Reborn Girl’s New Life - Chapter 758

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Ever since Song Yunying left, Song Yunqiang had not been as cool as usual.

For no other reason but because he started to dream of returning to the Song Family.

The Song Family meant a lot to him.

Because he grew up there.

Let alone he was born to be the only successor of the Song Family.

But everything had changed because of Song Yunxuan’s arrival.

Until Song Yunxuan grabbed it away.

He used to resent her, but it was merely futile.

Worse still, resentment doubled his upset.

The other prisoners always joked about his old identity as the wealthy young master.

But they didn’t know that their jokes were laser-sharp enough to cut through Song Yunqiang’s heart.

When he was the young master of the Song Family, he had never imagined himself ending up in the prison.

Thus, he also dreamed about returning to the Song Family and taking back things that belonged to him.

However, it seemed just like an unrealistic dream.

While he was thinking to himself, a prisoner came over, saying, “Song Yunqiang, seems like you’ve got a visitor again.”


He furrowed his brows.

He wasn’t sure if it was Song Yunying again.

Before long, he found two prison officers came to his cell with laughter.

They opened his cell for him.

“Lucky you, Song Yunqiang. You’ve got so many visitors this month.”

“But this time it’s a badass chick rather than your sister. You were such a Casanova, weren’t you?” The other officer also taunted.

The officers couldn’t help laughing.

Whereas Song Yunqiang furrowed his brows deep.

When his so-called “lovers” knew he was behind bars now, they were too afraid of Song Yunxuan to contact him.

His Casanova time had long gone. He had no lovers at all now.

To be honest, those women loved him for his identity as the Song Family’s successor.

But now, only an idiot would come to visit him in the prison as he was merely a nobody now.

With confusion, he went to the visiting room with the officers.

Walking into the visiting room, he found a woman smoking across the desk.

Smoking in the visiting room was banned here, but the woman could smoke as she liked.

Obviously, she had connections and resources.

Song Yunqiang sat down in the chair opposite, sizing her up with frowned brows.

Her hair was short and clean. It seemed like she just got a chic haircut.

There was also a black earring stud on her left ear.

The skin of her ear was creamy white, but it was clear to see the shallow scar on the hand holding the cigarette, as well as the thick callus at the thumb-index joint.

A woman with thick callus at the thumb-index joint.

Either she was often engaged in very tiring physical work, or there was merely the only possibility left.

Holding a gun.

Song Yunqiang instantly got scared and distressed.

Cold sweat popped up on his forehead.

The woman didn’t say anything until she casually finished smoking the cigarette. “Are you Song Yunqiang?” she asked.

Song Yunqiang frowned and looking at her. “Who are you? Why do you come here?”

“I’m Ding Tong.”

“Ding Tong?”

He went through the name in his memory and made sure that he didn’t know her.

Seeing his furrowed brows, Ding Tong guessed that Song Yunqiang neither remembered her nor recognized who she was.

So, she said, “Just leave my identity alone. All you’ve got to know now is that I’m the only one can save your ass out of here.”

Her words reminded Song Yunqiang of what Song Yunying had told him.

Sure enough, someone was going to ally with him.

Hoping to take advantage of him and deal with Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan must have so many enemies that he could become one of the pawns to knock her down.

“Are you sure you can get me out as easily as you said?” Song Yunqiang asked.

Due to Song Yunqiang’s doubt, Dong Tong smirked, “Hardly have I failed anything. It’s not hard to get you out of the prison. After all, you are here because you’ve been set up by Song Yunxuan, right?”

Her words provoked Song Yunqiang’s resentment against Song Yunxuan.

Noticing hatred started to spread on Song Yunqiang’s face, Ding Tong smiled, “I can help you, but on the condition that you promise to help me in return after you get out of here.”

“What do you want?”

Song Yunqiang didn’t forget to press.

Ding Tong dodged his question and redirected, “Just promise me first, and we can discuss it later on.”

