Red Packet Server - Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 - Want to leave after doing it?

In room 1305 of Golden Spring Hotel .

Ye Zichen was at a loss about what to do as she looked at Li Jiayi, who was lying on the bed as if she were made out of mud .

This was his first time coming across this sort of situation .

Ye Zichen!

Stop calling me .

Ye Zichen was a bit annoyed, that girl really didnt know how seductive she looked right now, right?

Ye Zichen filled the bathtub in the bathroom with cold water, then threw Li Jiayi in it .

You need to calm down .

After throwing her into the bathtub, Ye Zichen walked out of the bathroom to give Bai Yu a call .

Ye-zi, why are you calling me at such a late hour?

Ol Two, what should I do if a girl was drugged?

Bai Yu studied clinical medicine . Although Ye Zichen wasnt sure whether he would know the way or not, he figured it was worth a shot to ask .

Its simple…

Bai Yu blabbered on for a long time, then he finally came to a single conclusion .

Shed be fine after doing it .

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, he also knew about that .

Is there any other way…

Bai Yu hesitated for a moment .


Ye Zichens heart started beating intensely after hanging up the call .

Bai Yu did give him a solution, but actually using it was a bit…

Ugh, why am I thinking so much, its not like I have any better ideas .

When Ye Zichen entered the bathroom once again, Li Jiayi was already lying in the water like a rag doll .

When he picked her up from the bathtub, she was like a magnet finding her other half, as she stuck right onto him…


Li Jiayi, dont blame me, this is all for your own good .

With that being said, Ye Zichen chucked her onto the bed and stripped her pants off .

On the following day, Li Jiayi sat up, while rubbing her head, when the first ray of sunshine shone through the curtains .

When she saw Ye Zichen, who was sleeping beside her, she suddenly blushed for some unknown reason .

Ye Zichen .

In order to deal with Li Jiayi, it could be said that Ye Zichen had been busy the entire night .

When he felt someone pushing him, Ye Zichen opened his eyes blurrily, and saw Li Jiayi looking down at him loving eyes .

You-Youre awake!

Ye Zichen stuttered . Very quickly, he noticed something .

Li Jiayis face was as smooth as white jade . Her birthmark on her left cheek was gone .

Your face…


Li Jiayi exclaimed, then reached her hand towards her left cheek . Then, she frantically looked around the bed, and saw Ye Zichen reach his hand over .

Are you looking for this?

Ye Zichen was really confused, he already noticed the birthmark on her face from the first time he saw Li Jiayi in high school .

Back then, he had felt pity for the girl . If it wasnt for the birthmark, she might had been a girl that was beyond bright .

But only now did he finally f*cking know, this birthmark was fake!

This girl had actually lied to everyone in their school for three years!

Give it back to me, Li Jiayi snatched the birthmark over and stuck it back on her face . When Ye Zichen saw that, he sighed helplessly, I already saw it, there isnt a need to pretend in front of me anymore, right?

No telling .

Who am I supposed to tell? Im barely in contact with anyone from high school, Ye Zichen rolled his eyes . I dont get it, dont girls like being beautiful? Just how many people go for plastic surgery to make themselves prettier . Yet, you deliberately made yourself uglier . What benefits does it have for you?

Its none of your business .

Li Jiayi clenched her teeth and tried to get up from the bed, but the tearing pain from her lower body and the redness on the bedsheets caused her to slightly frown .

He actually…

Yet, thinking about the previous night, it seemed like she took the initiative .

Forget about last night, pretend like nothing happened . I dont need you to take responsibility .

Alright then .

Ye Zichen nodded without thinking deeply . The situation last night was kind of difficult to explain . Girls usually had thin skin, since she didnt say anything, there was no need for him to say anything either .


Ye Zichens lack of hesitation touched Li Jiayis heart . Back then, she had the best impression of Ye Zichen out of everyone in the high school .

Otherwise, she wouldnt have said that sort of thing after seeing Ye Zichen the previous day .

She never thought that he was that sort of person . He wanted to just leave after doing it with her .

She could only blame herself for being wrong about him .

She stared fiercely at Ye Zichen, then limped out . Ye Zichen jumped down from the bed and wanted to help her . However, she merely pushed him away .

Stop being so fake .

Then, she ran away from the hotel room in tears . Meanwhile, Ye Zichen stood at the entrance of the room, while being utterly confused .

Whats this? He didnt do anything though .

Thinking back to how Li Jiayi seemed to have her period, Ye Zichen scratched his head, are all women so weird when theyre on their period?

After checking out of the hotel, Ye Zichen drove back to the dorm . Right after entering the room, he saw Bai Yu, who was just getting ready to go out .

Ye-zi .

Ol Two, Ye Zichen patted his shoulders and continued to walk into the room . He didnt sleep well in the hotel, so he had to make up for it now .

Dont leave, Bai Yu suddenly stopped him, and smiled ambiguously . You felt great last night, right?

Great my ass, laozi is about to die of tiredness, Ye Zichen pushed him aside and was about to continue in .

F*ck! You really f*cking did what I told you to do? Bai Yu exclaimed as if he had discovered a new continent .

What do you think? Am I the sort of person that would take advantage of people? If it wasnt because I had been single for twenty years and trained out a terrific arm, my muscles would have melted last night . However, Im telling you, that fatty was a true grandson, he gave some sort of unknown drug to Li Jiayi…

Ye Zichen rubbed his sore right arm, while Bai Yu grabbed his shoulder .

Who did you say just now? Li Jiayi?

Yeah, our high school classmate, Li Jiayi .

No wonder, Bai Yu showed a so thats why expression and replied . Stop pretending to be pure with me, if it was Li Jiayi, even I wouldnt dare to touch her . Alright, bros gonna clean up . You should get some rest .

Bai Yu waved the towel on his shoulder and walked out .

Ye Zichen, who was standing at the entrance to the room, smiled helplessly, it seemed like all his high school classmates could remember about Li Jiayi was her birthmark .

However, if there were ever a day when they found out Li Jiayis birthmark was fake, just how would they react?

Ye Zichen thought back to the scene back at the hotel and Li Jiayi, who didnt have her birthmark on . She was even prettier than Su Yan .

He really didnt understand, why such a beautiful girl wanted to pretend to be ugly?

After returning to the room, Ye Zichen got ready to sleep, but right after lying down . .

Dingdong .

Dingdong .

Dingdong .

The phone Ye Zichen had put beside his pillow suddenly buzzed intensely .

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