Private Awakened During The War - Chapter 62

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Lower left! ’


As soon as I leaned down, Minotaur's fist flew overhead. Even though it's just a fist bump, it's a huge wave sound.

I thought I'd grown old enough, but now that I've been sidelined by the attack, I can't handle another Minotaur alone.


“You're not giving me a break! ”

Plus, there are even mid-sized monsters running to my doorstep from time to time. Right now it's not about leveling up, it's about me dying.

“Heavy Strike! ”



“Dammit! Killing them won't stop. ”

You defeated the monster in a single blow, but the large number of monsters waiting behind you filled the vacancy in no time.

If you defeat one in a single sword, you will run into two.

‘Luckily, they are slow. ’

Maybe it's the decomposed body. They're half as slow as the monsters I used to know. This does not mean that it is not a threat, but it is a situation that can be overcome by high capabilities.

‘Let's just... think about it. A bunch of EXP is rolling around! Pierce Through!’



“Just die! ”

Tiering! [You Level Up]

As you plunge deeper into the sword and defeat the monster, a level-up alert sounds, and at the same time, your strength spills to the ground quickly.


“Yes, I'll kill them all. Hold your breath, concentrate. ”

You wield your sword like crazy with your recovered stamina. With each swing of the dagger, the medium-sized monsters drifted apart, and the remaining hand used some unused shield strike to feed the gap to the shoulder.

“Ugh… ugh… ”

“Tsk... ”


"Why did this happen to the Castle of Babylon? ’

Where did it start? I just wanted to take a look at the Castle of Babylon before I left here.

How can something like this happen to the quiet Castle of Babylon for 50 years after it collapsed? There are undead monsters that are sometimes only found in dungeons.

“At this rate, even if you keep leveling up, you never know when it'll end. ”

You defeated hundreds of monsters in an hour or so. Medium-sized monsters. Nevertheless, their numbers remain the same.

That means the ground is constantly spitting monsters out.

‘Is there no way? ’

If you use the shop, you'll never get out of here. But what I want to do is solve the root of this problem. To do that, we need to get rid of the monsters and get to the spire.

“Grrr……. ”

“Get lost!"


‘When we use items to break through, it bothers me to leave them behind. ’

I was thinking about using a cloak, but I don't know what's in the Spire Tower, but it's quite a burden to let the rear into an unsafe condition.

“That's... how! ”

Maybe it's because I rolled my head hard. I came up with a good way. No, a little uncertain.

“There's nothing wrong with trying. Explosive!”

It depends on Saragana's anger, but it raises her ability for the first time.




Inside the spire at the heart of the castle in Babylon.

There, an unknown man, woman or man, staring into a large mirror, pressed deep into the black robe.

Inside the mirror, he saw a man fighting hundreds of monsters. He's the Kaiyan.

“Klael, he's so funny. I can't believe that guy didn't express himself to come here. ”

As the Robb Man lowers the robe on his head, an ugly skeleton enters. It is so ugly to be a human skeleton.

Black, not white, unique to the bone. And even two glasses that glow red without eyes.

“It's going to be a very fun toy. I can't wait to get my hands on it! Kuhahaha!”

The identity of the Skeleton who blew up the headquarters was the former kingdom-class criminal, Marcaine Gulian, who infected several areas of the Kree Kingdom with a deadly plague and fled.

His estimated age is 200 years. The reason he lived so long that no ordinary man could survive was because Marcaine was the last of the Black Wizards.

For a very long time, he fled from kingdoms and churches. As a result, he was forced to enter a dangerous monster residence, where he exerted patience and strength for decades.

And a certain amount of power gathers and comes back out into the world to fully expand its power.

And this is the first place he set foot in the castle. The war in the past left many human and monster corpses buried, making it a perfect place for him to expand his power. We can also avoid the eyes of the Church and the Kingdoms.

“Huh-huh... Hmm? Who's that guy? ”

You spit out the sound of Marcaine's surprised voice as she glanced at the mirror.

“Why! Why did you become stronger! ”

Kaiyan, who knew he would be trampled by monsters in the mirror, was killing monsters mercilessly, bursting red energy everywhere.

Overwhelming that I can't even imagine that I'm the same person I was.

“He must be the one who doesn't erupt even with error... Magic? No... What kind of power is that? ”

Marcaine is deeply troubled by the appearance of an incomprehensible Kaiyan. I thought it was just a fun toy, but it turns out he's powerful enough to threaten himself.

I'd say Exports is the best at coming at pure combat strength.

“Are you saying you're physically competent? How? No way... Chimera? ”

Marcaine recalls the chimera for a moment, but quickly shakes her head.

“It can't be. There's no way anyone else can do what I can't do. ”

It was arrogant in some ways, but Marcaine was right. The greatest wizard who ever lived, no matter what, has reached the end of five circles. But it didn't make sense that the other guy did what he couldn't.

