Private Awakened During The War - Chapter 351

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I woke up with the feeling that something was getting out of my body.

And when I really opened my eyes, a yellow mass was escaping from my body at a rapid rate.


“Mr. Kaiyan!! Are you okay?"

“Th-that's okay. ”

The pain of something that was a part of me being forcibly pulled out.

I was barely able to endure Isabelle's support of trying to fall from that bitter agony.

After a moment, the yellow light that was emitted from the body stopped, and the light that was in the air gathered together to form a young girl.

Rrrrgh! How dare you!!!

The young girl was forcibly banished by me and Takuron, and was filled with fury.

She wasn't an intact god, so the embodied divinity was disappearing at a rapid rate. That's why the saints of compassion stayed in Isabel's body and waited for the Great War.

“Ugh... I wish I could just use my own body all the time, right?" ”

You son of a bitch slandered God! You will die in agony for that sin!!

When the furious Pwarrin shakes his hand, an unbearable energy rises up against Isabelle.

A tremendous amount of pressure that the human body cannot bear for a moment, not even the player.

“Takuron!! ”

Clark, you can't do that.

But within me was half, but there was a god, Takuron. He used my body as a passageway to exhale his energy.

Phage job!!

When the two energies hit the air, the entire Havmime space began to shrink from the death of the baryon in bright light.

The light was so intense that when I tried to fall down, someone stood in front of me.

“Mr. Kaiyan. The situation is... I don't understand, but he asked me to help Mr. Kaiyan. So don't try to fight it alone. ”

“… The God of Mercy? ”

I tried to ask her for help, but God is faster than I thought. I never thought I'd be the first to help.

Isabelle grips her hand.

“… good. So let's do it. ”

It was good that compassion helped, but the situation was not so good.

Right now, the biggest problem is that the player's abilities have dissipated and the Takuron's power has been dying rapidly.

‘Let's get this fight over with and make Takuron and compassion a perfect god. Otherwise... Isabelle and I will die. ’

Realizing that made me anxious.

And the Takuron within me has also spoken to me, preventing Pwarrin's attack.

Kaiyan, you realize you can't use all my power in your body, right?

“Of course.”

At this rate, even if the God of Mercy helps me, your flesh will fall first. So figure it out.

“... When you summoned him, he said he'd take care of it. ”

Cook, then I'll do my best to make time.

Actually, I don't blame Takuron. I also know that this is for the best.

No, even by holding my hand in the first place, he did everything he could. From his point of view, it wasn't Pwarrin who was safe, it was me who was gambling hard.

‘… I'll thank you later. ’

I thanked Takuron for his hard work, and put my hands in the pocket of the waist dance with trembling hands due to the aftermath of his power.

I searched my pockets and found an item that I had put in there before the sacred was completed. An item obtained from the Lucky Bag that was last used.

“... I found it. ”

I felt the touch of the item in my hand and calmed my heart.

I also did not check if this was the item I wanted now. I just put the stuff out of my bag and put it away.

“Ugh!! Ka, Mr. Kaiyan! ”

“Khhh! Pwarrin... I don't have time to think. ”

Either he's gone extinct or he thinks there's no answer but extinction.

Pwarrin rushes out of his sanctuary, pressing Isabelle hard.

Compassion and Takuron were defending themselves from lines that didn't give their body as much as they could, but it was only a matter of time before they were pushed at this rate.

“Phew... Good. I'll believe in my luck. ”

I put my hand in my pocket and pulled the object I was holding out.

The object in my left hand was a small golden scale. It's so small that I want to use it to measure things.

After checking the scale, the beating heart was more chaotic. Then a smile spread over my mouth.

I prepared this just in case, but something I really wanted came out.

Her shrine, known in the distant past as the fragmented Pwarrin, disappeared together. And this golden scale represented the divine good fortune.

How did you...!! It's already extinct!

“You recognize it immediately. I borrowed a little Takuron power. Of course, I had your back. ”

Pwarrin, who was emitting light, gives a frightening look.

I had no choice but to recreate the sacred which had already disappeared without my own will.

I was able to pull this sacred object out through the sack of luck because it met two conditions.

One is that my luck was the best, I used it when the sacred moment was complete, and my sacrifice was the sacred object of Deacon.

‘Of course, it was likely to fail... Thank God. ’

I was relaxed even when Pwarrin was in front of me.

At least one person had to be prepared for sacrifice after she was incapacitated, but the moment the sacred object came into my hands, the situation was reversed.

And she soon found out, too.

Your guy, that's...

“Khh!! A fragment of the Baryon you know well. You said it was that poisonous to the gods of Unicia. ”

You remove two boxes of Baryon Fragments from the opposite pocket and bring the Black Beads to the Holy Place.

Whoa, stop! Then...!

Before she tried to cut through the passageway to the sacred object, she forcibly struck the Black Bead with one swift move.

When the black bead touched the sacred object, it turned into a dewy liquid and was dragged inside without a trace in the blink of an eye.


Silence for a moment.

Pwarrin looks pathetic with his hollow hands reaching towards me. She wouldn't have made this choice if she'd just given up a little greed.

Even if you used me as a chess word, you didn't hate her. Until I found out that she was leading me on my own.

‘I wish I could have chosen two… but that's not it. ’

I'm still grateful to her. For choosing me.

Without her, the Goblin Dagger would have pierced his heart on the battlefield of Gamian instead of avenging Iones.

But the last thing she showed me before the time reversal was so disappointing. She's just a god who needs to disappear for Unicia.


