Private Awakened During The War - Chapter 43

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‘It's over.'

I was convinced the fight was over when I saw the Harpy Queen who had been laid to pieces by the knights' swords.

It's not like your head was destroyed or your heart was crushed and you died instantly, but it doesn't make sense for a Harpy Queen to survive that injury unless she has Troll regenerative power.

“Now the Harpies... ”

“Kuhahaha! Everybody out of the way! I, Tarien de Cheniavin, will finish the Harpy Queen! ”

At that moment, Tarien, who was hiding behind you, stops speaking to the old knight, leaps out with her sword.

What he's after is the life of a Harpy Queen.

He wants to kill the Harpy Queen with his own hands so that he doesn't lose his specialty like the Orc Road did. But...

“Fool! Defend Tarien, everyone! ”

An urgent voice erupts from the old knight's mouth with profanity.

‘Dammit, you idiot! We'll just watch from behind! ’

The Harpy Queen didn't come down alone.

We have descended to the ground with thousands, no, tens of thousands of Harpies.

Only, the Harpy Queen's ability to fly was greater, so she arrived just ahead of the Harpy horde.




Even before I could do anything, the sky darkened and a sharp, piercing beast echoed from all sides.

Covering the sky is the tens of thousands of Harpy troops that survived the attack of arrows.

‘If I do wrong, Tarien will not be the problem, I will die. ’

The advancement of the Seventh Special Forces was broken as Tarien leaped forward, and the knights took a handful of shields to guard Tarien.

The lives of the other soldiers don't matter to them.

“Uncle Jeff! Uncle Max!"

“Kaiyan! This way! ”


The only two men I can trust now are the ones who can leave their backs.

Movement without delay allowed me to join you just before the Harpies hit the ground.



Tens of thousands of Harpies have attacked the Seventh Special Forces and the Panybull Alliance.

“Ugh! Your queen is dead! So get lost!”


How many Harpies fall away each time I give them a sword.

Now you don't need to think about your goals and swing them. I just swing it, and whoever it is gets hit by a sword and scatters blood. Problem is.

‘There are too many. ’

Tens of thousands of tiny monsters, Harpies.

Hundreds of thousands of Panybull allies will slaughter all the Harpies in a moment.

The question is, can a 7th Special Forces unit, including me, in the center hold out for a while?


“Not like this! We will fall before they fall! ”

Jeff, who swung his sword loudly for a moment, looked at Max and me and said,

“So what do you want to do? I can't believe we're going through here... Yikes! ”


“I hope not."

“That's exactly what Max said! It's impossible to get through here. ”

‘You can do it alone. ’

With increased abilities, I am confident that I can take some injuries and break through enough.

The problem is, I'm not sure I want to take you out.

“That's not it! Haaaaa!”

Unlike usual, Jeff kept making time by swinging his sword big enough to take on a loss of health.


Well, if it isn't the veteran Jeff who's been trained as a mercenary for a long time.

“We're going to the center! ”


“The center of Tarien and her knights! ”

However, unlike my expectations, the way Jeff proposed it was very reckless.

Where are the Harpies attacking most intensely?

Right where the Harpy Queen is. And that was where the knights and Tarien were.

But to the heart of it.

“No... are you crazy? Are you crazy?”

Max stares at Jeff dazed, forgetting to fend off the monsters with his shield.

“You're out of your mind! We need to make a decision quickly. You know we can't hold out much longer! We need help from the knights before it's too late! ”

“Khhh... Suit yourself! I'll follow whatever choice you make. ”

‘... that's right. ’

Uncle Max raised his shield to see if he had given up thinking and started beating the Harpies more violently than before.

“Kaiyan, what about you? ”

“I'll follow you, of course.”

“Then... Haaaaaaaa! ”


Jeff, who was just defending himself, stepped forward and swung his sword and slashed the Harpies.

“Let's go before it's too late!! ”

“Yes! I got your back! ”

“Phew... This must be good, right? ”

That way, a reckless assault begins.

‘It's about 20 meters away. ’

The Harpy Corps can't predict exactly where the knights are because they can't see properly for more than a meter.

We move towards where the knights first settled.

Heavy Strike! ’



The Harpy who was after Uncle Jeff fell to the ground in pieces on my sword.

“By the way, Uncle Jeff... ”


Jeff, who slaughtered several Harpies in one sword, blocked the way ahead with a duel, turned to my call.

“What if... what if the knights escaped? ”


Jeff stopped without answering if the Harpies didn't understand me.

“Mister! I mean! If the knights are trying to escape.... ”

“I get it. I'm just a little embarrassed I didn't think of that. ”

“ ……. ”

At the place where the monster's monstrosity resounded, Jeff and I looked at each other in embarrassing eyes for a moment.

“Yikes! What are you guys doing?! Why did you stop? ”

Only Uncle Max, who couldn't hear the conversation, was working hard to get rid of the Harpies.

“N-no. Let's move. Kaiyan, let's go first. ”


I thought Jeff's judgment was a mistake for a moment, but when I think about it, there was only one better way to do it.

Or I had no choice but to leave you alone.

‘I can't do that. ’

Even if I live alone with you guys, how can I say that I survived?

These are the two best friends my family has left the world with.

‘I don't run away from precious people anymore. ’


Gripping the sword tightly made my stand.

We die here, we die together, we live together.




Meanwhile, Tarien and her knights and a small group of shielders from the 7th Special Forces are in grave danger.

