Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around! - Chapter 1395

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Chapter 1395: Give a Round of Applause

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Clenching the test list in his hand tightly, the squad leader of Class Three looked at Ye Jian’s results. Then, he looked at Ye Jian, who was standing straight and looking the most relaxed. She was the most energetic person in the class.

When they were returning the equipment, Qian Yanjun, who was walking beside the squad leader, couldn’t help but ask, “Squad leader, are her results… the top in our class?”

“You should be asking me if she’s the top student among all the new students.” The squad leader glanced at his junior brother with a hint of sympathy in his eyes. Take care, Junior Brother. With such a powerful girl in your class, she will definitely become the model for the entire class… The days ahead will definitely be exciting!

The squad leader’s words almost made Qian Yanjun bite the tip of his tongue. Top among all the new students… His expression changed instantly, turning pale.

After he returned the equipment, the squad leader, who was waiting outside, patted the boy’s shoulder with the care of a senior brother. “Pull yourself together, Junior Brother. This is a good thing. A famous role model is definitely the goal you want to surpass!”

It’s just an uncertainty if he could surpass her or not.

“Senior Brother, didn’t you say that you have four months of training that you can arrange yourself every year? If we use Ye Jian as a model… I feel that I won’t even have one year and one month of training that I can arrange.” Qian Yanjun rubbed his face and shook his head. He sighed and returned to his team.

The squad leader was speechless… Because his junior brother was right!

Looking at the tests that Ye Jian completed in the afternoon, the squad leader’s heart trembled again. The senior brother was a little scared of his junior sister!

Too scary, too scary!

This was not the result of a new student… She was even better than the soldiers in the regiment!

She wore light equipment and ran in full gear for 1,500 meters. The boys were so tired that they needed to support each other. However, she didn’t need any help at all. She was able to stand at her original spot immediately and straighten her back.

Looking at her scores on the test list, the squad leader silently sighed. After bringing Class Three back to the field, he had to pass the test list to the chief instructor.

The squad leaders of Class One and Class Two were already waiting for him. When they saw him walking over, they went up to him. “Your Class Three is impressive. Why didn’t we notice her before?”

“She applied for exemption from military training and didn’t arrive until this afternoon. Let me tell you two, this junior sister is extraordinary. She’s quite impressive!” After passing the test list to the two of them, the squad leader of Class Three was filled with emotions. “Is there anyone in the fourth year that can beat her? Also, I have a feeling that she’s hiding some of her abilities.”

Ye Jian didn’t give him the feeling that she was a student. He could see the aura of a soldier from her. She was even more powerful than them!

The two squad leaders looked at the name of the girl first and then looked at the results. When they saw the name, they gasped.

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“She’s hiding part of her strength? Are you sure?” The squad leader of Class One asked in shock. “Don’t scare me.”

“It’s just a feeling. I can’t be sure.” The leader of Class Three replied. He turned his head and shouted for the students behind him to follow him. He said to the two of them, “Class Four is almost done. You two should go back and organize your team!”

The class leaders of Class One and Two returned to their classes with terror in their hearts. When the students from Class Three came over, the Class One squad leader suddenly shouted, “Students, shall we give a round of applause for Ye Jian from Class Three?”

Ye Jian, who was passing by, stopped in her tracks. Then, she increased her pace…

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