Private Awakened During The War - Chapter 7

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“No way!”

As I try to stay out of play late, Max Pollan hollers and blocks my way, and he swings his shield toward the running play as it is.


“Wake up!”

The play hit by the shield rolls the ground several times, even though the impact was greater than you thought.

‘.... You're pretty good at attacking with a shield. ’

I was a little surprised that I had never met anyone with a shield like that before.

A shield I know is used to prevent attacks, not to attack enemies.

“Stop dying. ”

The curiosity took a pause and exerted its power toward the play that is still embedded in my sword.


A sword that cuts through the flesh of a knol.

After finishing up the play, he looks at Max, who is fiercely sharing the workshop with the rest of the play.

What amazes me about that is that a soldier named Max not only attacks Knol for the first time but also continuously with his shield.

He decides not to use the weapon in his hand, but to strike with his shield alone.

“We're here to help!”

The other one eventually got beaten to death by me and Max.

It's natural that two people who are dealing with one play alone got together.

“Your shield is... very good. ”

It's not empty words, it's true.

I don't know if it's because the Central Armed Forces have only seen it from afar, but I've never seen anyone use it better in minimal outlying areas.

“Haha, I used to be a shield guard. A shield is better than a sword. ”

Turns out it was a black shortsword used by a soldier named Max.

I remember hearing that the shortsword is mostly used by shields because the range of attacks is light instead.

“I'll draw attention from you, so you take advantage of the opportunity." What do you think? ”

“Good. If you can get Grandpa's attention, that's fine. ”

“No, I'm not a grandfather yet... I'd rather call you, no, brother. ”

“... brother? ”


Max Hall's face flushes red as he talks.

“I don't have time for this! We'll catch them next time! What are you doing? Let's move! ”

“Oh, yeah. ”

I started hunting for another play on Max's urge.

I felt that Monster Hunting was too easy because I definitely had a shield.

Unlike dealing with monsters alone, all you need to do is blow a powerful attack while Uncle Max catches their attention. And it was a pretty good combination of attackers and shielders to leave something else behind.


Soon another play fell to its knees before us. Much faster than the first time.

“There's no time to rest! Let's move!”

“Haha... I see. ”

Working with Uncle Max, I felt like my hands and feet were just right.

Thanks to this, they were able to play on the outskirts of the battlefield, the Goblins and occasionally sweep past the monsters as they looked.

This exciting situation I've never experienced before. I think I'm going to get drunk right now.

I felt so satisfied that I didn't have to avoid the monsters in particular.

“Hey...! How about a little easier and then we move? Huff..."

While slaughtering monsters for a long time, Uncle Max stopped me with his short breath.

“Yes? Already? ”

“What the hell! You caught enough monsters to burst your pockets! ”


Then, the light pouch became quite heavy.

I wonder if there are at least 100 monsters caught by the two of them.

“Hah... I've never been pushed into physical strength anywhere... Aren't you tired? ”

“I'm fine. ”

‘Status window.’

Status Window

Name: Kaiyan/Age: 15 years/Job: Player/Title: Not Owned

Level: 5/Power: 11/Agility: 7/Health: 7/Intelligence: 9/Distribution: 4

Let's bring up the status window in case... I knew it.

You may have been leveling up to hunt monsters in a frenzy.

You can't be tired since you've leveled up twice to restore your health.

Do you want me to distribute power now? Then I guess catching monsters will be easier... Or testing them for agility and stamina... ’

Distribution of stats requires considerable concern.

Obviously, it would be better to increase your strength, but it only takes one thing.

‘The problem is that raising other abilities can be as effective as strength. If I had known this was gonna happen, I should have asked Rica in advance. ’

Strength is roughly understandable, but agility and intelligence are difficult to understand.

Agility means the body becomes agile, or intelligence means the head gets better. I felt frustrated that there was no further explanation of abilities, so I could only find out how to do it myself.

‘Strength 2, Agility 1, Health 1 Distribution once safe. ’

Eventually, I distributed points to stats other than intelligence.

It was a bit of a shame that you didn't invest all of your strength, but it's important to know exactly what the stats mean later.

Because if other abilities are as effective as strength, you have to think about investing evenly.

‘I feel a little lighter. ’

“Hey, let's move. You've been resting too long. ”

After sitting down and resting for a while, Max quickly got up.

You know there's nothing as stupid as taking a long rest on the battlefield.

The man who was looking for a monster whilst wandering around spits.

“This time... Well, I'm afraid that's four. ”

“Hmm... I see. ”

There were four plays around where Max looked.

There are still three numbers you can safely process together. The four have not yet been challenged.

"Four plays... Can I do it?" ’

“Sir, would you like to try? ”

Maybe it's because he raised his stats. Speaking from an unfounded confidence, Max looked at me strangely as if he was talking nonsense.

