Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around! - Chapter 1398

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Chapter 1398: Said to Be Perfect

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The moment he mentioned it, Ye Jian immediately thought of Director Song Tinglan of Hotel Venus. She was a forthright strong woman.

Seeing that she knew who he was referring to, Song Zhiqiu continued smiling, “She even went to your village. I went with her too. Unfortunately, you weren’t there. The villagers brought us to your house personally. There was no one at home.”

Glancing at her neck, Song Zhiqiu’s eyes darkened.

Her cousin once said that Ye Jian’s skills were good and she had connections with the people in the military unit. She didn’t come to school in advance to participate in the military training but… her neck was so badly sunburned. Where did she go during the summer vacation?

Song Zhiqiu couldn’t help but think further.

Ye Jian pretended that she didn’t see anything. She smiled and replied, “I didn’t go back to the village for the entire summer vacation. I stayed at the beach for almost two months. Why did Director Song go to the village to look for me?”

She must have needed something since she looked for her… Was it about Yang Heng? Ye Jian’s expression turned serious.

“Hahaha, it was nothing. She went over simply to congratulate you.” Song Zhiqiu, who came from a prestigious family and whose parents were professors, could tell that Ye Jian’s expression was a little serious. He roughly guessed the reason and hurriedly explained with a smile, “You saved my aunt’s life. My grandma has always remembered it. When she found out from the newspapers that you became the top scholar in the country, she told my second aunt to congratulate you.”

He laughed as he explained. Ye Jian, who had a serious look on her face, finally smiled. She really just came to congratulate her on entering military school. The old lady’s memory was good. She still remembered that matter after so long.

Yang Heng was not bad. Yang Heng’s mother was not bad either. Director Song was a good person too. After interacting with Song Zhiqiu, she could tell that he was a good man too. From this, she could tell that the two families were solemn and good people.

The smile on Ye Jian’s face got deeper. Her impression of Song Zhiqiu got better too.

The conversation between the two was much more relaxed than before. Not long after, Qian Yanjun and Wei Jiaming joined in the conversation. The atmosphere became more relaxed.

After handing in the test list, the squad leader walked over. He didn’t gather the entire class immediately. Instead, he called Ye Jian out alone. “Your cross-country test has been canceled. You will go to the auditorium to watch the television with your class tonight.”

The head of the general affairs department nodded when he saw Ye Jian’s results. However, there was no surprise on his face. There was only a look of ‘as expected’ on his face. Then, he said to the squad leader, “There’s no need to carry out her cross-country test. She will follow her class tonight.”

He seemed to have known that Ye Jian’s physical skills were good.

The class leader looked at his new junior sister. She was a slender little junior but why was she so powerful?

She looked… pretty enough to make the seniors swallow their saliva. Her facial features were extremely beautiful, especially her black eyes. They were bright and resplendent like the stars in the night sky in summer. One more look and you would feel that they were bottomless, emitting a dark glow that made people’s hearts tremble.

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Needless to say, her figure was perfect!

This beautiful and delicate-looking junior sister is a ruthless person who can sweep the entire school… The squad leader sighed silently. The new generation surpasses the old. He had to admit defeat.

The horn sounded. The new students had finally completed their one-month military training. As the squad leaders shouted, “Dismissed!”, the new students, who didn’t dare to celebrate brazenly, clenched their fists and quietly shouted, “Yes, yes!”

As the future reserve unit of the military, the management of the military school was extremely strict. You couldn’t shout even during your break.

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