“Then what the hell?! I can't! I have to go by myself! ”

The door of the locked spire slowly opens as Marcaine clamps his hands.

“I'll find out with my own hands what he is! Hehehehe!”




Heavy Strike! ’


Papa Pa Pa!

Monsters are swept away with a huge wave, even though you only used a heavy class D punch.

"Madness, madness, madness! ’

This power that consumes your whole body red. Exposive.

The lightning blast unleashes unimaginable power from the bracelet into your body. A great power I've never felt before.



Blah, blah!

Using that power, you strike the sword lightly, splitting the giant Minotaur in half.

And it's not just him. This red aura, wrapped around your body as if an error had erupted from your body, was killing monsters' limbs mercilessly with every swing of the sword.

A mad ability to deal with medium-sized and large-scale monsters in a way that is almost genocidal.

Tiering! [You Level Up]

During the merciless slaughter of monsters, a level-up alert sounded, but it didn't matter now. Since this red energy has risen in the first place, I have never lost my stamina.

‘If only I had this strength...! ’

I thought that it might be possible to emit unequal power with the master. If I had this power, I wouldn't think it would be so strange to slaughter ordinary monsters, even if it wasn't a very large monster.

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‘But... what's the price? ’

I know that the skill of Photoshopping is extremely powerful, but what does it cost?

There must be a fair ground in the player system so far. A 100G item is just as powerful as a 100G and a 200G item is just as powerful.

Of course, it is true that you can use greater abilities depending on how you use them, but there are some limitations.

But the problem is that Saragana's anger is a 500G item.

‘It's not a low price……. ’

Saragana's anger is also fine with extra stats, with the exception of radicalization.

Wearing a bracelet increases AP by +15 Fastness. And your powerful photo-exploding skills?

‘That's weird.'

Even 3000G items can only be sold at 500G for reliable performance. The more I think about it, the more anxious I get.

If so, there is a minimum cost of 2500G.

Moss gains

“Khehehe! Stop, you worm! ”

At that moment, the door of the spire opens with a creaking sound, and a skeleton appears wearing a black robe.

“That guy... ”

When he appeared, the senses that sank with the frenzy were brought back to drama. That means it's dangerous to deal with him in a photovoltaic state.

A skull floating in the sky slowly moves toward me and descends to the ground.

“What the hell are you? I can't stand curiosity! I want to check every cell right now! Heheh heh!”

“ ……. ”

I couldn't figure out how to deal with the smiling skeleton talking alone.

A surprise attack first? Or maybe we should have a little more conversation and see what's going on.

While I was thinking for a moment, a brighter light appeared from the Skeleton's Eye to see if I didn't like my silence.

“You're not going to tell me? Fine! It's fun for me to figure it out myself! ”

A skeleton raises a dry black finger and points at me.

“Death Finger! ”


‘Danger……! ’

Immediately, a giant black finger that had grown dozens of times larger flew at a rapid rate, hurtling towards the ground and jumping to the right as soon as it felt dangerous.


At the same time, where I was just now, I was struck by a black finger and spit out a dangerous black air flow at a glance.


A black air stream that melts hard ground in an instant.

‘If only that were right... …. ’

Avoiding a black finger is a really quick difference.

Moreover, he is now in a state of widespread explosion. Then I wouldn't have been able to avoid it if I was you.

‘... He's more dangerous than I thought. ’

I can't believe we're blowing this kind of attack without prep.

I felt goosebumps all over my body. I never expected to meet such a strong opponent in a place like this.

“Khehe! Avoid it? You're faster than any knight! Then avoid this, too! Dark Sphere!”

He immediately blew dozens of black spears, whether he wasn't going to give me time to think about it.

‘Let's dig.’

I look at the flying spear and prepare to leap.

If we keep our distance, we'll be attacked unilaterally. The only way to defeat him is to stay close.

His magic was a bit unusual, but he was a wizard, so I had the advantage of sticking close together.




The skeleton spits out a surprised voice.

Because what he deserves right now is that the moves I'm showing you are more like a trick.

I'm running fast forward and dodging the spear just by moving a little bit. The gap between the windows is as small as black.

We need to maximize our senses! ’

Evolution of the impossible senses as usual.

You use the power of photoexplosion to raise your senses to its maximum potential. As a result, for a short while, I gained the ability to predict the moment.

Dozens of black spears fly aiming for gaps in all directions, but the gaps between the invisible windows feel instinctive.

Scheech profit

“Just a little more! ”

Only 20 meters to the skeleton.

He took a step back, wondering if he was embarrassed to see me coming quickly. Then I raised my hand again to see if I had regained consciousness.

“Just die! You little worm! Poison Cloud! Darkness! ”


‘…… just a little further! ’

I could swing my sword just a little farther, but the unknown magic that had left his hand was rapidly approaching as he darkened the world.

A veil of darkness that cannot be spotted even by instant prediction.

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