Remarried Empress - Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Compare With Whom? (1)

The Emperor witnessed Laura insulting the woman he was in love with . It was quite a scene .

Laura and other ladies-in-waiting quickly lifted their skirts to bow to him, but he gave them a hellish glare . I had already seen Sovieshu a few times earlier in the palace, and I stared at him quietly instead of greeting him again . Sovieshu looked at Laura then turned to Rashta .

“Goodness . ”

Sovieshu sighed . Rashta’s eyes were wet, probably out of surprise, and the wide look she gave him made her look like a poor frightened animal .

“Don’t cry . ”

Despite his attempt to soothe her, tears began to drip down her face .

“I said don’t cry . ”

Despite the unsympathetic tone in his voice, Rashta did not stop . She seemed unafraid of his infamous cold attitude . I kept staring at her . When Rashta continued to cry, to my surprise, Sovieshu pulled out a gold embroidered handkerchief and held it out to her . Her tears didn’t cease even when offered the handkerchief, and he sighed and wiped her face himself .

“You’re a handful . ”

There was a note of worry in his tone, and the corner of my heart throbbed again . No, it was natural…it was natural . I reminded myself of Countess Eliza’s words, and turned around and instructed my ladies-in-waiting to follow .

“Let’s go . My legs ache . ”


I wouldn’t be able to stop Sovieshu from having a concubine, but I was free to avert my eyes from it . The ladies quickly followed after me .

“Wait . Stop . ”

Sovieshu called out to me before we had even taken a few steps . First Rashta, and now him? Sovieshu glared at Laura and pointed to her .


“Leave that lady-in-waiting behind, Empress . ”

“What for?”

“Leave her . ”

“She is my lady-in-waiting . You need to tell me first . ”

Laura’s complexion turned pale . I also felt an ominous wind blowing through my thoughts .

Surely he wouldn’t punish Laura for what she said to Rashta, would he? While Laura’s behavior was not exactly exemplary, she was still a lady-in-waiting of the Empress . Rashta, on the other hand, was not yet a concubine, nor was she even lower nobility . She was even likely a runaway slave . For Sovieshu to punish Laura would publicly disgrace her in society .

As well as myself, the Empress .

I stared at him, and he turned his gaze back to Laura .


“She is a lady-in-waiting of the Empress, but she is also my subject . How dare she speak like that . ”

“Then I will scold her . ”

“You think a scolding will fix someone who calls another person filthy? Surely not . ”

Sovieshu barked an order to a nearby guard, pointing his chin towards Laura .

“Lock her up for three days and give her only water and hard bread . ”

Laura’s face whitened, and the other ladies let out a small scream of distress .

“That is too far, Your Majesty . ”


I stepped forward, but Sovieshu directed his icy glare towards me .

“She called a woman in a wheelchair who can’t even properly walk filthy . Don’t you think that is too far?”


“Well, you only watched . You probably thought that was not too far . ”

“My ladies-in-waiting only stopped her because she pulled my dress . ”

The look on Sovieshu’s face only turned darker .

“You were walking away from her . ”

“Your Majesty . ”

“And what is wrong with holding a dress? Is the Empress’ dress more noble than a human hand?”

“Then I will have your servant pull at the hem of your cloak . Even if your cloak is not as noble as a human hand, is that still acceptable?”

Sovieshu raised his eyebrows and smirked .

“Your words are meaningless . Do you really think it is the same situation?”

“Is it different?”

“It is . ”

“Then what is the difference?”

“Rashta is not a servant . ”

I wanted to ask him if I should change my example, and what he would do if a concubine pulled on the hem of his clothes .

“Lock up the Empress’ lady-in-waiting for five days . ”

Before I could say anything else, Sovieshu increased Laura’s punishment . The more I opposed him, the more he severe he became .

I saw Rashta sitting behind Sovieshu with her eyes wide open, staring at him as if he was some sort of hero . The words I wanted to say threatened to leap from my mouth, but even the empress could not overturn the emperor’s orders . I could call a trial to challenge Laura’s punishment, but by the time the trial would be opened she would already be released .

“I accept the punishment, Your Majesty . ”

As I was agonizing about losing to Sovieshu, Laura quickly stepped forward . My face turned red with shame and anger .

“Go . ”

Rather than asking why the girl was near the main palace, Sovieshu complimented me for working hard all day .

Sovieshu and I weren’t passionate lovers, but we were good friends . Now we were neither . I gritted my teeth and turned away . Now I understood why my mother advised me not to get involved with the concubines .

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