Private Awakened During The War - Chapter 12

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Looking at Jeff like he was saying something, he looked at me like he was sorry.

“... Why do you feel bad if you have talent? ”

“It would have been nice if you were a commoner... or if you were born in a family with some money." Then you would have been a knight. That's a pretty good driver, too. ”

Jeff just gave me a compliment as if it was nothing.

I can't believe I was a good knight, not just a knight. Thanks to the player system, of course.

“That's why it's such a waste. You need proper learning to unlock your talents. ”

“But if you keep practicing... ”

“Yes, if you keep practicing like this, you'll get better with a sword. But we cannot exceed the limits unless we learn error. ”

To come called a knight's relic.

A mysterious power that can be processed and stored in the body in a special way.


I know there are limits to learning error unless you do as Jeff says.

Organ users can use force that exceeds human limits simply by using error, but it is common sense that even after a non-user is dead, they cannot exceed their limits.

“Of course, there is a way to learn error without being a knight. If you're a nobleman's disciple or a great symbol, you can do it. But you're not one of them. ”

After all, my low status as a commoner is a problem.

“I... I heard some mercenaries know how to use error. Like you, Jeff. How did they learn error? ”

One hope is that there are very few mercenaries in the civilian profession, but I've heard that there are stronger mercenaries than any knight.

The fact that mercenaries are stronger than knights tells me they're users to come.

“In that case, it is more likely that he was a knight and became a mercenary for some reason, or learned half-error like me. ”

Looking forward to Jeff's answer, the window collapsed.

Why does a knight become a mercenary? And a half-brother.

“... Is there a half price to the error? ”

“In the right words, I'd say I've learned the unsafe art of error. You know the grade of the arts, don't you? ”

This is common sense for a child to know.

There are three types of craftsmanship in which errors can be learned:

The grade of the craftsmanship that regular knights learn is low.

There is an arts law that is passed on to a well-named family.

Awards for craftsmanship from royal or noble families.

“What I've learned is that technique doesn't even reach the lower grade."

”.... “

The lower grade workmanship method is a book with minimal methods for training errors. If you're not even close to that grade, you're literally halfway there.

Jeff sighs bitterly, then opens his mouth again.

“Still, I was lucky... Most half-assisted craftsmanship can die from side effects. ”

You have to risk your life to learn the lesser half of the arts.

“So the technique you have learned has no side effects? ”

“No, of course there are side effects. ”

“What if there are side effects...? ”

“It only grows to the user. That's the side effect of my craftsmanship. ”

Error user. Impossible to come outside, but steps to strengthen the body by surrounding the error in the body.

I have heard that it is possible to emit power beyond humans, although it is a step that can be considered as a beginner compared to the Error Exporter or the Error Master to emit error externally.

“You know why I said it was a halfway house? ”

“Yes…. ”

No matter how hard you try with the lowest grade, lower grade arts, Exports are limited.

The fact that most people on the continent of UNESIA know.

However, no matter how hard Jeff tries, the underlying user is limited.

“Of course, it's better than nothing, but I can't say it's good. Haha!”

Jeff's eyes, smiling cheerfully with his mouth, seemed a little lonely.

“... How did you learn to perform half the time? ”

“To be strong, of course. There's no chance a mercenary like me could learn proper combat skills. Plus, there are a lot of mercenaries who want to learn even though they're half-skilled. ”

“I see…. ”

I was guessing a little, but it didn't seem easy to learn how to perform to get here more than I thought. If that's how hard it is to learn even half of them.

“I wish I could teach you this half-breed technique first... but with a magic contract, it must be hard. ”

“I'm fine. But what magic contract? ”

“Well, you don't know. Magic contracts are a kind of magic. It's usually used when a big deal or secret has to be kept. If you break a magic contract, it will be known to others. ”

“A magical contract... I knew something strange. ”

There were many strange things in magic as well.

There was no death or coercion due to breach of contract, but it was known to the other party. Maybe it's more coercive.

“Haha, let's not talk about this. Hmm... Today I'll teach you about slapping and slashing. Now, follow me. ”

Jeff taught me about slapping and slashing passionately, as if I'd forgotten the idea of half-assed error.

He explained in detail the knowledge he gained from his long life as a mercenary, including when and what skills to use, and how to use them in conjunction with existing skills.


“… wait. ”

As I was swinging my sword for a long time, I raised my hand and stopped, looking at Jeff as if he was crazy.

“Yes? What's the matter? ”

“Why are you so... good? ”

“Er... You taught me well? ”

“Ha, no. I'm going to go inside, practice a little more. Come in. ”


Jeff sighs as if it were nonsense and goes into the barracks.

‘Good. It's hard, but we have to practice now. ’

You hold the trembling arms and continue swinging your sword into the air.

To fully acquire new skills. And tomorrow to catch more monsters.

“Then cut the preliminary line! ”


“Stab now! ”

Clavicular fluid

The connection movement was definitely smoother than when only two moves were used.

Should I say that further attacks have become more intense?

I'm not sure if it's working because I haven't used it myself, but the hot heat I feel with my hands is not a lie.

The crude sword was gradually refined with the help of effort and skill.

“Phew... Hmm? The war is over. ”

The quiet essence becomes noisy while wielding the sword for a long time.

I thought the war was over today while I was practicing swordsmanship.

“That's... terrible. ”

I opened my eyes wide and captured the soldiers returning to the base.

