Princess Medical Doctor - Chapter 617.1

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Chapter 617: Competition, let’s bet (Part 1)

Yes, meet, not fight!

Who stipulated that if she soldiers must start fighting when they come out?

Who said that once she took out soldiers, she must fight Xuanyuan Zhi?

Can’t they have a friendly talk?

Xuanyuan Zhi was indeed here to bring trouble, but it doesn’t mean that they had to fight. Maybe they could find another way?

If she doesn’t try, who can guarantee it won’t work?

No matter what he thought in her mind, Lin Chujiu’s face always looked calm. As if Xuanyuan Zhi, leading the troops to suppress them was not a big deal.

The few generals who followed behind saw that Lin Chujiu was confident and calm, so the worry in their hearts also disappeared. Looking at her appearance, she must have a way to defeat the enemy. They don’t need to be nervous. They just need to follow her orders.

After thinking about it, they looked fearless and confident. Even in the face of black-armored guards, no one had soft legs.

They believed that when the princess appeared at this time, Xiao Tianyao must have made arrangements. They only needed to act according to the princess’s orders.

If Lin Chujiu knew that these people had pushed all the credit behind Xiao Tianyao, she would have vomited blood. Unfortunately, she didn’t know about it right now, she was focusing all her attention on Xuanyuan Zhi and the black-armored guards, who were not far away.

He was worthy of being the eldest prince of the Central Empire and worthy of being called the strongest soldier of the Central Empire. They were less than a thousand people, but their momentum was stronger than the tens of thousands of soldiers behind her. There were so many of them, but the momentum was completely suppressed by the other party.

Lin Chujiu finally understood why Mo Qingfeng didn’t dare to fight. If they fight, they had no chance of winning even if there were too many people.

Xuanyuan Zhi, who was dressed in black and sitting on the snow-white horse, watched Lin Chujiu and her party walkout. He couldn’t help but squint his eyes, and then the corners of his mouth slightly raised lightly with a mocking smile.

Lin Chujiu didn’t ride a horse when she came out. She stopped walking when she was three meters away from Xuanyuan Zhi. She raised her head to look at Xuanyuan Zhi who was sitting on the horse and said: “I didn’t know the eldest prince of the Central Empire will come in here. If we lack courtesy, I ask for the eldest prince’s forgiveness.”

Lin Chujiu looked calm, neither humble nor overbearing. Her eyes were clear, without any trace of flattery or despise, when facing the eldest prince of the Central Empire of the prince. She was simply respectful and has no trace of sincerity.

“Who are you?” Xuanyuan Zhi never thought that, even at this time, there was still someone in the Eastern Army who can preside over the overall situation. And what more this person was still a woman?

“I am the daughter of Left Prime Minister and Xiao Wangye’s wife. The eldest prince can call me Xiao Lin.” Lin Chujiu didn’t say her name. Do as the Romans do. It’s better not to say a girl’s name casually.

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“Xiao? Xiao Wangfei? Xiao Tianyao’s wife?” Xuanyuanzhi fell in thought. Then his eyes squinted and turned cold. Mo Qingfeng couldn’t help but frown. He raised his head and quietly glanced at Lin Chujiu. When he saw that Lin Chujiu was fine, he lowered his head in silence.

It was great that the princess can handle it.

Lin Chujiu didn’t move her eyes away and responded generously. But after nodding his head in response, Xuanyuanzhi changed the topic and coldly said: “Do you know that your husband has hatred with this eldest prince?”

“I know a thing or two, Xiao Lin thanked the eldest prince for being merciful, and didn’t take away my husband’s life.” Lin Chujiu followed along with Xuanyuan Zhi’s words and gave Xuanyuan Zhi a handful of respect.

If Xuanyuan Zhi was replaced by an ordinary face-loving person, he will be very likely carried away after being praised by Lin Chujiu. However, Xuanyuan Zhi was the eldest prince of the Central Empire. If he was coaxed so easily, the emperor of the Central Empire will not let him take the black-armored guards with him.

Xuanyuan Zhi said with a playful look: “You woman can talk, but it’s a pity that even if you talk like this, you can’t change this prince’s decision.”

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