Refining the Mountains and Rivers - Chapter 935

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Cui Yongji’s tense heart suddenly relaxed. As he thought, even if Qin Yu had a hidden card in hand, it was within his scope of control.

While he hadn’t yet fully restored his strength, it wouldn’t be difficult to block this strike. At most he would vomit out some blood.

Hum hum –

If so, he actually had to thank Qin Yu for giving him the chance to recover. Otherwise if he wanted to withdraw from today’s mess, it would have cost him even more energy.

Taking in a deep breath, Cui Yongji lifted his hands and pressed forward. A blazing light erupted around him. It was a deep red in color, like the light from the sun above.

“Great Sun Blazing Flames! I never imagined that Cui Yongji’s cultivation had reached this level!”

“This is my Heavenly Center’s secret art. By condensing the light of the great sun, it is the most peerlessly overbearing attack method! In direct confrontation it never loses to anyone!”

“This ability is enough to protect himself without worry. This Qin Yu person will only make a joke of himself!”

The surrounding Heavenly Center cultivators also relaxed. Although they knew Cui Yongji was in the wrong, they decided to stand on his side.


With a loud shout, Cui Yongji thrust his hands forward. The blazing red light of the great sun burst forth in a crimson beam of power.

Dan Hong’s complexion was ugly. He had changed his words because he had received Qin Yu’s sound transmission. He never expected things would turn out like this.

If things were like this with a strong beginning but a weak ending, then Roc City would inevitably be shamed. He feared that the City Lord would blame him for not managing things well, and his plans of currying favor with Lei Xiaoyu would also fail.

Thinking of this, Dan Hong cursed inwardly. Without any skills, what act are you putting on? You are harming yourself and others!

But before then, a loud ‘pa’ sound entered his ears. Although it wasn’t clear, a storm was set off in his heart…as if he had been struck by thunder.

Dan Hong fiercely looked up. Then, his jaws fell open and his eyes went perfectly wide, as if his eyeballs would pop out at any moment.

The brilliant and dazzling light of the great sun which emitted a burning heat had popped apart like a bubble and disintegrated.

That’s right. With that light sound, the attack broke into countless blocks that tumbled and faded away in midair.

Cui Yongji’s heart nearly stopped beating. The disdain in his eyes froze and transformed into endless fear. Without hesitation, he shouted out loud, erupting with all his aura as he stormed backwards.

But none of this made a difference. Cui Yongji’s retreating figure stiffened. His chest collapsed inward, followed by the smashing and tearing of flesh and organs. Then, the attack tore through his back, cutting open a perfectly round hole in its wake.

If this was the full extent of it, then to a God boundary cultivator, this could only be called a serious mortal body injury. He would be able to recover if he had enough time to rest.

But the most terrifying aspect of this hole was not its killing power against Cui Yongji, but the fact that it punctured open some type of force field that kept things perfectly sealed up. It exposed his true aura that he had been hiding for all this time.

The moment this aura appeared, it was like dark ink pouring into clear water. It instantly proliferated outwards, creating tumbling black fog. The moment it was released, every cultivator present could feel a dense yin chill arrive.

This sight caused everyone to regain their composure. Their eyes widened with fright and panic.

“Great Dao Seizer! He is a Great Dao Seizer!”

This was the first time Qin Yu had heard this title. While he didn’t understand what it meant, when he looked at everyone’s reactions, he knew he had achieved his goal.

From the very start, he knew that unless he displayed the formidable sword intent he perceived from the blood moon world, it would be impossible for him to kill Cui Yongji with a single strike.

But when it came to killing someone, there were always more ways than one. If he couldn’t do it directly in battle then he would simply take another approach.

Cui Yongji had done his best to hide his aura, and this aura caused Qin Yu to feel incomparable loathing. If so, there had to be a problem with it….now, it seemed his guess was correct.

Stepped backwards, Qin Yu retreated. He had done what he needed to do. There was no need for him to do anything else after this.

When it came to enemies, it was fine as long as they died. Whether he did it himself didn’t matter.

Gao Xian made his move. Without hesitation, he lifted his hands and grasped forward. The frozen space instantly contracted and imprisoned Cui Yongji inside. His expression was dignified and his eyes were still shaken. He never expected that there would be a Great Dao Seizer within the Heavenly Center.

He could not allow Cui Yongji to survive, otherwise people would use him as the opening to attack the Heavenly Center and expand this matter to an unlimited degree.

Killing intent surged in his heart. Gao Xian shouted out loud, “In the territory of my Great Chu, whenever a Great Dao Seizer is found, they are to be executed where they stand…die!”

Bang –

The distorted space fiercely collapsed as Cui Yongji’s screams echoed out from inside. Cui Yongji glared at Qin Yu, tangible hatred in his eyes.

Even now, he never thought that things would develop to this stage! But it was clear that now his status had been exposed, he would die here.

Facing the Great Stargazer, he had no confidence he could escape. Even if he could withdraw, he would be killed by his master anyways.

Qin Yu, Qin Yu!

Cui Yongji howled into the skies. Tumbling black energy erupted all around him, transforming into scorching black flames that recklessly leapt around.

Kacha –

Kacha –

The spatial imprisonment that was strangling him suddenly broke apart and disintegrated, turning into countless motes of starlight.

