Private Awakened During The War - Chapter 58

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“Phew...! ”

The last standing Orc kneels on the ground with his throat slashed.

As I turned back, emptying out the green blood on the sword and putting it in the black box, Barnson and Vissel, as well as all the mercenaries, looked in astonishment.

“What's the matter with you? ”

“Huh, it's even more gruesome to see. Although I did recognize them when I caught the bandits by myself. ”

“I wish Orcs were this weak. ”

‘But I killed him mercilessly. ’

I was unconsciously overwhelmed by the thought of the man who killed Smith.

I should have slowly shown some unnatural strength in front of those who think of me as a Class B mercenary.

I came close with my eyes wide open, as if Visel were really surprised.

“Why the hell are you a Class B mercenary? Seems to me like a class A mercenary. ”

“No way. ”

“No, really! I've seen a lot of B-rank mercenaries, but not this much. ”

“That's ……. ”

As he decides what to say, Barneson opens his mouth with his hands on his shoulders.

Rule number two. ”

Mercenary Wanted No. 2.

Don't ask questions about the past until they talk to themselves.

“Oh, I know. I was just so surprised. ”

“Now, if you think about it, let's get it straight. Don't just bother Kaiyan. ”

Barneson winks at me as he takes Visel.

‘Oh... he's a pleasant man. ’

Mercenaries swiftly gather the bodies of the Orcs under Barnson's command.

If you leave the monster's corpse alone, it smells nasty for a long time, so it's best to burn it if it's not urgent.

Of course, in the forest, the trees can be lit by fire with the exception.

Glug glug.

“Khh... It smells disgusting. I think the Orcs are worse than the others. Am I the only one who thinks that? ”

“No, I agree.... What are they eating? They smell like this. ”

The corpses of the Orcs piled up in one place were ablaze and reeked of foul odors everywhere.

It really smells nasty, combining the unique smell of Orcs with the unique smell of monsters.

“Let's go. That's enough. ”

“Yes, let's go! The destination is just around the corner. ”

The mercenaries hurriedly move the stalled wagon again.

A wagon that traverses the plain of Lewis with a sudden whimpering sound.

‘There are only two days left. ’

The remaining period of the quest contract is 2 days.

After that time, the schemes of many of Jansen's secrets, one of the things that complicates my mind, will come to light.




Day 3 since I entered the plains of Lewis.

Jansen still has no intention of getting out of the wagon and wants you to go northwest.

The mercenaries are starting to feel strange about him.

“At this rate, I think we're about to cross the border between Gamia and Lewis. ”

“Hmm... Gammy... I think this is getting too dangerous. ”

Mercenaries drool at Bissel's words.

The risk varies greatly depending on whether the destination is Lewis Plain or Gamian Plain.

Katina raises her hand, listening quietly.

“By the way, if the Terrian Merchant Guild goes to Gamian, is there any obligation for us to fulfill the contract? We didn't know we were going to Gamian. ”

‘That's true. ’

At the time of the contract, there was no explanation that the destination was Gamian. I just said we have to move seven days northwest.

Barneson, the leader of the mercenaries, opens his mouth tightly.

“That's pretty ambiguous. I didn't say I was going to Gamian, but I didn't say I wasn't going. ”

“Well, what should I do, Banson? You're not suggesting we go all the way to Gammy, are you? ”

“We'll see about that. We can't break the contract right now. Most of all, we don't know if the destination really is Gammy. ”

“Why don't you ask at least Jansen yourself? All you have to do is get confirmation to him that Gamian is not the destination. ”

"It's a good idea… but do you think Jansen, the man with the plan, will just tell me?" ’

Jansen, who has not shared his destination for the last six days, is not likely to say that mercenaries are asking for it.

“Yeah, I know what you're thinking. I'll tell Mr. Jansen that if he goes to Gamian, he'll break the contract. ”

Barneson, who gathered the opinions of the mercenaries, concluded. If Jansen really is going to Gammy, then he's going to have to break the contract.

