Queen’s Gate - Volume Volume 1 - Chapter 4

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abcAn egg-shaped aircraft descended slowly under the moonlight . The aircraft wasnt too big, just about 2 meters in diameter .

Its destination, a small island with no illumination . A lost island that didnt appear in any maps, either . It was the Tentacle Gods Island: the headquarters of the Tentacle Group, those who had obtained the power of Irukinuf .

Without making a sound, the aircraft slipped through between the huge stone buildings buried in the jungle of tropical plants, then landed in front of the temple located in the center of the island .

An egg-shaped shadow stretched on the stone paving . Making a small vibrating buzz, a crack ran from the top to the bottom of the aircraft . When the crack reached the bottom, the aircraft broke with a snap, and a redheaded girl holding a jar and a spear-like metal bar made her appearance from within .

Nyufufu, I safely made iit . [1]

The singing-like voice echoed through the temple illuminated by the moonlight . She was Lynn, the Irukinufs Songstress that had fought at the Book Building of St . Labels Academy against Alice and the others .

Making a coy face like a cat[2], she stroked the surface of the aircraft with the tentacles that extended from her waist . Making a clacking sound, the aircraft quickly folded up into a size enough for it to fit in her pocket .

Using this portable ultra high-speed aircraft, Lynn was able to freely jump to any place around the world . No matter if she had to go to the Tentacle Gods Island from Moscow, or from the island to St . Labels Academy, those kinds of travels around the globe were no trouble thanks to this aircraft .

Nyufufuh .

Laughing contentedly, she looked up at the temple, and quietly inhaled a deep breath .

Lord Tentacle Kiing? I retrieved Lord Irukinufs treasure .

Being in the middle of the night as it was, the redheads voice could be heard throughout the temple .

The jar and the laance . Both of theem! Quite the achievemeent .

Lynn touted about the treasures she was holding, and ran up the stairs that extended towards the centre of the temple . In one go, she leapt into the central part, where 12 entasis pillars stood in a row .

Nyufufufufu .

Feeling the gaze of many directed towards the treasures she held, Lynns face broke into a superiority smug .

The Dorchester Pot and the Kushiro Spear . She had snatched both away from Alice and company, and right in front of their noses . There was no precedent of someone in the Tentacle Group bringing back 3 treasures from Irukinufs fission in such a short time . [3]

The Tentacle King Swodar should now acknowledge her more than ever . Just thinking of the power she might receive in exchange for the treasures, Lynn lightly jiggled her chest as she walked .


Suddenly, Lynn tripped, and as she almost fell down, the treasures rolled down from her hands .


In a panic, Lynn extended her tentacles, trying to grab the treasures . But, beyond a certain point, the tentacles stopped as if they were being repelled .

Tentacle . . . King?

Lynn turned her gaze towards the throne, puzzled .

There was a distance of 10 meters from where she was standing now to the throne, the same position she was asked to remain at on the last audience .

In front of Lynn, the Tentacle King remained in silence, sitting on the temples throne, not even bothering to look at the girl . On the contrary; he seemed to be indifferent even towards the treasures that rolled down before the throne .

So far, whenever someone managed to bring back treasures, they would carry out the actions to insert them into Irukinuf at once . But, neither the Tentacle King nor Irukinuf at his hand showed any intentions of doing that .

Tentacle King, here are the treasuures . Theyre what we need to complete Lord Irukinufs bodyy .

Lynn raised her voice deliberately . And yet, the Tentacle King didnt even open his eyelids .

Tentacle King?

She was shouting now . In order for her voice to get through, Lynn shouted with all her strength .

Songstress . Whatever happened with inviting those guests?

Blocking out Lynns shouts, a throaty mans voice sounded from an entasis pillar, taking over for the Tentacle King .

I wont let you say you forgot .

The Great Tentacle Leonidas, who took care of the islands defense, showed up from the darkness, flexing his strong pectorals .

What guests are you talking abouut?

Lynn feigned ignorance .

Its high time you quit deceiving us, Songstress!

Leonidas thrust the iron spear in his hand at Lynns chest .


Affected by Leonidas outburst, Lynn let out a short shriek .