“For what? We can't go after them? ”

“Yes, sir, just get two eyes on me. I'll organize as soon as I can. ”

“What confidence are you suddenly having? You want to take on two at the same time? Are you crazy?"

“No…… ”

“Arthur, calm your excitement and turn to yourself. Riding the current suddenly increases your swordsmanship and makes you stronger! ”

‘.... Are you also moody? ’

I was confident because of my abilities that had just increased until now, but I think I overdid it when I heard Uncle Max say it.

Maybe if we take care of one by surprise, objectively, the two are still overwhelming.

“I see. Let me just... …. ”

Tiring! [Quest Arrives]

[Hunt 4 plays in 3 minutes 0/4]

As soon as I tried to talk to Uncle Max, the quest I was waiting for arrived. But the content.

‘4 Knols... Rieka told me to complete the quest at random when it happens. ’

The problem is, we have four plays to catch in three minutes.

I closed my eyes tightly and grabbed Max's arm beside me.

“What's wrong with you? ”

“Sir, I think I'm crazy. Give me a hand with this. I'll call you Hyung from now on. ”

Of course, they don't necessarily have four plays to catch for the quest. You can also catch the other plays and fill them up with 4.

The problem is, thanks to the monster hunt with Uncle Max, there are only four closest players. If we give them up now, we won't be able to hunt four for three minutes.

“Come on! Let's go! ”

I've only got three minutes.

Time passes while I hesitate here. I wasn't sure if Uncle Max would follow me, but I didn't want to miss the chance to be strong.

“Huh...? W-we 're really going? ”

When I run to them, embarrassed Max starts following me.

Honestly, I was worried about what I would do if he didn't follow me.



‘Increased force can pierce your head at once. 3A). ’

I made a rough plan to watch the running games.

Believing in the increased power and quickly finishing one stab, Max stopped the other two while he was fighting the one next to him.

With my powers now, I should be able to finish the game in one shot if I stab it properly.

“Huff... Huff! ”

I swung my sword at the head of the playboy with a short sigh.

A sword that moves at a very fast rate, reaching the speed it was running.


That's it!

[Take care of Knol 1/4 2: 14]

The stabbing succeeds. You can't even scream a game with your head through the blade, and you die instantly. At the same time, the phrase changes from zero to one.

‘There are only three problems left. ’

“Grrr? Khh! ”


The furious activities of your people's death swing their weapons from all sides.

Too close to avoid an attack. You feel compelled to take your wounds and raise your shield forward.

‘... It must hurt, right? I knew there were four of them. ’

When I stopped the tree club, my arms went numb, but what about the three maces? This board should be prayed for so as not to break your arm.


You hear the sound of shields and weapons colliding, but there is no pain in your arms.

As I carefully examined the front of him, Uncle Max stood in front of me with his shield up.

“What are you doing! Not for long! ”

Even the man who stopped Nol's attack so far with a relaxed expression, the three of them shouted with a blurry face.

“Thank you! Haaaa! ”

I didn't mean to blow up the opportunity Max gave me, so I pushed my sword arm straight back and slammed into the ground.

The target is a toy that strikes the mace on your left.

As I slipped under the shield raised straight up, I lowered myself and looked at him as if he was surprised.

“What are you doing!”

“Hold it still! ”


When I saw myself protruding from between the shields, I pulled out the sword that I was pulling toward the scrambling one.

Sneak angle

My sword slashed through the shoulder muscles of Nol. The problem was that his posture was unstable.

It was a bit unfortunate that I couldn't get rid of him at once, but I quickly got up and hid behind Uncle Max because I didn't have to overdo it.

‘If you don't die at once, you can stab repeatedly. ’

Phew! Slurp!

Max tries to stab you again and again while blocking their attack and sight.

If they wield their iron maces, furious with their wounds, Uncle Max will shield them, and then I will stab them back through their gaps.



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After a few moments, the wounds on their bodies gradually increase, and you can see the movement slowing slightly.

“Die, motherfucker! ”

“Khh... Khh! ”

Instinct flinches when you hear the sound of a struggle.

Those angry at the death of your comrades begin to put themselves out of their misery.

“Here it is! ”


“Wake up!”

At that time, one of Max's shield beating moves back and forth screaming, and he shakes his head to see if it's big enough.

‘Now's your chance! ’


Leaning as low as possible, he protrudes from behind his shield and draws his sword at the defenseless one.

The exhausted one tried to dodge the sword late.

“My sword is faster! ”


[Take care of Knol 2/4 0: 43]

There's only two left. And they're both pretty tired.

Turning around, he looks at Uncle Max and nods.