‘I'm glad I'm not blind to money. ’

If Barneson or the other mercenaries were blinded by money, there is a good chance they could have gone to Gamia knowing it was dangerous. Of course, even if they do, they'll be safe with me, but they don't know that.

In that sense, I think Barneson made a wise decision.

“Then they're all here. I'll go alone. ”

Yansen approaches the wagon and knocks on the door, leaving the mercenaries behind him.

‘Enable error. ’

You activated the error in a hurry to eavesdrop on their story. I didn't learn to do this.

“Mr. Jansen. Can I talk to you for a second? ”

“Yes, Mr. Barnes, what's going on? ”

“No... I think it's time for you to tell me where you're going. ”

“Hmm……. ”

As Barneson blurs his words and asks about his destination, he hears Jansen crying as if he's in trouble in the wagon.

“Sorry, I can't tell you that yet. This is a very important secret from the Merchant Guild... Please understand. ”

I knew it.

I knew it. Now you won't be able to say it lightly.

At Jansen's words, Barnson bites his lips firmly. Like I wouldn't back down like this.

“Then I just need you to be clear about this. Is the Terrian Merchant Guild destination Gammy? ”

It's been a few seconds since Barson's words ended, but no answer has been heard from the wagon.

“Mr. Jansen? ”

“Oh, excuse me. Don't worry about it. The destination will arrive within the day. ”

“Within today? ”

“Yes, please understand that I cannot give you any details. ”

“Inside today... Got it. ”

Barneson smiles back as he gets the answer he wanted, but he looks at it and feels different.

You'll be there in a day? ’

According to Jansen, the destination is in the plains of Lewis. I can't make it to Gammy's in the next day.

But the question is, why did they sign a contract for seven days when they needed six days from the beginning? Just in case?

Other than that, there's something else. Jansen certainly knew why the mercenaries were shaking, but he had no explanation until Barneson asked. Then why come now?

"Is he really up to something? ’

This could be the first and last quest.

I heard it's good to start at first, but I was born with bad luck when I saw this.

The mercenaries relay Jansen's message to Barnson and continue to move the wagon with relief. Arriving within the day also meant that the contract was over.

That way, the wagon ran across the center of the Lois Plain toward the boundary, and occasionally the small monsters appeared to have cleared out all the mercenaries and me, so the schedule seemed to end without any problem.

“Mr. Barnes. ”

I sat on the roof of the wagon and quietly called out to Barneson who was watching.

“What's the matter? Kaiyan.”

“Just in case... don't be nervous when you arrive at your destination. ”

“Haha! If we just get to the destination, the contract is over. What's the big deal?" ”

I warned Barneson cautiously because I did not know which variables existed in the destination, but he did not listen to me whether the original person did or believed Jansen.

‘I need to know the plan in advance.... ’

Even if you think you're part of the Terrian Merchant Guild, there's no reason for at least nine mercenaries to be outside of me, so you have to save at least as many as they are when the variables occur.

‘Maybe I should use the shop. ’

“Oh! Gammy! I see Gamian!”

As you think about the different tactics, one of the mercenaries riding on the roof of the other wagon shouted loudly.

I got up from my seat and looked forward, and I saw the end of the Great Plain of Gamia, which is a considerable distance away, as he said.

“Wow, you're right. So we're done with the quest? ”

“Vicel! Tell Mr. Jansen we've reached our destination! ”

The mercenaries stop the wagon joyfully. If what Jansen said during the day is true, then this is the destination.

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Knock, knock.

“Mr. Jansen! You have reached your destination!”

First, Vissel, who ran into Jansen's wagon, knocked on the door, but there was no answer inside.

Knock, knock.

“Mr. Jansen? ”

Bang, bang!

“Mr. Jansen! Stop it! We're at our destination! ”

At first, Visel, who was knocking quietly, pounded as if he couldn't stand the door, but there was no sound inside.