Soldier covered in blood, Soldier without one arm, Soldier without legs, and Soldier being supported by a colleague.

It clearly shows the aftermath of how terrible and cruel the war is.

“Why do Humans have to go through this every 10 years? ”

Monster waves that have been repeated for centuries.

A lot of people suffer in this huge war that happens every decade.

A few months ago, Bernov was a small town where I lived.

The villagers in Vernov Village saw a large number of people who had been injured while participating in monster waves in the past.

‘Killing all the monsters. ’

Why I became a player.

‘I will end this tragedy. ’

I wonder if the god who pitied Humankind has given me this power.

Grow up fast and finish the monster wave every 10 years.

“... stronger. ”


To be stronger even for a day.

You shake as if your arm were about to fall off, but grab the sword firmly.

* * *

Player Awakening Day 6.

Before the war began, a group of seventh Special Forces soldiers who survived yesterday's battle came together.

“Phew... Let's live well again today. ”

“Let's all live! ”

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“Don't die too hard, let's live! ”

The seventh, half-finished Special Forces, encouraged each other to pat each other on the back.

The time we spent together was only a day, but it was because we risked our lives together.

It seemed to them that it was a companion they had not easily felt in the outskirts.

“Hey! Stop it and get ready. ”


The knight who was watching what we were doing next quickly started making progress as the commander appeared.

After a short while, the soldiers make some progress, and Tarien, who is dressed in fancy armor, ascends onto the small platform just like yesterday.

“Hmm... I wasn't feeling well yesterday... but! Today will be different! ”

What difference does it make?

Tarien finally brings it down from the top, saying, "Are you ashamed of the mistake you made yesterday?"

‘Don't just crash today. ’

“Khh, I heard you were in big trouble yesterday. ”

A soldier standing in front of me hears a whisper in my ear from a colleague next to me.

“How do you know that? ”

“A friend told me. My friend in my hometown overheard me cleaning your barracks. ”

“Khh! That's why he looks so bad. ”

‘Not really.'

Come to think of it, Tarien didn't make one or two mistakes yesterday.

One of the biggest mistakes was that the Commander's orders didn't come through, but he stormed in alone.

As a nobleman, that's it. If he was a regular soldier, he would have been decapitated by the knights.

A mistake that can be passed on lightly because you are a noble.

Phew! Phew!

The war trumpet announces the beginning of the war.

All the chattering soldiers start to get nervous with their mouths shut.

Kwung! Kwung! Kuang!

Monster Corps indeed.

Those bastards are shaking the ground so far that they can feel the vibration.

It's their own way of rushing in, never impersonating a human army.


At the commander's command, ballistas and other ranged attacks poured out like rain on the monsters.

The appearance of monsters crushed on the rocks and burned by the sorcerer's magic was terrifying, but there can't be a more beautiful painting for soldiers in the battlefield.

If one more monster is defeated, I have a better chance of surviving today.

‘Compassion for ferocious monsters is luxurious. They are the enemy to be killed and the enemy. ’



The commander's gunfire order comes through, and the soldiers run screaming, and luckily Tarien doesn't make the same mistake as yesterday.

With relief, you start running towards the monster with the 7th Special Forces soldiers, leaving Tarien in the center.

‘It's a good thing I didn't run off on my own... but it's ridiculous. ’

As long as the Allied forces are on a basic path, the knights are ahead and the soldiers are behind them. But right now we're moving in the opposite direction. Soldiers ahead and knights behind.

Whereas the Central Army...

Looking ahead, knights from the Central Army were already charging towards the monsters.

A powerful charging attack by central knights. Thanks to that attack, the soldiers can easily catch any monsters.

“That's why the Special Forces do so much damage. ”

The words I had inadvertently thought about were frustrating enough to come out.

The Special Forces don't have any charging knights, so the soldiers should move more. That's why the mortality rate is high.

Besides, we have to accept the Commander's erroneous command.


After blocking the front of the 7th Special Forces, the monsters burst into a roar, trembling like paralysis.

“Ugh! What a voice! ”

“How do I catch that.... ”

‘Ogres... ’

The Ogre is the monster I met in the first place.

I experienced it yesterday, but the roar of large monsters was rarely adapted. In addition, Ogres are predators at the top of monsters on the ground, not just monsters.

“We're going deeper! What are you doing!”

‘That bastard…. ’

The soldiers paused, shouting as if the Tarien guy in the back was annoyed, and the knights commanded by him gave the sword to the soldiers and brushed off their way forward.

“Charge all! That's an order!"

“Let's move! Show me your back and I'll kill you! ”

If they were knights, they would know that Ogres are only hard to deal with as soldiers.

‘You don't care about our lives at all. ’

When the soldiers were staring at the ogre, they marched forward as if there was nothing they could do.

“Phew... I can't help it. Kaiyan.Never stop an attack. Stay away. Ogres aren't like other monsters. ”

“… Yes. ”

After saying that, Jeff ran towards the ogre.

We want to attract attention to minimize the damage to our soldiers. But that's a very dangerous thing to do, even if you're coming.

‘… to overcome your fears, you have to catch him. Now's your chance to get your attention. ’

As soon as my trembling body calmed down, I stepped down and ran toward him.

The only way to overcome fear is to defeat the Minotaurs and defeat the Ogres as if they had overcome fear.

I will kill him and overcome his horrors.

My eyes running toward the ogre blush with fear and fury.

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