Private Awakened During The War - Chapter 16

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I felt like going to the locker right away and wanted to check the rewards.

But this is a battlefield full of monsters and soldiers.

‘Unfortunately... It's not too late to check later. ’

I calmed my heart with anticipation.

Just because you check a little later doesn't mean the reward box will run away.

What's clear now is that if the player system has a conscience, the reward box has a minimum rating of D or higher.

You can't defeat the Minotaurs even if you have 10 Nols or 50 Nols. And the reward is either F or E? That's absurd.

“Hmmm! Are you the owner of this sword? ”

The knight who defeated the Minotaur spoke to me in a joyful imagination, returning my sword.

“Oh, yes! He looked dangerous, so I threw him out. I'm sorry if I overstepped my bounds. ”

“Kmm... I see. ”

Seeing his face, you seem unhappy about me throwing the sword.

But I spit on what I said to help, and I didn't say much.

Actually, my sword didn't help, but one soldier was willing to help himself.

“We will help you attack the monsters. ”

“… do so. ”

Perfect for natural attachment.

There are only five monsters left behind while running to this place. Now that we've solved the Minotaur, it's time for knights to help.

‘Now, show me what you've got. ’

You look at the running monsters and hide behind the knights. To see what a true error user is capable of that he can't even compare to Jeff.


“Tsk, what a monster! ”

The knight in front of me swings his sword annoyingly, his head cracking open and falling to the ground before he even realizes it.

‘I didn't even get a good look. As expected... I'm still lacking a lot. Knights are so strong.

Seeing the knights fighting right in front of you, only the one who had risen in level disappears like snow.

They were fast and strong enough to be compared to a single soldier. Rather, the monsters seem pitiful.

Moreover, it is important that their expressions do not seem to be giving off power because they are relaxed.

‘This is the difference between errors...’

I never learned error, so I didn't know their exact level.

However, even if I had ten now, I could see that it was difficult to deal with one knight. As long as there is an error between them and me.

“Oh! My soldiers are so loyal! ”

“Yes, Tarien! ”

"Tsk, you idiot. ’

Surprisingly, Tarien wasn't the one who was rewarded the most.

He seemed very happy because of the soldiers with me.

“Haha! Deputy, look at the other units! You're hanging around because you don't want to fight. But my troops are here to fight for me! Isn't this because of my command? ”

“That's right! Tarien is a great commander! ”

‘Cause you ran off on your own. ’

Soldiers just ran hard to avoid the damage.

Even if he hadn't run off by himself, the 7th Special Forces soldiers would still be alive, just like the others.

“I feel so good! I never thought I'd have this talent! I should have gone to war! ”

“Yes! It's all because of Tarien! ”

The reason Tarien is more agitated is because of the man beside him. Because of the deputy knight.

‘That fellow... There's nothing wrong with him.' ’

That deputy came out and brought Jeff to the Special Forces.

After I heard about the Special Forces from Max, I blamed him and cursed him.

Turns out he was just like us in front of those nobles.

“After today's battle, I, Tarien de Cheniavin! I will reward you all! That's me! Kuhahaha!”

Tarien's sudden reward promise. But I didn't find it very inspiring.

‘Cheniabin... ’

More than that, I was curious about the Cheniavin family. I wonder what kind of family sent that poor bastard to war.


“Waaaah! Hail Tarien! ”

“Commander! Hail!! ”

“Thank you! Wow! ”

But that's all I can think about.

Soldiers other than me rejoiced, shouting as if they had never insulted Tarien.

Understand their dual attitudes. Because unlike me, all they have from the battlefield is money.

‘If it were me, I'd be as happy as they were... I'll have to change my weapons when I get paid.' ’

I picked up a sword that was stained with green blood, and I noticed that there were teeth everywhere.

It seems to be using the strength of the monster's tough hide to forcefully pierce it, and it seems to be slightly broken.

‘If only I could use the error. ’

I wouldn't give a damn about the durability of the sword if I were an Orphan user.

The error not only increases the attack power, but also protects the sword.

When I look at the sword and think about things, someone puts their hand on my shoulder.

“Kaiyan! Good call. ”

“Uncle Jeff! ”

Looking back, Jeff, who had split at the center, joins the rest of the troops.