Song Yunqiang was smart enough to know that he would fall out with Song Yunxuan after getting out of here.

Like forever and always.

Given what had happened to Song Yunjia, it was no wise to go against Song Yunxuan.

After getting out, he had to depend on Ding Tong. He had to survive under the wing of Ding Tong.

However, what was she up to? Would she betray him after taking his advantage? Song Yunqiang wasn’t quite sure.

He didn’t want to risk his life. So, he didn’t hastily ask her to save him like an idiot.

As long as he was behind bars, Ding Tong’s plan would be useless.

Otherwise, Ding Tong wouldn’t have come to him and promised to get him out of here.

“I’d better stay here before you tell me what you want from me.”

Song Yunqiang’s stubbornness made Ding Tong frown, “You can die at any time in the prison.”

“Nonsense. I haven’t been a threat to Song Yunxuan since I locked up in here, but I could get killed if I get out.”

Song Yunqiang’s words amused Ding Tong as she burst into laughter. “I didn’t know you’d be so rational.”

“Thus, whether to risk my life for freedom depends on your plan.”

Ding Tong nodded as she thought what Song Yunqiang had said was reasonable.

She said, “I suspect that your sister Song Yunxuan isn’t the Song Yunxuan in Qingcheng.”

Song Yunqiang felt frustrated. “I thought so, but the result of the paternity test had proved that she is my sister.”

“No, I don’t think the soul is hers.”

Ding Tong seriously said.

Song Yunqiang’s eyes were filled with confusion as he stared at Ding Tong.

“Her soul?”

“Yep, the internal.”

Song Yunqiang’s lips twitched as he asked, “Are you telling some ghost story?”

He looked at Ding Tong the way he looked at an idiot as he thought Ding Tong might be insane.

But Ding Tong pressed her lips into a tight line and seriously said, “The most famous wizard in Thailend also told me that it can happen to some people.”

“What do you mean?”

With furrowed brows, Song Yunqiang asked Ding Tong.

“To tell you the truth, we suspect that your sister is not the real Song Yunxuan but a ghost revised in a new body.”

Song Yunqiang was shocked as he could feel cold sweat pop up on his back. “Miss Ding, I don’t believe the stuff related to ghosts or revivals.”

“Of course you can, but how do you explain why she suddenly got so familiar with business wars and the conflicts in the Song Family after leaving Qingcheng?”

Song Yunqiang failed to answer her question.

“An ordinary small-town girl wouldn’t have the ability to boss around in the Song Family and grabbed the whole family away from you and Song Yunjia.” Ding Tong said.

Song Yunqiang was rendered speechless.

She was right. It was very questionable.

Song Yunxuan came from a small town without any experience of living in a wealthy family like this.

Not to mention the experience of the wheeling-and-dealing life associated with the world of deception.

However, ever since she came to the Song Family, hardly had she showed fear.

On the contrary, she started to live in her element and messed up Song Yunjia and him.

Even Song Yunying gave up confronting her.

Ding Tong tried hard to talk him around, “She’s not the real Song Yunxuan. At least her soul isn’t.”

With furrowed brows and twitching lips, Song Yunqiang asked, “Whose soul is it?”

“Gu Changge.”

Ding Tong said.

The name shocked Song Yunqiang to death as he instantly widened his eyes. “Gu… Gu Changge?”

The name had been such a legend.

It made sense if that was Gu Changge’s soul, and that was why he and Song Yunjia had been messed up.

After all, Gu Changge had grown up in the wheeling-and-dealing Gu Family.

Young as she was, she tore people coveting her right of succession to shreds.

“But…” Song Yunqiang clutched his fingers tight to calm himself down and asked, “How could Gu Changge revive in my sister’s body?”

“Don’t you remember that you arranged a car accident for Song Yunxuan on her way back? Actually, she might be dead at that time when Gu Changge jumped at the chance.”

Song Yunqiang was shocked to death, his face ghastly white.

“Ally with me, or manipulated by a ghost?” Ding Tong asked.

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