“Tighter! ”

The old knight who stood in front of Tarien was leading a handful of knights and soldiers to stop the terrifying violence of the Harpy army. But...

“Aah! Help me! ”


It is impossible for ordinary soldiers to endure the brutality of knights.

As the number of soldiers began to shrink as we were dragged one by one by one by the Harpies who broke through the camp, we faced a situation where progress would collapse.

“At this rate... I'll find a way to save Tarien..." ”

The old knight would have thought of a breakthrough, rather than holding his place, even if the minimum Tarien had reached Expert level.

The problem is that Tarien's swordsmanship is less than the skill of an apprentice knight.

Getting out of the center with a load like that is suicide.

“Yes! There it was! ”

The old knight who launched the order and slaughtered a pile of Harpies turned his back on Tarien to see if he had any flashes.

Tarien stares at you half terrified.

The irony is that even while we're at it, we still hold hands as tightly as Harpy Queen's head.

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“Tarien! ”

“H-huh? ”

“Stay with me! That way you can live! ”

The old knight shakes Tarien's shoulder vigorously to awaken his spirit.

Did he feel hopeful that he could live?

Tarien's dazed eyes return to normal.

“Sa, you can live? Help me, please! I want out of here! ”

“First of all, calm down. Tarien, do you have the necklace you received from the lord on your birthday last year? ”

“... necklace? Are you talking about this? ”

Tarien reaches into the gap in Plate Armor and pulls it out, a beautiful necklace with a small jewel.

“I'm so glad! Let's get some error in there! ”

“Errors? I want to go outside.... ”

“Just spill it in! So come on!"

“Oh, okay. ”

Tarien is an error runner test that can use a few errors.

It is impossible to eject the error through the sword, but it is also possible for him if it is simply to spill the error onto an object.

After a while, the necklace that received Tarien's error began to light up.


A transparent yellow sphere was created that was visible to both the inside and the outside, and wrapped around the Tarien.

“Tarien, listen carefully. This is an artifact from the Lord in case you're wondering. ”

“If you're an artifact... why didn't you tell me? ”

A magical artifact would depend on its performance, but it was a very expensive item that even the nobles of the lower class could not easily purchase.

“What matters now is that the artifact that was triggered will protect Tarien! Never take that necklace off your hands until it's safe from now on! ”

“Oh, okay. ”

The old knight stepped forward with Tarien as if he was relieved and began defeating Harpies again.

However, one thing he overlooked was the fact that Tarien had a harpy queen's head.


What the Harpies have been after since the beginning is the flesh of the Harpy Queen.

If the relationship between Orc Lord and Orc is between king and people, then the relationship between Harpy Queen and Harpy is mother and child.

For Harpies with simple intelligence, it was the most important thing to lose Mother's body and reclaim it.

And that's what caused the problem.




Those who scratched their claws like crazy around a ball of Tarien soon realized that their strength was too much.

So the way they chose it.

“W-well, well!! Aaaaah!”

A sharp castle that doesn't match the battlefield echoes, and the knights who slaughtered the Harpies feel strange and look back.

The reflection in their eyes is that the sphere is slowly flying in the sky by the Harpies.

“Get in, Tarien!! ”

Tarien, their owner, is in there, if you're just playing around.

“Well, what do I do? Are you sure you want to remove the artifact?”

Tarien asks you with an urgent voice to the ground.

The old knight who heard his question frowns and thinks for a moment, then shakes his head.

“Khh... Tarien! You must never break the spell! I'm gonna get you out of here, so you're gonna have to hang in there! ”

If you break the spell now, Tarien's whole body will be egged by Harpies before it hits the ground.

That's the only way to save lives while at least Tarien maintains the artifact.





“Phew... I found it! Knights!”

“You're finally in! ”

I've only slaughtered hundreds of Harpies to travel 20 meters.

But in return for that effort, I finally managed to arrive at the center of the knights.

“Phew... That was close. But don't you think their aggression has diminished? ”

Jeff sighed and looked around as if seeking consent.

Obviously, I could feel the harpies' aggression starting to diminish at some point, just like he said.

“But... what about the knights? ”

I've had a hard time joining you, but the knights don't look so good.

It looks like a person who gave up his life.

“M-knight? ”

When I approached the old knight who had the best friendship, he looked at me with sad eyes that he had just regained consciousness.

“Phew... This is all my fault. I was careless as a fool. ”


I don't know what's wrong with it.

I couldn't figure out what to say to the old knight's guilt for not knowing why.

“Whoa! They're getting away! ”

“Kill more! We have to kill them all now! ”

Is that why the violence was so weak? ’

That's when I heard the Panybullun Alliance shout through the gaps in the Harpy army, and I could see why their aggression had weakened.

They're on the run, and that's probably because the Harpy Queen is dead.

“Hah... Now I'm relieved. Now that the Harpy Queen is dead, can we assume the battle of Panybelloon is over? ”

“Haha! Of course! Even if you attack again, what are you going to do with that number? ”

Uncle Max replied as if he agrees with me.

We still have a few days until the end of the monster wave, but yesterday and today, the air monsters were devastated.

And there are no Harpy Queens to command them. Even without a fortress like that, it should be easy for the Panybull Alliance to stop it.

“Now that you've rested, this monster wave is over! Puhaha!!"

“… No. ”

The old knight who was closing his eyes opened his mouth quietly and denied Uncle Max's words.

And at that moment, my whole body was creeped out and I felt ominous.

‘No way... ’

That ominous feeling has been strongly told that you should never listen to an old knight.

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