Private Awakened During The War - Chapter 92

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When the wagon leaves the checkpoint, accompanied by Bern and Bauth, the comms in his pocket vibrate.

“Mr. Balon, I'm going somewhere for a moment. ”

“Yes? Where…. ”

“I have to find the cat that left home. ”

“Then I'll wait here. ”

“No. If you leave first, I'll join you myself. ”

“Mr. Kaiyan! ”

As he came down from the roof of the wagon, Balon, who was sitting in the carriage seat, was frightened and summoned me, but without looking back, he hurriedly ran toward the small forest behind the checkpoint.

After a while, we'll arrive in the forest, take a look around and get the comms out.

Mr. Kaiyan!

You hear Rika's voice from the comms.

“Oh... it really communicates? That's amazing."

I told you I could do it!

“I know... but it's amazing. Keep Rika's voice down with the comms. ”

Rika's voice, which she heard through the telephone booth, was the same as the deafening voice that used to ring in her head.

Did you come from the checkpoint?

“Yes, I'm on my way. How's it going? ”

Yes! But I think he's waiting for someone right now! After a long run, I hid under a big tree!

“Big tree? ”

Yes! It's the biggest tree I've ever seen on my way!

“Really? Then we'll just have to find a big tree. I'll be right there.”

After communicating, I closed my eyes and thought of the way to the big tree, a map appeared in my head and the direction of the closest large tree was drawn.

That's why I was able to send her to him. I felt confident that I could track them anywhere using the predators of the forest.

Of course, I wouldn't have done it if I hadn't seen a small forest behind the checkpoint.

“Good thing it's not far. You can't be here, can you? Activate error!”

I'm not worried about Rieka's emergency magic scrolls, but she activates her error and quickly moves toward the place where there is a large tree because a monster could suddenly appear and get hurt.


“I think we're almost there. ”

When you reach the center of the forest, a sense of direction sends a signal inside your head.

“Where……. ”

[Kaiyan! This is it!]

As you turn your head, Rica waves her hand over a large, invisible tree, hidden among the trees. Indeed, cats are cats. You're thinking of climbing that tall tree.

[He's down there, so be careful not to get caught!]

Hiding in the tree next to him, I looked under the big tree, and I saw the soldier standing nervously. The atmosphere of waiting for someone, just like Rieka said.

‘It's better to ask the one who will show up than to catch him and ask him. ’

While I was staring at him, killing the pilot, Rika, who was up on a tall tree, quickly stepped on a branch of the tree and approached me.

[Heheh! You did the right thing buying the comms, didn't you?]

“Yes, thanks to you, ”

Liuka said she wanted to buy a communication device in case Baran left Xaviel's territory. At the time, he had already left the Lucuba Merchant Guild, so he had no choice but to use the G points.

‘Eventually, I bought a communication device for Rika. ’

At that time, I thought it was necessary, but after actually writing it, I quite like it. Of course, I didn't think it would be used this way.

[Who the hell is he waiting for? In places like this.]

“If you're looking for Linda, she's related to the Markains. I think it might be a story. ”

As I was observing the soldier Riekawa and talking for a long time, I noticed an energy that was estimated to be knightly within the broad range of senses.

“Here she is."

Where are you?]

I turned my gaze to the place where I could feel the energy, and a knight in a harp armor appeared, hurtling through the bush momentarily.

The short blonde hair had an unusually long sword on his face, so he looked pretty mean. He's pretty good at a minor comeback expert. It's similar to the ones who were after Linda and Balon.


Then the soldier who found the knight urgently approached him, and the knight who looked at him like a bug opened his mouth.

“So, did you kill them? ”

“Poetry, failed. ”

“What? You couldn't handle that simple thing properly? ”

“Well... As soon as I tried to kill them, the knights in charge of the Fifth Sentry Post intervened. Plus, they wanted to communicate directly with the Empire... and I had no choice but to flee! ”

“The Fifth Sentry Post... Was it Belan and Bauth? Hmm, they're both pretty strict. I didn't think of that. Those guys who were picking him up in the first place wouldn't have made it this far if they'd done the right thing! ”

“Hey, there……. ”

The soldier cautiously opened his mouth at the knight who frowned and looked embarrassed.


“Well, am I allowed to join the Markains now? ”

House Marcaine? I bet he's also a Knight of the Markains. ’

“Hehe! A guy who can't do his job properly will join the family?" ”

“Ha, but I did my best! Besides, I became a deserter doing the job you told me to do! If the Markains don't accept it, you have to stay a fugitive. ”

“A fugitive... I did what I was told. Don't worry.”

“Then…? ”

The soldier's expression suddenly frowns.

“W-why, why? ”

A longsword pierced a soldier's chest.

I saw the knight draw his sword and stab the soldier in the chest slowly, but the party soldier wouldn't even recognize it until the pain was inflicted.

The knight chuckles as he looks at the bloodshed of the soldier, his lips fluttering.

“If you die here, you don't have to send me as a fugitive, hehehe...! So die in agony. ”

“Dog, dog... bird.... ”

The knight pulls out the sword in his chest, and the soldier falls to the ground, frozen and unfinished.

I opened my eyes wide as if she was shocked to see it with me.

[Kaiyan! That soldier is a bad guy.But he's worse! You don't keep your promises!]

“Yeah, he's a bad guy, too. ”

[You have to teach him a lesson!]

“I intend to. ”

When I came out of the tree hiding, I saw the man who had washed the blood on the soldier's clothes with a disdainful smile.