Even if you were asleep, it would be enough noise to wake you up.

‘... There must be Jansen in the wagon. ’

Realm of spontaneously expanded sensation with increased stats.

The extended senses show that a person is riding in a wagon. That's why no matter what Jansen was up to, he waited.

However, Jansen did not give any answer as to whether he did not intend to get off the wagon to the end. Later, he approached Visel from the roof of the wagon.

“Vicel, move aside. I think something's happened. ”

“What are you gonna do, Barneson? ”

“What the hell. We have to break down the wagon door. ”


Barneson raises his small axe high, and swings it toward the wagon door, even before Visel reacts properly.


“Hey! What if I smash the wagon! ”

“P-please! Banson, are you crazy?"

Katina was surprised to see that and the rest of the mercenaries rushed to stop Barneson, but the wagon door was already broken.

Between the cracks, you see a man sitting in a chair.

‘I knew it... Who's that guy in there? ’

Of course, I thought he hadn't been out of the wagon for six days, but in detail, he was someone else. Why is someone else in Jansen's wagon? Where did Jansen go?

I didn't understand the situation properly for a moment. And it spits out a bewildered voice, as do the other mercenaries.

“Huh? Mr. Jansen...? It's not...... It's not Jansen. ”

“What are you talking about, Barnson... huh? It's real.”

“What the hell is going on?! Who are you!”

After the mercenaries forcibly opened the broken wagon door, they pulled him out, and barnson grabbed his collar and lifted him up.

“Who are you? ”

“I... I just did what I was told. ”

“What? Who told you to do what? ”

“Th-the Merchant Guild Lord... Just do as he says..." ”

‘... So you're saying he was in the wagon instead of Jansen? ’

My mistake. It's wrong to trust your senses too much.

We only found out that there were people in the wagon, and we didn't even know that he was Jansen. Of course I thought it was Jansen.

But the strange thing to get over is Jansen's voice, which has been answering the questions of mercenaries so far.

“Then what was Jansen's voice? ”

When Barneson asked him if he felt the same way, he carefully pointed to the inside of the wagon.

“There, I hear the Merchant's voice from the marble. It's true!”


Like he said, there's a really small marble inside the wagon.

A strange orb that doesn't look like a toy, but gives a slightly mysterious feel to its transparent color.

“That's... Katina Communications, right? ”

“Oh, right. I think that Jansen bastard's been talking to me on the phone ever since. ”

‘That's the communication... …. ’

I've heard of it. It's a magical artifact that lets you hear each other's voices even when you're far away. I can't believe I'm seeing this.

“So you're making fun of us with this guy and Jansen? ”

After threatening to kill him right away, Vishel, with a pretty angry expression, opens his mouth as if he were unfaithful on his knees.

“I just did what I was told to do! And not just me, but all the Terrian Merchant Guild workers know it! ”


Looking at the Terrian Merchant Guild workers to see if what he said was true, they dodged their gaze, and the mercenaries scolded the mercenaries to see if that made them angrier.

“You bastards! Why are you doing this to us? Why did you ask me to bring you here? ”

“Jansen, where is he?! Tell me quickly!"


“… Warning? ”

As you watch their appearance behind you, a strong vibration resonates in your head.

You need to get out of here now, because it's dangerous.


I believed my senses, but on the one hand I questioned them. This is the end of the Lois Plain.What danger do I have to run from here?

It didn't even ring this loud when it came into contact with the mighty Care at the mercenary's point.

To warn me how much danger there is.

‘… to run away again? ’

I've had enough of running away. And yet you run to me again.

‘Don't be ridiculous. ’

I forcibly suppressed the strong ringing warning.

Escape is over.

No matter what comes your way, just fight back and get over it.

‘That's what I grew up to do. ’


When I hold the weapon tightly and relive the memories of the fierce battlefield, my eyes flush with the poison I've been suppressing so far.

A predator.

Like the eyes of those who constantly devour the weak.

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