As if on cue, a bonfire was lit on each of the 12 big pillars, and the remaining of the 12 Apostles appeared .

Naturally, that didnt mean they all had assembled there . Several of the bodies looked transparent under the moonlight, and didnt they cast a shadow over the stone pavement either; they were stereoscopic images .

The Songstress has the seed of rebellion in her!

The Songstress goes against the wishes of the Tentacle King!

She did bring the treasures, but even so, opposing the Tentacle King is a serious crime!

Its clear she tried to kill the Gate Opener using Hikita Bungoro, if I may be so bold to suggest!

Lynn groaned softly before the pressure emanated by the tentacles of the 12 Apostles .

Being as they were the Apostles, they had power enough to intimidate underlings, no matter if those were stereoscopic images with no substance . If this was one who wasnt a follower of Irukinuf, wielding the same tentacles, theyd faint before that heavy pressure; people with a weak heart would probably even get a heart attack .

Now, would you answer!

Leonidas eyes shone gold, filled with bloodlust .

T-Thaats . . .

Lynns knees shook in panic . Her face stiffened, her throat dried . Should she tell them, or should she deceive them?

An Irukinuf Priestess[4] was an existence that even surpassed the Tentacle King, an immortal figure united with Irukinuf . Lynn believed that she had the qualifications to become a priestess herself . That was the reason why she had been collecting treasures .

Do you think we wouldnt be able to see through the ambitions of a lass like yourself?

As if piercing through Lynns chest, Leonidas spearhead jolted her solar plexus .

In the 2500 years Ive been a follower of Irukinuf, Ive seen my fair share of people of your ilk![5]

His spearhead bit into her . If he added a bit more strength, the iron spear would break through her chest and pierce her heart .

Lynn tightly closed her eyes in fear .

Can you leave it at this? Sir Leonidas . [6]

That unexpected, timely help made Lynns face shine brightly .


A long and narrow tentacle twined around Leonidas iron spear . For someone to stop the movements of one of the 12 Apostles, it could only be one amongst their midst, or the Tentacle King .

Do you intend to interfere?

No, that is not my intention .

Yue Ying had been silently watching over the situation with the other Apostles and Lynn, but now took action and pulled back Leonidas spear with the long tentacle that extended from her shoulder .

The visitors the Tentacle King called for are approaching . I think we should give priority to welcoming those girls here, what do you think?

Hearing Yue Yings words, Leonidas looked up at the night sky .

One of the various benefits provided by the tentacles was a strengthening of the physical capabilities . If it was a Great Tentacle, their body entrusted with eight tentacles, it was no trouble to stare at the flapping wings of a mosquito flying under the moonlight .

And Leonidas eyes noticed well enough the reverse cone-like object approaching the island . It was the mobile device Twister, one of the heritages the Baum house owned .

Hmm . . . lucks on your side, Songstress .

Well leave it to you to meet the visitors, Sir Leonidas, so how about we order the Songstress to undergo punishment for a while?

The 12 Apostles looked at each other . Yue Yings proposal was reasonable, but should they be deciding how to treat the Songstress by themselves? At a loss, they turned their eyes to the Tentacle King, who was calmly watching them on his throne .

King, your decision!

Hearing the 12 Apostles voice, a rainbow-colored eye slowly appeared from the tip of the staff in the Tentacle Kings hands .

<I have seen it alllll . >

Irukinufs voice reverberated inside the mind of all the followers present in the island .

Your judgment!

In one voice, the 12 Apostles asked for the Tentacle Kings reply .

We do agree she should receive a punishment . Thus, We respect Yue Yings decision .

The Tentacle King finally replied to their request, his voice reverberating . The eyes of both the Tentacle King Swodar Nyarmain and Irukinuf stared at Lynn as if they intended to bore a hole through her .

The 12 Apostles waited with bated breath for the Tentacle King to continue .

Spending the night in the Room of Meandering Beasts should be good .

The Tentacle King announced the Songstress punishment in a tone devoid of emotion, only declaring the decision aloud .


Hearing the name of the very punishment chamber that made the beings with tentacles feel like hell on earth, Lynn couldnt help but give a short whine .

Cool down for a while, Songstress .

