the people.
He even reduced taxes for three consecutive years, becoming the emperor who paid the least taxes during his reign. Chu Xiang opened a women's school to allow women from all over the world to study, and convened merchants all over the world to promote charitable donations and opened schools in various poverty-stricken areas. Not only teaches the Four Books and Five Classics, but also teaches craftsmanship, which has cultivated countless talents and elevated the status of merchants.
The emperor's contribution made the world surrender, and all the people are grateful to mention them. The only regret was that they had no heirs. Some courtiers used this as an excuse to request Xiao Yuanzhao's concubine, but Xiao Yuanzhao rejected it on the spot.
Many people praised him for being infatuated with the queen, regretted that he had no success, and made criticisms of Chu Xiang. No matter where Xiao Yuanzhao heard this statement, he would severely punish the other party and protect Chu Xiang to the end.
This is like a person drinking water, knowing it is cold or warm. Even though every emperor hopes to pass on the throne to his parents and children, in fact, which emperor and his descendants have pure affection? There are countless things about father (slaying sha) and sons (slaying sha). The so-called inheritance of children is just for the blood. In fact, at his height, he really didn't care about that bloodline.
He knew from Chen Wanqing that no dynasty could continue forever, and its prosperity must decline. He has created an unprecedented prosperous age, worthy of the ancestors and the people of the world. After the dynasty changes, he can't control or care about the future. Does the emperor's blood flow in his body?
Just like the "modern" in Chen Wanqing's mouth, every modern "emperor" is not inherited by blood, but depends on ability to ensure the world is safe.
He chose one of the wisest children from his brother's grandchildren, taught for many years, and was named the emperor grandson. Because the emperor grandson was not in his direct blood, he did not have the sense of superiority he was born with. He was cautious in his words and deeds. He was also very filial to him and Chu Xiang. He carefully studied every knowledge they taught. After he grew up, he was unexpectedly outstanding. He was extremely satisfied with his demeanor.
The courtier never bothered him because of his heirs, nor did he change his mind about Chu Xiang. First, he loved Chu Xiang, and second, how many heirs Chu Xiang brought to him and the world. It's too late. He was accompanied by Chu Xiang, devoted his whole life to pushing the heights, benefiting the people, and conquering border territories. When he reached old age, he felt that there was not enough time and he wanted to live another five hundred years.
He has never spent his time in vain, and no one can envy what he has obtained, and he has no regrets at all. On the contrary, he was somewhat fortunate that meeting a person like Chen Wanqing made him feel relieved about the future, and it was enough to manage the landscape in front of him.
When he was dying, he sent away the emperor and grandson and everyone around him, leaving only Chu Xiang by his side, holding Chu Xiang's hand, and weakly saying, "Xiang'er, hand in hand with you in this life, I am full. It is a pity, the next life. I don’t know if I can still see you."
Chu Xiang sat on the edge of the bed, gently tidying his sideburns, and said softly, "I have never regretted staying in the palace for you in this life."
Xiao Yuanzhao smiled weakly, and slowly closed his eyes.
When he was furious, he suddenly heard a strange sound.
[Xiao Yuanzhao, would you like to bind the system? After binding, the system can take you through the barriers of time and space to live in other worlds. ]
Xiao Yuanzhao thought of Chen Wanqing for the first time, 【Are you Chen Wanqing's system? ]
[Chen Wanqing is dead and an unqualified host, the system has been unbound. You have (strong qiang) great willpower and careful thinking, and are the most suitable host. Are you willing to accept binding? ]
Xiao Yuanzhao did not directly agree, but asked another question, "Why don't you bind Xianger? ]
[... She can't bind, and I can't explore any of her circumstances, maybe she is a special traverser. ]
Xiao Yuanzhao was not surprised. The two had lived a lifetime, and he could somewhat perceive Chu Xiang's special. He knew that this system had never hurt Chen Wanqing, but he agreed with it after a little thought. After that, he felt that the heavy and uncomfortable dying disappeared. The moment he was away from the body, he saw Chu Xiang put their concentric knot into his hands.
He glanced at Chu Xiang one last time and was taken to another world by the system. Since Chu Xiang may be a special traverser, maybe they will still have a chance to meet in the future.
Chu Xiang looked around questioningly, [Little Jing'er, was there energy fluctuation just now? ]
[Yes, it disappeared in less than a second. ]
Chu Xiang felt that it might be the soul of Xiao Yuanzhao after his death. If the soul is to be reincarnated, it naturally cannot stay. No matter what, Xiao Yuanzhao is no longer there, so she will leave this world too.
Qiankun Jing suggested: [Does the master cross into a special existence in the next life? ]
[What special existence? ]
【system. The owner can choose one person and pretend to be her system to help her counter-attack her life, and perhaps have a novel experience. ]
【Ok? system? Chu Xiang laughed. [It sounds very interesting. I have seen mind reading in this life, and I will act as a gold finger for others in the next life. There are so many good things in the space, so I am not afraid that there is nothing to exchange. At that time, we will release the task to her, and then we will count the points for her when she finishes it, let her redeem it, and help her fulfill her wish. ]
Chu Xiang was interested, and immediately asked Qiankun Jing to take her to the unknown new world. She has lived with the sky, and her future is still very long. She always has to find new and fun things to do. It is very interesting to pretend to be a system.
In the future, they will find more fun things, try them one by one, and feel endless fun. The world is so big, there will always be something she hasn't seen before, waiting for her to meet.
She is looking forward to it, looking forward to an unknown and fresh journey.

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