Since he was going to die no matter what, then he would drag Qin Yu into the underworld with him, regardless of what the price was!

Otherwise, he couldn’t accept this…not even if he died!

Gao Xian’s face darkened. He lifted his hand. Above the Heavenly Center, the skies began to darken and celestial bodies appeared, sprinkling down endless rays of light.

Great Stargazer was the highest and most revered title in the Heavenly Center. There were only three of them in the entire Great Chu Empire. Each one possessed a peak Divine Dao cultivation and could borrow the power of the myriad stars. They could even erupt with an energy that surpassed their limits.

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At this moment, Gao Xian was truly angered. The entire imperial capital could clearly feel the fury of a Great Stargazer. They began to look up into the skies.

With Cui Yongji’s cultivation, even if he went all out, there was no chance he could fend off a furious Great Stargazer. But, the surprise was that he himself was a cultivator of the Heavenly Center, and he also cultivated the mystic arts of the starlight. His attainments were not low either.

Within the pitch black flames, spots of golden light started to appear. They were like brilliant stars burning against a curtain of darkness.

The phantoms of the endless celestial bodies in the skies had placed a lock on Cui Yongji’s body. However, that lock began to fluctuate.

This was just a fleeting moment. A Great Stargazer could redo the lock again with just a thought. But this still required time. Even if this was just an instant, this was more than enough time for a God boundary powerhouse who was burning his life to attack.

All the black flames immediately withdrew back into Cui Yongji’s body. He immediately expanded like a balloon.

Blue veins bulged out on his exposed flesh and blood. They wriggled and crept, as if they would crack open at any moment.

“Qin Yu!”

A roar came, like the tormented howls of ghosts from the nine nether hells. The space around Cui Yongji collapsed and he flickered, immediately appearing in front of Qin Yu. Without hesitation, he pointed a finger at Qin Yu.

This finger pointed towards Qin Yu’s eyebrows. It contained all of his strength, fury, and hatred. He wanted to die together with Qin Yu…for their souls to both turn to ashes!

The so-called Great Dao Seizer was to block off one’s own path of cultivation. With no path available for them, they used cruel and brutal methods to kill others, extracting their Great Dao and fusing it into themselves, forcefully promoting their cultivation.

But such a sinister and evil method was not accommodated by the Great Dao of the heavens and earth. After dying, any cultivator that chose this road would suffer the harshest punishment. Their soul would be scattered and dispersed, their flesh and blood turned to ash, not allowed to enter the earth.

From the moment Cui Yongji made this decision, he knew this day would arrive.

But he still had a wish he had yet to complete. He had concealed himself and endured for so many years, but just when he saw hope, all of his plans were destroyed.

Cui Yongji’s hatred towards Qin Yu was as deep as his marrow and soul!

Then it was best if they both died together!

Qin Yu’s eyebrows rose up, his eyes turning sharp and dense. He didn’t want to personally kill this man because he wanted to avoid others realizing that he was the one who cut through the blood moon world…although he had already left, for some unknown reason, Qin Yu felt a bit constrained and restless about this.

As if when he cut apart the blood moon, he had been marked down and became the prey of some great and unknown existence.

So, after Qin Yu cut through the blood moon, he wrapped that sword intent within the sun and moon force field so that it wasn’t revealed to the world.

Qin Yu glanced at Gao Xian. He was sure that this Great Stargazer had to have a way to stop Cui Yongji. But, he clearly didn’t want to.

That was also reasonable. Whether or not Cui Yongji died today, the prestige of the Heavenly Center had been swept across the ground because of Qin Yu.

As a Great Stargazer, one of the symbols of authority of the Heavenly Center, how could Gao Xian not hate him?

Hah, perhaps this was how fortune liked to make fools of people. Things never worked out as one wished they would.

Qin Yu closed his eyes. He lifted his hand. With two fingers as the blade, he cut downwards!

Cui Yongji paused in front of Qin Yu. His expression was strange. It seemed as if he wanted to say something, but in the end he couldn’t speak the words.

Starting from the tip of the finger he pointed out, he started to split in half. It was an incomparably neat and clean cut. Flesh and blood seemed to be sealed by an invisible strength so that not a single drop of blood seeped out.

Then, that cut began to continue forward. It passed through Cui Yongji’s palm, hand, arm…body, head…

As everyone watched, Cui Yongji was neatly severed in half, in an almost mirror-clean cut.

His corpse fell down to both sides. But before they touched the ground, the two halves of the corpses disintegrated into ash, vanishing from sight.

The entire scene fell deathly silent!

Gao Xian was shaken. He looked tightly at Qin Yu. Just now, he felt an inconceivably terrifying aura, one that was sharp beyond comprehension.

Even he felt a chill crawl up his heart when he sensed this aura. It was like he had been placed in a world of ice and snow! And before he could catch onto the true essence of this aura, it vanished as suddenly as it came, without any trace left behind.

It was like an illusion that had never appeared at all…but Cui Yongji who had become ash was the best proof that it did. That some dreadful power had indeed arrived in this world.

He stared at Qin Yu, his heart sinking. The first time he saw Qin Yu, he knew that there was more lurking beneath his surface than he showed. But, it was only at this moment that he learned this person had hidden himself even deeper than he thought. Just who was he?

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