Red Packet Server - Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 - Pure Dragonball Fanboy

They were in the suburbs of the city .

Ye Zichen didnt think that the driver had already drove this far . Its all because he was just playing with his phone in the car and didnt look at the road .

Clap, clap .

As the yellow-haired driver clapped, six or seven young men, who had dyed their hair with all sorts of colors, walked out from the bushes .

Hey, bro, you earn quite a bit of money doing what you do, right?

Ye ZIchen smiled with a cowardly look . Although he was a bit confident with his ability, it was hard for one person to fight against multiple people .

If he really fought these people, he might not be able to win .

Whats more, this was the f*cking suburbs, he still needed these people to send him back to school .

Dont f*cking waste laozis breath . Choose it, which leg? The yellow-hair pulled out a baseball bat from somewhere and put it on his shoulders .

Big bros, dont get so irritable! Why must we get violent in such a peaceful society . Am I right?

As he dragged the time on, Ye Zichen put his right hand in his pocket and opened WeChat using his familiarity with his phone .

But he couldnt click open that Treasure Chest even after opening WeChat .

Brat, what are you doing in your pocket? Yellow-hair pointed Ye Zichens arm a few times with his baseball bat .

Pa .

The phone fell onto the floor, while the yellow-hair roared .

F*ck, you want to call the police!? Beat him!

The ones with green and red hair immediately surrounded Ye Zichen . They say when a person was in danger, they would often be able to use the infinite potential of their bodies .

Ye Zichen was no exception to that .

With a flip, he grabbed the phone in his hands and opened the Treasure Chest .

Withdraw Body Enhancing Pill .

A delicate jade bottle appeared in his hands, but Ye Zichen didnt have time to appreciate it .

He poured out the golden pill form the bottle and directly chucked it in his mouth .

Bang .

A wave of power surged through Ye Zichens body, while his eyes also released a faint golden light .

Super Saiyan!

It was unknown which one of them shouted that, but Ye Zichen couldnt help but snort coldly for fun .

I actually let you discovered the secret of me being a Namekian . It looks like I cant let you live .

Transform! Super Saiyan!

The yellow-hairs baseball bat directly snapped with Ye Zichens punch .

Ye Zichen did not hesitate at all, and with only a few punches and kicks, he was able to all beat those delinquents to the floor within a minute .

Putong .

Big Bro, I didnt know that you were a Super Saiyan . I promise I definitely will not leak the news of you being a Namekian . Please let me off .

The yellow hair prostrated on the ground, while his face was covered his mucus and tears . Ye Zichen had truly shocked him .

Although his subordinates hadnt received any kind of systematic training, they were all masters at fighting and definitely hit hard .

But damn, just how long did it take…

All of his subordinates were lying there, while screaming in pain!

Ha .

Ye Zichen nearly laughed out loud because of this yellow hair . This childs intelligence is truly worrisome . It seems like he watched too much Dragonball .

He really treated me as a Super Saiyan .

But, messing with him seemed rather fun .

Are you sure you will not reveal it? Dont think about lying, I have my ways to know about your thoughts!

His eyes flashed with a gold light, causing the yellow-hair to shudder .


He peed himself .

I really wont say it, I definitely wont say it, I swear…

Even though he peed himself, yellow-hair still acted like he didnt know and solemnly swore while raising three fingers .

Ye ZIchen twitched his mouth in contempt, then pointed towards the clothes of the red-hair, who was beside him .

Mhmm, you truly didnt lie . Go and change, then take me back to Polytechnic University .

As they took the taxi back to the road, yellow-hair had already changed his clothes, but the smell was still a bit…

Ye Zichen rolled down the car windows . Even though he couldnt take it, he still had to .

There were no other cars here!

Bro, are all you Namekians Super Saiyans?

Hes still mentioning it…

Although Ye Zichen couldnt bear to do this anymore, he still had to continue the act .

Yes, Ye Zichen said with a cold expression . Yellow-hair peaked at Ye Zichen and said, Big Bro, can you accept me as your underling? I never missed any episode of any of the Dragonball franchise, I have always had a dream of becoming a Super Saiyan in my heart!

He truly was a Dragonball madman, he completely went dumb from watching!

It is alright, but let me ask you something first .

Please say it, big bro!

Yellow-hair nodded furiously .

Was it a person called Fu Chengming that called you to come find me?

Ye Zichen thought about it after getting in the car, it seemed like the only one with a grudge and the motive was him .

Yeah, big bro, how did you know?

Yellow-hair was completely shocked . Ye Zichen twitched his mouth, then grabbed yellow-hairs shoulders and said solemnly .

If you really want to follow me, then the organization will give you a mission right now .

Big bro, say it!

Fu Chengming is actually an android sent by the evil forces, he has always wanted to destroy the friendship between Namek and Earth . Your mission is to watch him, and report the situation to me any time theres a change!

Yellow hairs expression turned serious .

He didnt think that the organization would give him such an important mission .


He hated them the most!

For the tribe!

Bro, youre in the wrong show!

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes .

After yellow-hair sent Ye Zichen back to the school, he drove the taxi away . Before leaving, he promised Ye Zichen that he would watch the android closely .

Ye Zichen didnt know whether he should laugh or cry for meeting someone as foolish as that .

However, he couldnt help but take to note that Old Lord Taishangs Body Enhancing Pill was really amazing .

After that pill entered his body, Ye Zichen felt like all of his bodily functions were being developed .

For example, his current reaction speed was at least twice as fast as a normal persons .

After returning to the dorm, it was no surprise that his roommates were all fighting on Summoners Rift .

F*ck, Ol Five returned . Hurry up and help me play a bit, my stomach is really hurting .

The moment Ye Zichen entered the room, Big Bro Kang Peng held his own stomach and ran out .

Ye Zichen sat down in front of Kang Pengs computer while everyone else greeted him .

Solo top Riven .

Ye Zichen had always played support in the dorm . The main reason was because he was too terrible, the people at the dorm wouldnt let him play any of the other positions .

Even though he was just playing for Kang Peng, Zhu Yunbai couldnt help but lower his confidence .

Fifth Bro, if you really cant, then just hug the turret and farm . Just dont feed the enemy Fiora .

Yeah, Ol Five, please dont feed the enemy Fiora . The enemys Fiora has an extremely high win rate, it might even be an Elo Booster .

Dont feed!

Everybody in the room pretty much said the same thing . As Ye Zichen thought back to his own match data, he couldnt retort, and could merely twitch his mouth .

Alright .

Before the minions were there, Ye Zichen stayed under the turret and thought about reading some Riven guides, but the enemy Fiora directly stood in front of him and started taunting him .

F*ck, he definitely couldnt accept that .

Ye Zichen immediately leaped over after leveling Broken Wings .

Fiora brought Ignite . She did not back down against Ye Zichens Riven and fought directly .

After a trade in abilities, the Fiora nearly lost her entire HP bar . The enemy also realized that it was looking bad, so she turned around and ran .


Ye Zichen flashed .

First Blood!

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