The moment the Tentacle King moved his finger, a huge hole appeared under Lynns feet . Lynns body floated in midair, becoming weightless .


But it was just for an instant . Faster than a blink, Lynn was sucked into the hole .

Her destination, the Room of Meandering Beasts .


All that remained from her were her screams from deep inside the hole .

My Apostles . Go meet the two priestesses . . . Do treat them politely .

Both the Tentacle King and Irukinuf closed their eyes .

And so, 12 Apostles spread out soundlessly, in order to carry out the orders from the Tentacle King .




Altitude: 300,000 meters . The Vimana was flying under suborbital flight at a height similar to a man-made satellite . With this way of flying using the Earths gravity, the Vimana could reach anywhere on Earth within an hour .

Alice and Hatter were at the gondola-shaped bridge installed in the Vimanas lower part . As a result of the free fall, the aircraft was in a weightless state, and so Alices hair floated in an unnatural form .

Caught up with them yet?

Alice, sitting down on the commanders seat placed in the backward center of the bridge, called out to Hatter, sitting on the forward cockpit .

We accurately pinpointed the Twisters location . Well be able to overtake them 290 seconds from now .

Hatter answered Alices question dispassionately, pointing at the luminous points on the screen, that displayed the Vimanas and the Twisters current positions, as a visual cue .

Ookay, despite our late start, we caught up real quick .

If you consider both ships fuselage specs, youll realize were going over their maximum speed . Besides, since Lady Dorothy is on board, the Twister is prioritizing safety rather than speed .

Alice nodded at Hatters remark . Unlike the Baum house and their esteemed Milady, Hatter and the others didnt adjust their speed even with Alice riding along . Alice was quite comfortable with such a professional, even if slightly cold, arrangement .

Kishishishishi, that Mudhead intended to jump the gun on me; Ill have her realize things seldom go as one wishes .

With these words, Alice gazed at the screen in front of her . It displayed a red luminous point, their target, the Twister .

It overlapped with the reaction of the transmitters Alice had attached to Dorothy . All the presents Alice had given Dorothy, like uniforms cuff links and pendants, were fitted with transmitters without exception .

They were actually friends at school, but since she was a rival Treasure Hunter, Alice could show no openings .

Take advantage of the time of peace to make your preparations .

That was one of the teachings Alices mother had left her .

Say, Hatter, did you find anything new about the Gate?

Alice asked, turning her eyes from the screen to Hatter .

Yes . I found that the Gates can be broadly divided into 3 types of variations .

3 types?

Gates that let you travel through space; Gates that let you travel through time; and, the existence called Queens Gate that oversees them all . I still dont know all the details, only that most of the ones Lady Lewis discovered were the space-Gate type .

Hearing Hatters words, something flared up in Alices mind .

Travel through space, you say? Would you be able to do that by keeping things in a different space without moving them . . . ?

Wasnt the multi-dimension storage system offered by Dorothy already complete? That would mean . . .

There is a high chance the Baum house owns technology related to space Gates . However, what Lady Lewis seeked wasnt such an incomplete item . She was looking for the Queens Gate, the all-purpose gate connected to all Gates, transcending space and time .

After Hatter addressed her doubts, Alice turned her sight back to the Vimanas control panel .

I see . Then, did Mom have an educated guess of where the Queens Gate could be?

Do you want to see the list?

Display it .

Hatter slightly moved her finger, and a list was projected in a screen floating in front of Alice .

Lewis List could be called the crib notes of the Dodgson Foundation, the document that detailed all the records and traditions that existed on Earth and the investigations about the treasures whereabouts .

Though Alice scanned the list with expectation, her expression soon lost its brightness .

I already saw this the other day, at the mansions underground .

Alice told Hatter with a sigh .

The list concerning the Gates is the only thing we have left .

Hatters words were deprived of emotion . Her words only informed of the truth, indifferently .

Oh well . . .

Alice swallowed up her frustration . They should be able to catch up with the Twister soon . The discussions regarding the list could be left for later .

Anticipating the moment the weightlessness would be cancelled, the girl checked the seatbelts on the commanders seat .

When we get close, Ill leave in the Attack Device .




