Red Packet Server - Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 - Picking up a dog from leftovers

While the professor continuously spoke at the front of the room, Ye Zichen slept at the back of the classroom .

There really was no helping it . He was going to sleep the previous night, but the animals in his room had dragged him off to a network café near school to play an entire night of games .

To be honest, he was rather energetic while he was playing, but the sleepiness instantly came when he arrived at school .

This was a sleep that lasted for the entire morning .

Ye Zichen .

Just as Ye Zichen was sleeping soundly, he felt someone carefully nudge his arm .

Ye Zichen blurrily opened his eyes, and saw a girl that could barely get an eighty standing quietly beside him .

Youre looking for me?

Ye Zichen didnt think that he knew this girl, but the girl nodded with certainty .

Yes .

What for?

I… A faint blush appeared on the girls face . Can I have lunch with you?

A girl was asking him out!

Ye Zichen was very confused!

This sort of situation has never appeared before . All of a sudden, Ye Zichen was actually unsure of how to reply .

No, Riche Bro has a date at noon .

The weird Xia Keke popped out from somewhere and immediately hugged Ye Zichens arm, then blinked towards the girl with a smile .

Then at night…

Night time is no good either, Riche Bro has a date at night .

The girl bit her lips and stared at Xia Keke before running away from the classroom . Meanwhile, Ye Zichen looked at the arm that Xia Keke had been hugging awkwardly .

Dont think that Xia Keke was just a loli due to her face, she developed very well in the areas that should be developed .

She wore rather little during the summer, so Ye Zichen was able to clearly see the outline of Xia Kekes chest .

Riche Bro, youre really popular recently, Xia Keke acted like there was no one else as she chatted while hugging his arm .

Shouldnt you let go?

Ye Zichen glared at her . A hint of craftiness flashed across Xia Kekes eye, then she rubbed really hard before letting go .

This damn girlie .

Ye Zichen swore silently in her heart, he shamelessly had a reaction due to her action just now .

Riche Bro, its no good as a man if you dont have self-control .

Ye Zichens expression darkened upon hearing that . If it wasnt because you teased me, would I have reacted like that?

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at Xia Keke and said unhappily .

What did find me for?

Hehe, Riche Bro is so petty, Im just kidding! Xia Keke smiled, then crossed her arms and said, while dipping her head, I want to treat Riche Bro to lunch, I wonder if Riche Bro will give me the honor…

Say the truth…

Ye Zichen couldnt roll his eyes anymore . When Xia Keke noticed that she couldnt trick him, she could only twitch her mouth with boredom .

An old uncle wants to pay to date me . I told that guy that I have a boyfriend, but he didnt believe it . So, help me pretend .

Pay to date you? How much?

Riche Bro, that isnt the point, okay?

Xia Keke revealed an expression of helplessness, causing Ye Zichen to quickly apologize .

Sorry, sorry . But, just how much did the old uncle want to pay? Im just curious about how much youre worth!

How much would you pay if it was you? Xia Keke revealed a cute expression once again, causing Ye Zichen to shutter . At the same time, he rasied two fingers .

Two hundred thousand?

Ugh .

Ye Zichen nearly spit .

Twenty, no more than that .

Go and die .

Since Ye Zichen was unable to put up with this girls begging, Ye Zichen ended up going with her to a coffee shop .

How much longer is he going to take?

Ye Zichen asked as he looked at the WeChat group .

The WeChat group seemed to fallen into a quiet phase . The time of the last message sent was 10 in the morning .

Ye Zichen scrolled up, and saw that three deities had sent red packets .

Ye Zichen habitually clicked all of the red packets . Although he knew that there definitely wasnt any left at the moment, he was still willing to do it .

He might get some leftovers!

Speaking of which, Ye Zichen really did get one .

You received Howling Celestial Dogs red packet .

When Ye Zichen saw that he could still get a red packet, his heart beat wildly, but when he saw that it was from the Howling Celestial Dog…

No wonder no one wanted it, a dog sent it .

Eliminated Dog from the Celestial Dog Show x1

F*ck, eliminated!

Ye Zichens was face nearly covered in distaste .

Should be quick . He said he was on his way when I called him just now .

Xiao Keke was clearly not interested in that uncle . She held her head with her hands and blinked, while starting straight at Ye Zichen .

Ye Zichen, who was just about to check his friends statuses, felt the gaze from opposite him . He subconsciously gulped, then put his phone away and backed away a bit .

What! Whats with your gaze?

Im just curious, why would Susu like someone like you? You arent really handsome, and dont seem to be really rich . You seem to be trash at academics as well, why is it that I cant see your good points?

Xia Keke tiled her head and looked at Ye Zichen curiously .

Ye Zichen knew that Xia Keke couldnt say anything good, so he just ignored the second half of what Xia Keke said .

You said Su Yan likes me? She told you?

Dont think too much, Im just speculating, Xia Keke rolled her eyes at Ye Zichen . I just noticed that Susu has never went out with any guy, then you suddenly popped up, so I got curious .


Ye Zichen looked at her with an expression of despise .

Oh yeah, why didnt you just find a boyfriend? Whats me pretending supposed to be?

If I find a boyfriend, then I have to find one whos better than me at League .

Isnt that simple?

Ye Zichen shrugged, most of the girls playing League were in Silver or Gold, its really hard to find one in Platinum or Diamond .

There were so many talented people in Polytechnic University, it was all too simple to find one who was Diamond or above .

Easy? This girl is Master on Ionia, okay? Xia Keke raised her delicate chin and said coquettishly . There hasnt been any that could pique this ladys interest in Polytechnic University .

Ye Zichen instantly spaced out .

He looked at Xia Keke like he was looking at a monster .

Master .

And it was such a pretty girl .

What rank are you? Seeing Ye Zichens shocked expression, Xia Keke felt an indescribable pride .

Gold, Ye Zichen answered honestly .

Noob . When this lady is in a good mood, Ill help you climb . Boy, you can only get girls if your rank is high! Xia Keke patted Ye Zichens shoulders a few times like an older brother, causing him to be unable help but smile wryly .

Then carry me tonight!

No, Im not in the mood recently . I got wrecked yesterday, so I have to relax .

The moment Xia Keke mentioned that, she revealed an expression of depression . Ye Zichen couldnt help but snicker when he saw that .

Girls were moody, the people they meet in Master were definitely people around the same skill level, isnt it normal to get wrecked?

Just as he wanted to say a few words to comfort her, Ye Zichen saw the corner of Xia Kekes lips raise .

Riche Bro, hes here . Dont give it away later, okay?

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