I was on either side of Tarien in the first place, but I didn't have anything to do with joining her. Should I just say we're a little closer?

“From here on out, we'd better fight with the Knights. We don't have one or two monsters to deal with. Soldiers alone are too dangerous. ”

“That's what I thought. ”

I was relieved that experienced Jeff made the same decision.

There were too many monsters in the central battlefield to do anything only with soldiers.

While Jeff and I were exchanging opinions, Tarien came forward with an arrogant look on his face.


That delightful expression on Tarien. I don't like it.

“Follow me! I'll kill all the monsters in the battlefield! I trust the command of Tarien! ”


“We can do it!! ”

That's absurd.

Millions of soldiers and hundreds of thousands of monsters will kill all the monsters on the battlefield.

Thankfully, the soldiers' morale increased thanks to the reward that Tarien promised. If it weren't for that, Tarien would have just dropped the morale to the ground.


It's overwhelming.

When I sighed, a deputy knight from the horse approached me and Uncle Jeff.

“Huge! Are you Jeff? It will be difficult, but please keep your guard up and try harder. Tarien will reward you for that. ”

“Yes, Knight. ”

He knows who's leading the soldiers now because he knows.

“From now on, knights will come forward, so go in assisting form next to them. ”

“Very well! I'll pass it on to the soldiers! ”

The deputy knight taps Jeff on the shoulder and leaves a note.

‘Thank goodness.'

Unlike Tarien, the deputy knight had a few ideas.

They should be enough to enter the center, but from here on out, the knights are also in danger. Of course, that's always been my idea.

‘The important thing is that Special Forces cooperate with each other like the Central Army. ’

That's what the deputy said because he knew. To increase safety and efficiency.

As they prepare for battle, their blood is drained from their swords, they clap on each other's backs.

“Come on, everybody, let's go. Don't overdo it. ”

“Great! Let's make some money today! ”

“Tell the monsters not to die! Haha! ”

‘Rather, it's more stable now. ’

I felt more stable now with 200 than with 800.

It sounds really sorry for the dead soldiers, but the Special Forces are the only ones left that have been filtered out due to two days of combat.

Only soldiers who know what they're doing.

“Don't try to take on monsters on your own! It's easy for knights to look at monsters! ”

“I get it! We just need eyes on us! ”

“That's the best I can do! ”

Jeff gives the deputy knight's instructions to the soldiers in a loud voice.

Soldiers don't need to come out and follow Jeff as the attackers become more active than before.

Dozens of soldiers per knight will stick together and hunt monsters much faster.


“Monsters are coming from the front! ”

“Let's get started!”

Monsters roar from all sides, aiming for the seventh Special Forces while they wait for orders.

"The monsters I have to face..."



A Troll that is a Medium-Level Monster, but is quite tricky because of its crazy recovery power.

I was a little nervous because I'd never dealt with him before, but I lowered my head and looked straight at him while holding the sword tight.

“Sounds fun. I'll check to see if your hair is still alive. ”


He thrust his sword forward, striking the ground before attempting to attack.

I don't have time to stop a middle-aged man! Pierce Through! ’



Using a skill, the Troll's front knee is stabbed and he waves his arm, startled. The moment I tried to bow my head in haste.

‘... sword? ’

Before that, something passed by me. The sword is not accurate because it is too fast, but reflected in the light and shiny.


The troll's head splits in two, gushing green blood, and he slams his face to the ground, starting with his knees.

No matter how powerful he is at regeneration, his head is completely split off.


“Hmm? You're... that soldier from before. This one definitely helped. ”

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As you turn your head to the voice coming from behind, the knight stands with his sword outstretched. The knight who defeated the Minotaur earlier.

“… Thank you. ”

It wasn't my intention, but luckily, he was making a satisfied face to see if it helped this time.

‘Yes, it would be better to work with the knights to level them up faster. ’

I looked at the knight with my heart cast aside because I couldn't cut the Troll's head myself.

“Knight, I and other soldiers will draw the attention of the monster. ”

“Oh, I look forward to it. Gazena.”


Since then, you've given up your attacking role and started drawing monsters' attention by following the Knight, which has made catching monsters overwhelmingly fast.

The Central Army did not put knights and soldiers on the same march for no reason.