On board the Twister and its perfect inertial control, no unpleasant acceleration could be felt, regardless of what kind of speeds it reached or sharp turns it took .

Three silhouettes were inside the Twisters control room . The floor surface there consisted of a large screen panel .

Its been a while since I was able to forestall Allie this much .

Looking at the image of the current situation projected under her eyes, Dorothy smiled, seemingly satisfied .

The giant Lumberjack, reminiscent of a silver armor, and the beast girl Löwe, moving her ears with a blip blop, both waited their turn behind Dorothy .

Milady, please pay attention, well project the image of our survey of the whole island .

Following Scarecrows voice, a monochromatic stereoscopic vision imitating the islands shape rose from under Dorothy .

Though its visible with the naked eye, that island has a strange camouflage that prevents it from being reflected through lens . Thats why, even though I managed to create an image somehow through various means, there is no color; do forgive me .

This is . . .

Dorothys breath was taken away .

The form of the island was too geometrical .

Even if this is just me talking from the scan results, this would be a man-made island, that also floats over the sea . The entire island is composed of a huge stone arrangement, which made it gain buoyancy by some method I cant quite figure out .

Somehow, its like an amazing version of Nan Madol, right?[7]

Nan Madol, a gigantic stone structure submerged by the Pohnpei Islands coast . The islands of Micronesia had countless structures of unknown origin . This was now the proof that an extinct megalithic civilization had indeed existed . Though all those others were genuine, compared to this under their eyes, those structures didnt go beyond mere rockwork .

Perhaps, this might be the original .

Scarecrows musings about historys mysteries were cut off by the emergency siren .

Whats that!?

The moment Dorothy half-rose from the sofa, the video and lighting in the room were killed, and her body was hurled up into the air .


Right after the unexpected gravity-free state registered in their minds, they noticed a large hole that had been suddenly created on the control rooms wall .

The jet-black night sky was visible on the other side of the hole . The altitude of Twisters flight was currently 6000 meters . So, if a hole opened up . . .

Before she could even perish the thought, Dorothys body was sucked out into the empty sky due to the difference in atmospheric pressure . [8]

At once, Twisters silhouette faded away in the distance .


Dorothy screamt, on a free-dive without a parachute .

With no time to lose, she spread her body to gain air resistance and reduce her fall velocity, but the change was but a drop in a bucket .


Lumberjack didnt hesitate . Engaging the Air Booster on her back at full throttle, she chased after Dorothy .

Lumberjack! Come! Hurryyy-!

Dorothy shouted for Lumberjack, who was going towards her at a breakneck speed .

Free-diving from an altitude of 6000 meters, her body temperature was rapidly dropping . In a corner of her eye, she saw the Twister descend as its airframe bent from the attacks it was receiving .


In an instant, Löwe jumped at Lumberjacks leg, went around her shoulder, then used her as a scaffold to leap vigorously at Dorothy .

<Löwee! Milady!>
Diving head first, she went past Dorothy then turned around .

Lumberjack opened up her armored chest to catch Dorothy . The air resistance rapidly increased, and the difference in altitude between Dorothy and Lumberjack increased .


Löwe kicked Dorothy up to fill the gap between Lumberjack and the girl .


Due to the intense shock, the air in the blonde girls lungs was expelled out .

Lumberjack, with her extended armored chest, spread both arms to hug Dorothy tightly .


As a result, Löwes fall velocity accelerated further . She was at an altitude of around 3000 meters now . Generally, thatd be a height where one would get helplessly smashed against the ground, but if it was Löwe, the human beast, she should be able to make it just barely .


Seeing Lumberjack catching up with Dorothy, Löwe gave a smile, and fell into the sea .

<Milaady, mid-air combination!>

Lumberjack called out to the almost fainting Dorothy, to make her keep her consciousness .

After being kicked by Löwe, Dorothys falling speed became zero just for a moment, and aligned herself with Lumberjack, who nosedived at her with a momentum that made one think theyd crash against each other .


Catching Dorothy in midair, Lumberjack closed the armor . Even if worse came to worst, shed be safe there . Hugging Dorothys body inside her, Lumberjack gave a sigh of relief as she activated a reverse thrust .

What happened, Scarecrow!?

