Princess Medical Doctor - Chapter 617.2

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Xuanyuan Zhi pointed his finger to the Jinwuwei soldier behind Lin Chujiu: “They killed my black-armored guards and seized my black-armored guard’s armors. Xiao Lin, how do you say this eldest prince should count this account on you?”

“The eldest prince, the bravery of the black-armored guards are well known in the world. With the ability of our eastern soldiers, how could it be possible to kill the black-armored guards? There must be some misunderstanding in this. Please I ask the eldest prince to check it out.” Lin Chujiu said without any pressure in her heart and at the same time pushed the charges clean.

She was not Xiao Tianyao. She doesn’t need to maintain her prestige, she just wanted to continue to live.

Xuanyuan Zhi angrily smiled at Lin Chujiu: “Xiao Lin, do you think you can let this prince pass you by just saying a few words? You are so naive, how did you sit in the position of Xiao Wangfei?”

Lin Chujiu smiled and said, “I have a good father. My father is the left prime minister and the loyal subject of the emperor.” She wanted to know why Xuanyuan Zhi, who can’t beat Xiao Tianyao, managed to secure the position of the prince?

“You woman, you are… relying on your father to say so rightly and confidently.” Xuanyuan Zhi believed that if this woman has a different identity and he met her on a different occasion, he might like her.

She has a good family background, looks good, was not too noble, not arrogant, and was a little smart. Such a woman was very suitable to be an internal helper.

“Why can’t I? It is my fate to have such a good father, and so I have my today’s status. So what can’t be said? Or does the eldest prince think that if I am a commoner, I couldn’t Xiao Wangye? If I am not Xiao Wangfei, how can I enter and leave the barracks and stand in front of the prince to speak?”

Lin Chujiu’s remarks were talking about himself, but they were reminding Xuanyuan Zhi that he was able to be so arrogant at this time because he had an imperial emperor as a father. And if he continues to be arrogant, he should be careful not to make his imperial father dissatisfied.

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Xuanyuan Zhi was not an idiot. He knew Lin Chujiu said this for this reason. He was not foolish not to understand. Xuanyuan Zhi’s eyes slightly turned cold and no longer looked at Lin Chujiu as calm as before: “What do you want to say?” He can be sure that he was threatened!

Thinking of Lin Chujiu’s friendship with the Hua family, Xuanyuan Zhi believed that Lin Chujiu’s threat was not just talking, but that she could do it.

“The eldest prince, don’t be so excited. I know why you come in here. Your purpose is Xiao Wangye. How about we discuss a way to solve this matter peacefully without blood?” Lin Chujiu knew that Xuanyuan Zhi was hooked. She was 80% sure that Xuanyuan Zhi will agree to her terms.

“How can we solve it without bloodshed?” Xuanyuan Zhi admitted that he was a little moved by Lin Chujiu’s proposal. However, that was only if Lin Chujiu’s proposal satisfies him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t mind turning the eastern barracks into a bloodbath.

“The eldest prince, you led people to besiege us, nothing more than trying to cut off Xiao Wangye’s aid and embarrass him. So why don’t we make a bet? If you win, I will kneel and apologize to you. We will compensate you ten times for the loss of your black-armored guards. And in the future, no matter how many people you bring to attack Xiao Wangye, I and the people behind me will not take action. On the contrary, if I win by luck, I only hope that the eldest prince can raise his hands high and let us people go.” It’s the soft persimmons that people choose to squeeze. The eldest prince was a leader. However, just because he couldn’t beat Xiao Tianyao, he will vent his anger on them. What a tasteless manner.

“It’s an interesting agreement. What do you want to bet on?” Xuanyuan Zhi asked with interest. He looking forward to it. However, both Lin Chujiu and Xuanyuan Zhi understood that if the bet was not satisfying, then this agreement would be nothing… …

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