“Hehe! Hehe! ”

Swing your sword slightly to attract the attention of the monster, rather than inflicting fatal wounds on the running monster.

“Get out of the way!”

An opportunistic knight swoops over two metres into the ground and swings a sword with an orb at the monster's neck.



A monster that draws blood with its throat cut in half.

It is a blow I cannot even imitate as I am now.

‘Do I need to be more agile... This isn't helping. ’

Reason for giving up the attacker role and following the knight.

There was a reason for catching monsters faster, but I personally wanted to get a closer look at their swords. But the problem is that the knight's strike is too fast for my eyes to see.

"Too soon. I don't know how you swing it. ’

It passes in too short a time from the pre-movement to the end of the movement in swinging the sword.

All we can see from the fuselage is the residual vision of the sword. You can't even see basic moves, not with a sword like that.

‘… 4 dispenses to agility. ’

Status Window

Name: Kaiyan/Age: 15 years/Job: Player/Title: Not Owned

Level: 16/Power: 25/Agility: 18/Health: 10/Intelligence: 9/Distribution: 0

All the distribution stats you acquired from completing quests and leveling up invested in agility.

This time it's for the fuselage vision rather than the senses.

I wanted to take a closer look at the advanced sword they were using.

How to effectively slaughter monsters.

Fluid in chains

‘Still a little short. ’

Despite their agility going up to 18, their swords seem blurred.

No, at least we increased it by 4, so it looks blurry. Now, the stats show that it's hard to track the sword properly.

‘… at least twice as much as it is now to be able to see properly. ’


“Did you do this? ”

You wield your sword mimicking the sword of a knight who couldn't resist and ran to the monster.



“ ……. ”

The sound that doesn't suit you is echoed by the sword.

He stared at me with a confused look that I was embarrassed as well as a monster girl.

Temporarily static.

“Damn... I can't. ”

Unfortunately, it is not possible to learn Knight Slash right now.

Unless there's a way to double your agility stats.

“Phew... Pierce! ”

You pluck out your senses and draw your sword at the monster, choking.

If you can't learn Knight Slash, you'd better grow up catching at least one more monster. As you level up, you'll become more agile one day.

“Oh... Have you ever learned swordsmanship? ”

As I draw the corpse sword, the knight who came out breathing and hunted monsters asked curiously.

“Yes? Oh, I learned the basics. ”

“I see? You've made quite an effort. Movement is monotonous, but very clean. He's a good soldier. He's great. ”

‘Effort... It's only been a few days since I learned swordsmanship. ’

Of course, I tried hard for a few days, but the effort the knight speaks is not the only one who speaks of it.

The effort he speaks of is hundreds of days of stretching hands and swinging swords.

‘Maybe it's because of your sword skills. ’

Unlike when you first acquired a swordsmanship skill, you are experiencing how powerful it is over time.

Ordinary people need thousands of practice to acquire the sense of swordsmanship skills.

But I gained the sensation I needed to wield the sword a thousand times with one skill.

Thanks to you, I'm using my sword naturally to hunt monsters.

“Hmm, particularly good stabbing. If there was an error, it would be a very sharp blow. ”

“... Thank you. ”

The good news is that Piercing skill is recognizable to knights.

Maybe if you have a higher stat than you do now, you can attack with skills like that without errors.

When I had hope for him, the knight patted me on the shoulder with a smile.

“You play on this monster wave. ”

“… Yes? You mean the action?”

“Yes, the action. ”

Suddenly? ’

It's a little awkward for a knight to throw at a soldier.

I told one soldier to play in the field. A knight, too.

I thought he was making fun of me, but the knight's eyes were serious.

“Tarien seemed interested in you and that brunette soldier you were talking about. If you're lucky, you could be a knight. Of course it won't be easy, haha! ”

‘Knights...' ’

It got complicated in my head.

If you become a knight, you can learn the unknown power of error. And if what he says is true, there's a good chance he could be a story.

As Jeff said, it's no exaggeration if there is no other way to learn error as a commoner than to be a knight.

‘If only I had learned error, I would be stronger than I am now...' ’

The two eyes that were filled with hate were slightly greedy.

To allow me to exert my power over Humankind.

A very coveted power for me to slaughter all monsters.

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