Having completed the combination with Lumberjack, Dorothy asked Scarecrow through her communication device .

<We were attacked . I must do an emergency landing . Milady, be careful . . . >

An intense noise in the middle of the communication made it impossible to hear all the words, and then a dazzling light spread in the night sky .

With that flash of light reminiscent of a nuclear explosion, Lumberjacks sensors whited out . The feed from the outside stopped, her field of vision became now pure white, and her body stopped moving .


Dorothy shouted inside Lumberjack, who had stopped functioning . Theyd soon crash into the sea . It didnt matter if Lumberjack was made of Roswell Metal, she wouldnt be able to absorb the whole shock .

Dorothy closed her eyes, clenched her teeth, and braced for the impact .




The dazzling light that changed the night sky into middays disappeared, plunging the island back into silence .

Youre playing around too much, Rama .

The Tentacle King muttered under his breath, and turned his gaze from the night sky to the ground again .

Before his eyes, there was a young beauty wearing a Chinese dress . It was the Apostle Yue Ying, the woman tasked with adjusting the Gate .

Since hes a Prince, he wants to show off with those techniques every once in a while .

Among the 12 Apostles, Rama was the leader, also called the oldest in the Tentacle Group .

As he had lived in the golden age of civilization before the modern one formed, he was one of the precious long-lived beings amongst their ranks .

That ability of his, its so difficult to use . . .

The light bullet Rama had released was one kind of nuclear fusion . If he so wished, he could level a city on his own . Because it was too powerful, it was known amongst the Apostles as a power not to be used .

Still, from all the attacks he could have used, that seemed to be one which would weaken them the most .

He was being considerate as a Prince .

The Tentacle King was astonished at how skillfully he controlled a technique that could evaporate the whole island if misused .

However, hes not supposed to injure our important Priestess .

Sir Leonidas is on his way . Do not fret .

The Tentacle King calmly nodded at Yue Yings words .

Then, Yue Ying . Youre to go underground, hurry and prepare the Gate . The Gate Opener shall arrive soon . The time to save the world from the crisis has finally come .

As he gave his commands, the Tentacle King stroked Irukinuf in his hand . After taking in the Jar and the Spear, Irukinuf was one step closer to its perfect body . Then itd only need a Priestess to guard it .




What is . . . that?

Alice had well begun to prepare the attack device White Rabbit in the Vimanas lower hangar, when she saw the feed from outside and groaned involuntarily .

20% of the Twister had disappeared abruptly, and huge flashing lights were attacking it continuously .

The Twisters surface was coated with an unknown material: it wouldnt melt even at a temperature of 3000 degrees, and it was said to be able to withstand any and all shocks .

So, for an attack to damage it to that extent--

Alice stopped pondering about it, quickly got into the White Rabbit, and affixed her harness .

Hatter, impact-resistant position, now!

The shockwave reached not long after, the Vimana swinging around like a leaf fluttering in a storm .

If it was a normal aircraft, there was no way they could have avoided crashing . The Vimana made full of the inertial control system installed in various parts of its fuselage, and kept its horizontality automatically .

Although it didnt compare to the perfect inertial control of the Twister, that emphasized comfort on the rides, it was thanks to this system that Vimana had a mobile performance several orders of magnitude above that of a normal aircraft .

<Professor, are you okay?>

Hatters voice sounded via the White Rabbits communication device .

Im fine over here . What about the Twister?

<Its descending onto the island, trying to control its attitude . >

Can you identify the weapons that damaged the Twister?

<The first attack on it was one that made substances disappear due to a micro black hole by using nuclear fusion . The second, according to our assessment, was pure nuclear fusion without residual radioactivity . The target was destroyed by a shockwave created by the pressure expansion and the high temperature .

Hatter casually asserted .

Is such a thing even possible?

<Though its not possible with current technology, its been confirmed that there were civilizations in the past that could . Its described in the Mahabharata and Ramayana of the ancient India, I can confirm signs of damage due to high heat at the ruins down below . >[9]

In other words, there are people in that island who can use such weapons .

Alice got excited . Over there, there were enemies who were making full use of legendary prehistory civilization technology .

