Reborn Girl’s New Life - Chapter 723

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What Shao Tianze did to the Luo Family spread wildly in Harbor City and Yuncheng.

In Yuncheng, not only the Chu Family called Song Yunxuan to ask for information, but Song Yunying also called to ask Song Yunxuan how things were going.

Hearing that it was Song Yunying who called, Song Yunxuan asked her, “Xue Tao made you call me, right?”

Song Yunying choked and then replied, “In fact, I also want to make the call.”

“Tell him that Shao Tianze can’t make a comeback.”


“You can rest assured. Now I’m in charge of the Song Family, and the Xue Family won’t be able to hurt you.”

Hearing Song Yunxuan’s words, Song Yunying remained stunned for a long time. Then she said, “Thank you. And… I’m sorry.”

Song Yunying’s apology came out of the blue.

However, her apology was not totally unreasonable.

When Song Yunxuan first came here, Song Yunying made a lot of trouble, and she did many things which almost killed Song Yunxuan.

But Song Yunxuan didn’t want to let it rankle her anymore.

She didn’t want to kill those whom she could control.

Since Song Yunying had defected and no longer fought against her, she held Song Yunying’s secret and could also control the future Xue Family. Wasn’t it great?

Moreover, there were fewer and fewer people in the Song Family.

Song Yunjia had died.

Song Yunqiang had gone to jail.

Song Yunying was the only relative who could relate to her current identity. If Song Yunying had been cornered, the public opinion would have regarded her as a merciless person.

Although she was a cruel person, there was no need for her to get such a bad reputation.

Since ancient times, anyone who had done all the dirty things in the world wanted to have a good reputation.

Song Yunxuan wasn’t one of them, so she deserved a good reputation.

Song Yunying had got the answer she wanted from Song Yunxuan. She also knew that the current situation was under Song Yunxuan’s control. Since she couldn’t help Song Yunxuan with anything, she wouldn’t say anything else.

After finishing her words, Song Yunying said goodbye to Song Yunxuan and hung up.

On the other end of the line, Song Yunxuan looked at the phone, frowning.

Just at the moment, someone knocked at the door of Song Yunxuan’s hotel room.

“Come in, please.” Song Yunxuan said. Then the door was pushed open by Lu Feng.

After pushing Lu Feng’s wheelchair into the room, Lu Feng’s assistant consciously retreated, leaving only Song Yunxuan and Lu Feng in the room.

Looking at the mobile phone in Song Yunxuan’s hand, Lu Feng asked her, “Who called?”

“My second elder sister who stayed in Yuncheng.”

When Lu Feng came to Yuncheng, he naturally made a detailed investigation of the Song Family. Thus, he knew Song Yunjia, Song Yunying, Song Yunxuan, and even Song Yan who had died early very well.

Hearing that the call was from Song Yunying, Lu Feng smiled, replying, “Has she got anxious already?”

“Yes. Xue Tao doesn’t behave himself.”

“Apart from that, I think your second elder sister is too timid. I remember when you were not in charge of the Song Family, she used to bully you and did a lot of terrible things.”

Song Yunxuan didn’t want to talk about this anymore. She said, “Let bygones be bygones.”

Lu Feng looked at Song Yunxuan and said with a smile, “Having said that, I don’t think you are a magnanimous person, Song Yunxuan.”

Lu Feng called Song Yunxuan by her name.

Song Yunxuan smiled, saying, “I’m not a magnanimous person? So you mean I’m an unforgiving woman?”

Song Yunxuan asked Lu Feng.

Lu Feng smiled, replying, “You have something on Song Yunying, don’t you?”

Hearing that, Song Yunxuan cast a glance at Lu Feng.

Lu Feng continued, “Only if you have something on Song Yunying will you take this person who had tried to kill you as your elder sister, right?”

Hearing Lu Feng’s words, Song Yunxuan couldn’t help but smile, saying, “Problem?”

“No.” Lu Feng didn’t say that Song Yunxuan was wrong.

Because this was something difficult for people to judge, especially when both of them had such a critical situation.

In order to get hold of the Song Family, Song Yunxuan had to exert much effort and use many unusual tricks. Otherwise, she couldn’t make it.

Lu Feng was just curious about what Song Yunxuan had on Song Yunying.



Song Yunxuan looked at Lu Feng. Lu Feng asked her, “What do you have on Song Yunying?”

Song Yunxuan smiled, saying, “What if I don’t want to tell you about it?”

“Why can’t you tell me?”

Song Yunxuan stood up with a smile, replying, “The reason why a secret is called a secret is that if everyone knows it, it will not be called a secret. So if you know what I have on Song Yunying, it will be meaningless for me to have it on her.”

Only if Song Yunxuan herself had something on others, she would be relieved.

If others knew what she had on Song Yunying, Song Yunxuan wouldn’t feel secure.

So, even if Lu Feng wanted to know, she didn’t want to tell him anything.

Seeing that she wouldn’t tell him anything, Lu Feng said, “In that case, I won’t ask you.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, saying, “As for you, it may not be a bad thing to know as less as possible.”

