Remarried Empress - Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – Wet Tears (1)

Would the Eastern Emperor fight a life-and-death duel with the Prince of the West? The latter whom was invited as a guest, with the former’s concubine dividing the two?

It would be quite a spectacle . If it became known to the public, the already much-criticized lives of the nobles and royal families would become the subject of further mockery and gossip .

Of course, with or without the rumors, the fight should be stopped .

“Calm down, Your Majesty . Prince Heinley, you are our guest . ”

I raised my voice at them, and to my great fortune they were not fools .

“Please take your seats . ”

They both sat down, and the meal continued quietly . I’ve never had such a trying meal the eve before the special banquet .

My stomach turned . What on earth was happening? Was it because of Rashta or Sovieshu? Or perhaps both?

No one was in the mood to eat anymore, so I finally set down my fork and patted my mouth with a napkin . After only half a meal, I stood up to see the guests off instead of offering them dessert . It would be rude to keep them in this uncomfortable atmosphere, and we would meet again tomorrow evening in any case .

I made for the hall and the guests quickly followed me, leaving behind Sovieshu and Heinley in the dining room . As soon as the door closed, Princess Soju came up to me and spoke with a frown creased on her face .

“I hope we can talk more tomorrow, Your Majesty . Tonight’s not a good night for conversation . ”

“Of course . I hope so, too . ”

Meeting Princess Soju might have been the best thing to have happened to me this New Year’s celebration . Her strong, funny and friendly nature was a joy to be around . I hugged her and whispered a fond farewell .

“Please come tomorrow . ”


Princess Soju smiled and nodded, then left with her knights down the hallway . I gave my farewells to the other nobles with more formality .

When there were about a handful of nobles left, I saw Rashta approach me . I thought she had something to say, but instead of talking she stood by my side . Why was she here? I wanted to ask her that, but Emperor Sirim of Blue Bohean approached next .

“Please come and see Rashta tomorrow . Thank you for coming tonight, Your Highness . ”

As soon as I bowed, Rashta mimicked me, as if we were seeing him off together .

“Uh…yes . ”

Emperor Sirim answered in a stammering tone, and he looked between me and Rashta then turned away . He seemed to think I was bowing to him together with Rashta .

Rashta turned to look at me and asked in an amiable voice, “Are you alright, sister?” This situation was absurd, but there was no convention or precedent that I could use to stop her .

I deliberately broke away from Rashta and approached Marquis Samonew, one of our allies . However, Rashta followed my footsteps again and smiled coquettishly at him, making the Marquis laugh . She continued this until there was only Grand Duke Kapmen left .

Did she have to courage to approach him? She came up to him, speaking in a gentle voice .


“My Lord . ”

At that moment, goose flesh erupted on my skin . Her voice had suddenly changed . Earlier, she had been bright and playful, but now her tone had taken on a deeper quality . She was imitating my voice . It wasn’t a perfect recreation, but it was close .

“Will you be attending the special banquet tomorrow?”

Her words evaporated in the air as the Grand Duke passed us in silence . It was more embarrassing that Rashta attempted to imitate me, rather than the Grand Duke Kapmen passing by me as well .

“Miss Rashta . ”

She smiled and said in her usual sweet voice, “Yes, Your Majesty . ” It was not the same person who looked at me like I betrayed her in the dining room . I suppressed my feelings and spoke as calmly as possible .

“I planned to ask you this after the New Year’s celebrations, but now I have to know . ”

“What is it?”


“Why did you lie to everyone and say that I sent you gifts?”

Rashta’s eyebrows lifted in confusion .


She waited for me to continue . Her conscience was pricked, surely .

“Rashta didn’t lie, Your Majesty . It’s true that the Empress sent many gifts to Rashta…”

“I don’t know where this misunderstanding comes from, but I did no such thing . ”

“What? Are you angry because Rashta said she wrote the letters…?”

I stared at her in silence, and Rashta clasped her hands together as tears started to form in her eyes .


“But Viscountess Verdi said the Empress would never come forward . In fact, she would the Empress would be embarrassed by this . So I didn’t mean anything . I was only trying to play . ”


“And I helped you, too, Your Majesty . ”

“You helped me?”

Rashta looked about ready to cry again .

“You didn’t want anyone else to know you were the letter friend . Why are you always so scary to Rashta?”

Before I could say anything more, the door opened, and both Sovieshu and Prince Heinley appeared, their faces stiff . They seemed to have been arguing with each other inside .

“…Heueu . ”

Rashta’s tears finally broke . Sovieshu looked at her in surprise, then approached her and wiped her wet cheeks with his sleeve .

“Rashta? Why are you crying?”

Sovieshu glared at me as she sobbed harder .

“What happened, Empress? What’s wrong with Rashta?”

“I asked her a question . ”

“What did you ask her?”

“I asked why she lied when I never sent her gifts . ”

Sovieshu’s expression tensed .

“You asked her about that?”

“She’s been telling people, so of course I did . ”

Who else should I have asked? I stared at him wondrously . His lips were tightly pressed together, and he looked alternately between me and Rashta before he sighed .

“If Rashta is mistaken, shouldn’t we just let it go?”

“I cannot allow my name to be used this way . ”

“You don’t have to confront Rashta . It’s my fault . I sent her gifts in your name . ”

My head spun . Sovieshu gave her gifts in my name? Rashta opened her eyes wide and looked at Sovieshu, her tears clinging delicately to her lashes .

“Is that true, Your Majesty?”

“There was a misunderstanding because of me . ”

Sovieshu nodded and murmured an apology, but Rashta shook her head .

“No, Rashta is so happy . You did it for Rashta . ”

I clenched my fist . I was the one who was gossiped about because of Sovieshu’s and Rashta’s mistake . And it was Rashta that Sovieshu apologized to, while Rashta thought it touching .

Before, I had distanced myself from Rashta . I told myself that I should ignore her, that I should look away, and that I didn’t care . But now—I clearly hated her .

And more than that, I hated Sovieshu .

I impatiently spoke up .

“If this is your fault—”

Sovieshu, who had been immersed in the romantic mood between the two, turned his head . He looked surprised to see me, as if he thought the issue resolved .

I stared coldly into his eyes .

“You have to take the blame, Your Majesty . You admitted responsibility . ”


“No matter the circumstances, you shouldn’t assume another’s name . Isn’t that right, Your Majesty? ”

Sovieshu looked at me in bewilderment .

“Do we really have to deal with that here?”

“Yes . Now that you’ve admitted guilt, shouldn’t you be held responsible?”


Sovieshu’s complexion paled . I noticed him discreetly glancing between Rashta and Prince Heinley . His pride was injured in front of a distinguished man and the woman he loved, but the pride he wanted to preserve was not the pride of an emperor, but the pride of a man . Should I help him protect that?

No .

“What do you want? Do you want me to cry like Rashta?”

“I want you to apologize . ”


“Please apologize for using my name . ”

“I’m sorry, all right?”

“And since Miss Rashta has been spreading false information, I hope that she will take responsibility and correct it . ”

Sovieshu exhaled .

“Is that really necessary?”

“Are you afraid you will lose face, Your Majesty? Because my face has already been crushed . ”

“If your face was crushed simply from sending gifts to Rashta, then you are poor and shallow from the start . ”

“It is also poor and shallow not to correct it . Please take care of it as soon as possible . ”

“The Empress should do it herself . Don’t you dislike other people speaking in your name?”

“Of course . ”

“Why are you so narrow-minded? You were never like that before, were you?”

“I should say that to you . And don’t speak impolitely to me, Sovieshu . ”

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