The Queens Gate my mother pursued might also be there as well . And above all else, its very likely that Ill find there Swodar Nyarmain, who was in contact with her, and is now involved with the Gate . Its a worthy challenge .

Wait here with the Vimana . Ill make a sortie with the White Rabbit .

The 3 Queens had granted them permission to investigate the Twisters remains .

Without hesitation, Alice loaded all her available equipment into the White Rabbit . Namely, her inertial control system, the Angra Mainyu, the Aeshma and her whip . And it went without saying, she didnt forget spare protective solution, in case of an emergency . She stuffed all this equipment, along with her combat uniform, into the hyperspace storage system .

This system from the Baum Foundation, that reduced the weight of up to 200 kilograms to zero, had proved to be quite useful . Though she also wanted to bring 54 full sets of Trump soldiers if she could, unfortunately she had overused them lately and didnt have the time to refill them .

Her whole body now clad into a diver suit to protect her bodily functions of her whole body, Alice straddled the White Rabbit .

Start the countdown .

For the strategy this time, the White Rabbit was equipped with a rocket booster and a controllable thruster . In its ultra high-speed setting, it could reach the island they could now see on the horizon in 3 minutes .

<Grumble, Profeshor, March Hare wants to go too, pyon>

March Hare wedged herself into the transmission . Yet, Alice had finished her preparations to leave with the Attack Device already .


Alice rejected March Hares request in a flash .

<Au~, why would you~>

Youre the trump card if push comes to shove! If you dont hear from me in 30 minutes, you head straight to my transmitters location, no questions asked, understand?

<Acknow-ledged, bunny->

Hatter, start countdown! From five!

<Roger . 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0>

At the same time the countdown ended, the hangars floor opened up, and the White Rabbit was released into the black void .

Alice expertly directed the White Rabbits nose towards the island and switched the rocket booster on . With a deafening roar, it flew her towards the island like a white bullet .




The island was back in silence .

On one of its edges were the burly body of a great hero and a slender body of a young man with a darkish skin .

The features of the young man made him handsome, from his manners drifted a graceful elegance . The youth had an overwhelming presence about him different than the intimidating air from the great hero .

At their feet, there were two people who none of that imposing presence, that they had pulled up from the sea: a fainted reddish-brown haired girl, and a silvery giant who had stopped functioning . In other words, Dorothys subordinates, Löwe and Lumberjack . Though they had fallen into the sea from an altitude of 600 m, they were somehow still alive .

Did you see that, Leonidas?

Asking so, the youth with dark skin brought back into his body the tentacles that extended from his shoulder . Once he fully retracted his tentacles, there was no way to tell he belonged to the Tentacle Group .

I did see, Prince Rama .

After prying open the chest part of the giant, and pulling over his shoulders the defenseless, knocked out blonde girl with the exposed lower half, Leonidas looked beyond the sea .

The eyes of those two, watching under the moonlight, caught the figure of the aircraft flying around the island near the horizon .

A Vimana . . . there are still some that can fly .

Rama muttered, overcome with nostalgia .

Do we shoot it down?

Leonidas asked Rama courteously . For Leonidas, who held the hierarchy in high regard, Rama was the one he respected after the Tentacle King; he wasnt considered the oldest in the Tentacle Group for nothing .

Lets refrain from doing so .

Rama smiled graciously .

It made Us get nostalgic, We cant bring ourselves to damage such a beautiful aircraft . [10]

The same man who had just shot down the Twister as it approached the island now shook his hands, that remained flickering after shooting light for the first time in a while, and put on the jacket he had tied to his waist .

Besides . . . one should pay respect to those who live in the Golden Age . [11]

As Rama and Leonidas stared, a small light separated from the Vimana, and turned towards them .

It appears theyre coming from over there .

Leonidas stared intently at the luminous point . It approached low so as to graze the sea surface .

We shall withdraw . Do as you see fit .

Leave it to me .

Leonidas sank one knee into the ground and hang down his head .

Take it easy . After all, theyre the Tentacle Kings guests .

Putting both hands into his pockets, Rama disappeared deep inside the jungle .




The White Rabbit Alice was riding on accelerated due to the rocket booster, at a super-low altitude close to the sea surface .

Remaining flight ti

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