“Oh! Who are you? Did that idiot bring you here without even knowing you had a tail? If I had known this, I would have killed you more cruelly. ”

“I have a question. Are you the Knight of the House Marcaine? ”

“Khh! Do you know me? But what am I supposed to do with this? Now you're gonna die. ”


He drew his bloodied sword to the ground to threaten me. He seemed very petty as he already knew his skills.

The stranger smiles and pushes his face closer, wondering if he thought I was terrified as I stood still.

“How do I kill you? Through his chest like he did? Or do you want me to cut off all your limbs? ”

[Kaiyan! This guy must be crazy!]

“Will you kill me? Then can you answer my question before you kill him? ”

“Khh...! I'll grant you a wish before I die. ”

The fool frowned as if he had no mercy on my words.

It's possible because you think you can kill me at any time.

“There's something I don't understand. I understand that the girl Linda is the only heir to the Markains. Then why are the Knights of the House of Markain trying to kill their successor? ”

“Linda? Ah, ah! You must be one of them! I was trying to figure out how to kill you, and you came at my feet like this! Kuhaha!”

“… I haven't answered the question yet. ”

He stopped laughing and frowned because my words bothered him.

“... That's good. Why do you want to kill him? Because I have to! Only when he dies will the House of Marcaine vanish! That's what we want. ”

“You want the Markains gone, is that what you want? Why?"

“Khh! My answer is now over. Die now!"

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He moves his miraculously swinging sword one step back, avoiding it and extending his light fist forward.


The man who was struck by his fist fell to the ground and grabbed his stomach with both hands, with his sword placed.

“Ugh…! ”

He began to spit out everything in his tears, whether it was painful enough.

Not bad, though. I hit him very mildly in case he dies, but he doesn't vomit blood.

“Yes, if you don't answer me quietly... I'll have to find out by force. Why do you want the Markains gone? ”

“Khh... ugh... ”

“Phew... Liekah, close your eyes for a moment. ”

[Get it over with!]


He doesn't answer, no, he kicks his incompetent stomach with his feet, and he flies a few meters, rolls his grave, hits the tree, and then stops.


He vomited blood and struggled in agony, whether his bones had been broken.

Unlike usual, I mixed cruelty into my hands quite a bit. There's no reason to be merciful to this guy.

As I slowly walked towards him, he was terrified and tried to step back, spitting out blood.


“W-well! ”

Behind him was a huge tree blocking the road.

“Let me ask you again. Why should the Markains be gone? ”

“Khh... Don't... Will you save me if I tell you? If you attack me, I won't tell you! Cough!”

When I see a knight who has learned swords and can't think of anything to do but beg for his life, I feel frowned. The typical picture of the weak and the strong unlimited to the weak.

“Okay, great. So tell me. ”

The guy who glared at me for saving my life looked at me suspiciously.

“... How can I believe that? I said," Let me live. "”

“How did you feel when you killed him? ”

As I pointed to the soldier who died by hand, the flincher opened his mouth carefully, looking at me.

“Well, I just did. He's like a worm. ”

“Then it wouldn't be any different from killing a bug, would it? That feeling you don't have to kill or not kill? ”

“… Yes. ”

“So am I. You're like a bug to me. Do you believe me now? ”

Even though I said he was like a worm, his face brightened when he heard me.

“Joe, that's great! I'll tell you!”

“Okay, so first of all, are all the Marcaine knights the same as you? ”

This is a pretty important question.

If that's the case with all the knights, Linda should not return to the Markains. I could take care of all the knights for a while.

‘That way, the Markains will fall. ’

Nobles' power comes from the power that dominates the land and the commoners. And at the heart of that force is the knight. And all the Knights of the House of Marcaine are gone? That's the same as the Marcaine family falling to the ground.

No matter how briefly I meet her, I am worried about sending a young girl who lost her parents with me to such a place.

“…. That's not it. Rather, most knights are waiting for her... Linda. ”

“Then what is it? You want some of it, including you? Why the hell would you want to wipe out the Markains? That's gonna cost you, too. ”

“Because of the Erl Armis family…. ”


“Yes, if you take care of Linda there... she promised to make us knights of the Earl family." ”

“What? Have you seen this piece of shit? ”

“I'm sorry! ”

The knight blindfolded his head in anger with a loud voice that came out of nowhere.

I wanted to kill him right away, but I still had to find out.

“Why would the House of Marcaine want to disappear from the House of Erl Armis? ”

“Th-that's... a gold mine was discovered on Markain Territory not long ago. ”

“Gold mining?”

“Yes, that's why I was in a commotion. ”

“So you want the Markains to disappear because of that gold mine...? The Marcaine family disappears, so the Armis can get their hands on the gold mine? ”

“Another family might not be able to do it... but the Armies will. It's because there is a nobleman in the Armis family who inherits the blood of the Markains. ”

I finally understand the situation.

As a child, my father told me that in the Four Kingdoms, when all the nobles of the noble family die or disappear, the land automatically belongs to the kingdom. And even if it were the Mareon Empire, it wouldn't be so different.

But the problem is that some of the nobles of the Armis have inherited the blood of the Markains. If that happens, he'll be able to claim the owners' lost territory.

“Crazy bastards... wait! ”

Thoughts that pass through my head suddenly.

I raised the head of the man with his head on the ground, scared to look him in the eye.

“... The nobles of the Marcaine family didn't die in an accident, did they? ”

“Huh, fishing…. ”

When I saw him trying to catch his breath, I could see what had happened.

Not only did he try to kill Linda to get the gold mine from the Earl Armis family, but he also killed his parents, Lord Marcaine, and all his remaining heirs.

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