“What are you doing! Beat him! ”

When Max and his men hammered their swords and shields at the exhausted ones, the unilateral opponents tried to rebel.

“We haven't had two good ones yet, but we've got two injured ones! ”


“One last thing! Your left knee! ”

Max's shield struck the left knee of the last play.

His left knee is already injured by my sword.


Kneeling on one knee, I couldn't take the pain, I naturally saw his face in front of my eyes.

Close enough to feel the despair on his face.

[0: 06]

“Die well, now! ”

Now I only have six seconds left to draw my last sword at the defenseless one.


[Take care of Knol 4/4 0: 03] [Complete]

Rewards will be sent to the locker.

Tiering! [You Level Up]

Alerts continue to ring as the last remaining play is breathless.

“Ha... I did it. ”

You have only 3 seconds left to complete this quest.

It doesn't feel like a Goblin Quest. I didn't know it at the time, but now I feel proud that I broke the quest with my whole body on my sword.

“Phew... You really... ”

“I'm sorry, sir. ”

“Huh! Didn't you decide to call me brother? ”

“Yes? Oh, yes, sir. ”


When I said "brother" with an awkward look on my face, Max laughed as if I looked funny.

“I'm just kidding. You don't have to call me Grandpa, so feel free. ”

“Yes, sir. Thanks again for joining us. ”

I was blinded by the quest, but it was really dangerous to reconsider.

If Uncle Max hadn't followed me, I could have handled four plays by myself.

Capturing 4 knols was very helpful to Uncle Max. Instead of playing four games by yourself, two are too much to deal with at the same time.

“Then why aren't you wearing a shield? You were acting weird earlier. ”

Uncle Max, sitting down, looks at my shield and asks with a strange tilt. It would seem odd that I don't wear a very useful shield from the position of a shield guard.

“Well, I tried it once to stop Nol from attacking, but my arm hurt so much. I don't think I fit the shield. Or this shield is a dud. ”

“Huh? Your arm hurts? I'll take a look at your posture. You want to try it? ”

Uncle Max from the shield guard said he'd take care of the pose, so I got up cold and got into position.

These opportunities were rare. An opportunity to learn useful skills like the sword that Jeff taught you.

Looking carefully at my posture, Max frowned.

“Hmm, I've never used your shield before. That's how my arm hurts. ”

“Yes? That's right... Isn't this how you use it? ”

“Hmm, let's see. We're blocking the waves over there, so I think I'll have a moment. Just a little further back. I think you can teach me safely. ”

Suddenly, Uncle Max's shield training began in the middle of the battlefield. Course fees are absolutely free.

“The Round Shield you're using shouldn't prevent your enemies from attacking head-on, unless it's a very dangerous situation. ”

“… Right? ”

How to use it if you don't stop the attack with your shield.

Filled with questions, Max sighs and raises his shield.

“Ha... How do you think I survived three attacks I just played? ”

“... Isn't that because you're strong? ”

“This is crazy... They attacked us. In short, the attack was missed by the shield. ”

“How do you do that? ”

“The method is simpler than I thought. Just check the direction of the attack and turn the shield to the right angle. ”

‘Don't block it head-on, turn the shield... Good. ’

Uncle Max's explanation was outstanding, so I could understand the principle of blocking it.

“Uncle Max, let's attack. ”

It's time to experience it with your body.

It's a useless technology if you have a theory. You have to learn it with your body to be useful at any time.

“There you go! I'll follow the old man around, so try practicing on the Goblins near the previous line.“ Thanks to you today, the harvest was good, so I'll tell you how to use your shield. ”

“Thank you!”

I'm very useful with the sword I learned from Uncle Jeff. Maybe if you hadn't learned swordsmanship, you wouldn't have been able to face play.

But this time, a shield-maiden will tell you about shield-making. And training.

This is a chance you'll never miss.

“Switching the shield like that won't give you enough support! It's the right one! ”

Uncle Max cried out when I took a bit of a wrong position. Thanks to you, I was able to quickly learn about shielding skills.


“Fair enough… ugh! ”


The Goblin attacks have been deflected and stopped shortly before reaching the shield.

Possible due to his slow attack speed. It is still impossible to keep up with the timing of the game.

“Okay, great! That's it! Then push with your shield! ”

“Yes! I understand! ”

I thought the shield was simply to prevent attacks, but there were more skills than I thought, such as brushing, pushing and swinging.

And I was using Uncle Max and the Goblins to learn them one by one.


You roll your feet vigorously as you draw your shield forward.



The Goblin falls to the ground unconscious to see if he was severely shocked by the heavy shield attack. At that moment, an incredible thing happened.

Tiering! [Beginner Shield Skill Created]

A shielding skill that was not created even though it was swinging like that yesterday was created.

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