“Queek!! Isabelle!”

“Ka, Mr. Kaiyan! ”

After a brief moment of peace, Pwarrin screams in agonizing agony with two black bitten eyes.

If she had been an intact god or a minimal body, she would have survived even if the poison had spread, but she was only a half unsafe god.

“... Thank you. Pwarrin.”

I... I'm a god... Why...


She disappears with the burning light, leaving behind her words.

A little futile.

I stand dumbfounded, staring at her void, leaving nothing behind.

“I don't know if it'll be any consolation... but even if everyone forgets, I'll remember. That Pwarrin existed in the world. ”

* * *

The Celthio Shrine was turned into a field in the aftermath of a massive explosion.

The place turned into a ruin stood the elders of Arien, whose faces were covered with leplexa, garon and robes.

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Reflexa glances at the center of the temple with an uncomfortable look on her face.

“Why... is he still not coming back?" You don't think the plan failed, do you? ”

“The Baryan Elders and the Paryan Elders should have fulfilled their duties. Don't you know that? The fact that no one can stand in their way anymore. ”

“... This anxiety won't go away. We must destroy the Half Mime. ”

Reflexa was reluctant to see that her plans were wrong.

When the variable Kaiyan appeared, I was able to solve it easily, but I can't believe this happened in the last situation.

Garon opens his mouth, standing next to him with a expressionless face.

“Reflexa. Maybe we've come too far. ”

“... Are you regretting it now? From the moment you joined hands with me, you crossed the river that you couldn't turn back. ”

“I know. I hope this is all Ruethan's will... ”

Garon regrets betraying Isabelle. No, he blamed himself for working with Reflexa in hatred for the existence of a false god.

But like Reflexa said, it was too big to turn back now.

“If… Havemie hadn't vanished, we wouldn't be able to take on the god Arventhio on our own." Even at the expense of compassion, it will be swept away in an instant. ”

“Does that mean you will watch the destruction of the United Nations? ”

He said, "Hehe, this is an opportunity you've created. I'm just going to watch as Arventio uses all his power as a runaway. ”

“Reflexa...!! ”

Garon knew he should never have done that, but he had no strength.

We needed the help of Reflex to stop the Arventios who suffered Isabelle's sacrifice.

“Phew... If I had known this... I would have had to find the Holy Fortune somehow. ”

Without realizing that Reflexa deliberately interrupted it, Garon sighs deeply.

And that's the moment.


At the center of the temple, the space slowly begins to divide. Finally, the god Arventio, who they had been waiting for, was about to tear the place apart and come out.

“Hehehehe!! One last step to complete...!! ”

“... I hope it's the last battle. ”

The group, including Reflexa, are nervous. Now the results vary depending on the state of the Arventhio beyond that space.

If Harv Mime is gone as planned, he will have weakened Arventhio, otherwise he will have plunged into the sacrifice of compassion.

“Hurry up... ”

But it didn't take much time to realize that they were all wrong.

“What about him? How could he...? ”

“Kaiyan... and Isabelle. ”

What came out of the cracks were Isabel and Kaiyan, not Arventhio.

Kaiyan shakes his dizzy head, finding Reflexa and Garon and raising his jaw a few times.

“It's been a long... no, it's been a long time for you guys. Anyway, nice to meet you. I was going to come find you anyway, but you showed up on your own. ”

Kaiyan and Isabelle were on their way out of Arkuron to deal with a new god, a new god, who was born with the combination of Takuron and Everine of Mercy.

The battle with God Arventhio, an intact god, was a difficult task for a new god, but he was able to win without much damage because he destroyed the dimension before he left Havmime.

“... how did you get out of there? Where did Lord Arventhio go? And Isabelle should have... died. ”

“Is there anything weirder? ”

He relaxed to Reflexa with a heavy expression and pointed fingers at me. He tilts his head for a moment, then gives a frightening look.

“... Where did the sacred go? By using unstable divinity and compassion... No. Even if it is, it's impossible... ”

“Yes, you should have been curious. ”

I expected such a reaction from Reflexa to be able to verify his holiness.

And he should have figured it out by now. The plan he had made for centuries has failed.

“But I'm a little surprised. I thought if you could feel the divine, you'd recognize him. Even a great sorcerer can't feel the true existence of God? ”

“... What does that mean? ”

“See for yourself that. A new God from Unicia. Sicilian.”

Najjik called the name of the new god who was hiding his appearance quietly.

Then, half of Takuron, the Holy Spirit of Luck, and half of Pwarrin, the Holy Spirit of Compassion, appeared.


He was shining with golden light all over his body, and the moment he looked at the light, he felt a sense of impervious pressure.

And it wasn't just me, it was Garon, Reflexa, and the last elder, Arien.

“Ugh! Did Arventhio show up?" ”

“This sacred thing…. ”

Reflexa doesn't seem to know the situation, and Garon seems to notice something in the bright light.

After a while, the light that was floating in the air came down to the ground and stood before me.

Is it their destruction you want?

Soft sounds closer to Pwarrin than tacuron.

However, the voice contained a playful little bit that was not felt by Pwarrin.

“… I'm still not getting used to it. First of all, I need you to contain it. I need to ask you something. ”

It will be done as you wish.

You turn around and walk toward the group of Reflexa.

Every step he took spread a wavelength of light around him.

The wavelength is so divine that it can't even compare with the divine power of a priest.

“Have a taste of the power of God. Reflexa.”

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