Lu Feng didn’t comment on it. Instead, he just reminded Song Yunxuan, “Shao Tianze’s trial is on today.”

Song Yunxuan was surprised, asking, “So soon?”

“Of course. It’s Harbor City, the home of the Luo Family. If Shao Tianze acts like this, people in Harbor City will naturally stand on the side of the Luo Family and help the Luo Family clean up Shao Tianze. Besides, Shao Tianze is a paper tiger now.”

After all, the Shao enterprise was not as powerful as what was used to be.

Hearing that, Song Yunxuan nodded, replying, “It makes sense.”

Seeing that Song Yunxuan agreed, Lu Feng asked her, “Shall we go to the court today?”

“We just need to wait for the result outside. I don’t think it’s possible for us to enter the court.”

After all, it was a matter between the Shao Family and the Luo Family. Only a few people could be allowed to enter the court.

Song Yunxuan was right about that.

Only members of the Luo Family and the Shao Family were allowed to enter the court in the first trial.

Zang Linger, as a native of Harbor City, had some connections in the city. Thus it was easy for her to enter the court.

Although Song Yunxuan was not able to enter the court, she made a phone call to Zang Linger. It seemed that she knew Zang Linger would be able to enter. She told Zang Linger to tell her the result of the trial after she came out.

Zang Linger had a good memory. After watching the whole trial, she immediately called Song Yunxuan.

Seeing that the call was from Zang Linger, Song Yunxuan picked it up.

Zang Linger’s voice came through the phone, but she directly said, “I don’t think there will be a second trial.”

“Why?” Hearing that, Song Yunxuan felt something was wrong.

Zang Linger smiled, replying, “Meng Youran is really something. He has such a wide range of contacts.”

Zang Linger’s words evidently showed that Meng Youran must have used some dirty tricks.

But as Meng Youran was competent, there was no need to criticize as long as the final goal was reached, no matter what tricks he used.

Because no matter when, what people cared about was the result, not the process.

Since the process was always neglected, it wouldn’t be necessary to know what tricks Meng Youran used.

“What did Meng Youran do?”

“Meng Youran asked someone of the psychiatric appraisal center to make a psychiatric evaluation on Shao Tianze, and the judge had got the result.”

“Mental disorder?” Song Yunxuan frowned, guessing.

“Yes. He exonerated himself by using that as an excuse.”

Zang Linger replied.

Song Yunxuan snorted, saying, “He really stopped at nothing to get what he wanted.”

“Meng Youran was competent and had a wide range of contacts, and Shao Tianze had great financial resources. It has been a lawsuit which they are likely to win from the beginning. Now the result is not contrary to expectation. It’s just that…”

“Just what?”

Song Yunxuan asked Zang Linger.

Zang Linger smiled, replying, “It’s just that you can’t use this trap to set Shao Tianze up this time. When he returns to Yuncheng, things may not be this simple.”

“That’s right.”

Song Yunxuan nodded.

However, things had come to this stage. Now that Shao Tianze used this as an excuse and convinced the judge, he would finally return to Yuncheng safe and sound.

Zang Linger asked her, “What are you going to do next?”

“You should ask what the Luo Family is going to do.”

Song Yunxuan mentioned the Luo Family.

Zang Linger pondered for a moment, continuing, “Luo Chen is still controlled by Shao Tianze.”

“Find a way to get him out now. It’s not appropriate for him to still be controlled by Shao Tianze. Now in order to make sure that he won’t unite with Shao Tianze to fight against Luo Xi, we have to let him take Luo Xi’s side.”

Song Yunxuan’s worry was totally reasonable.

Shao Tianze refused to cooperate with Luo Chen one time because Shao Tianze thought he had got Luo Xi in control. With Luo Xi and Luo Jiachi’s help, he naturally would not exert much effort in cooperating with Luo Chen.

But now things were different. As the very thing occurred, Shao Tianze definitely could not get the Luo Family’s help anymore.

If he wanted to get the assistance of the Luo Family, he must make the Luo Family change its master.

And the best way was to cooperate with Luo Chen.

And let him be the master of the Luo Family.

Only in this way could Shao Tianze re-establish a cooperative relationship with the Luo Family and get help and support.

Besides, if Shao Tianze really told Luo Chen that he wanted to cooperate with him, Luo Chen would surely agree.

A homeless loser and a cornered beast could surely hit it off.

Zang Linger thought Song Yunxuan was right. Thus she said, “I’ll help you find where Luo Chen is. But whether Luo Chen can be brought back totally depends on you.”

“Don’t worry. I can bring Luo Chen back.”

“It will be more appropriate to let Luo Xi go there.” Zang Linger reminded Song Yunxuan.

Song Yunxuan nodded, replying, “Right. Then what we do will be justified. I’ll contact Luo Xi right away.”

After the trial, Luo Xi realized that it might be hard to convict Shao Tianze.

But he was not sure about what to do. Though Luo Jiachi had woken up, it was hard for him to speak. The only people that he could discuss with were Shao Xue and Song Yunxuan.

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