Princess Medical Doctor - Chapter 608.2

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Chapter 608: Ambiguous, climbing the bed (Part 2)

When the water temperature was just right, Lin Chujiu took the funnel and squeezed Liu Bai’s jaw, and put the slender end of the funnel into Liu Bai’s mouth. Seeing the length, it must have been stuck directly to his throat.

After plugging it, Lin Chujiu directly poured the medicated water into the funnel and poured it into Liu Bai’s mouth. The medicine went directly into Liu Bai’s throat. Liu Bai wanted to vomit but couldn’t spit it out. A cup of medicine with the medicine was smoothly fed into Liu Bai’s mouth without any drop less.

“Is this okay?” Doctor Zhu was really surprised when he saw Lin Chujiu’s action of administering the medicine.

Did he clearly read it right? This Young Master Jiu was a girl. How could this girl be so rude?

“Why not? Could it be you have a better solution?” Lin Chujiu looked at the tea on the side table and touched it to test the temperature of the water. It was not hot nor cold, so she fed Liu Bai with it with a few more sips: “He needs to drink plenty of water. You have to give him some water every other hour.”

“Feed the same way you just did?” Doctor Zhu hesitantly asked. Lin Chujiu nodded her head: “Yes, but be careful, don’t hurt his throat.” Although her action was rude, she also put measures in it. She didn’t hurt him at all.

“I will make people be careful.” Doctor Zhu looked at Lin Chujiu, and then at the small bamboo funnel. The more he looked at it, the more he felt that this little thing was really suitable for administering medicine. No drop of medicine was wasted at all.

Lin Chujiu took out the funnel and put it on the table: “Let someone washed it with boiling water before using it again. And you don’t need to return it to me.” She asked the carpenter to make several copies of it, and also make the slender tube below can be removed and replaced.

“I didn’t plan to return it back either.” Although Doctor Zhu knew that Lin Chujiu was a woman, he didn’t know her identity. He talked to Lin Chujiu casually: “When will Liu Gongzi’s fever go down?”

“If there is no accident, he will have a fever again after three hours, you give him another pill. There are a total of four pills in it, so he will not have a fever again for at least 15 hours. Of course, if his fever is gone, you don’t need to give him medicine again. This medicine is not a good thing.” Although it was a very powerful anti-fever medicine, it has great negative effects because of its remarkable efficacy.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, I understand.” Doctor Zhu took the medicine, opened it carefully, and sniffed it with, then sadly found out that he couldn’t smell the composition of the medicine.

He thought to himself, should he study it a piece of this pill secretly? But as soon as he thought of this idea, he heard Lin Chujiu say: “Don’t think about it, you can’t study it.”

Not to mention, there was no high-tech and professional equipment available in this world. It’s impossible to study the ingredients of this medicine. If the ingredients of the medicine can be studied so easily, then many countries don’t need to rely on imported medicines.

When his careful thinking was exposed, Doctor Zhu was a little embarrassed, “I’m just thinking about it, don’t worry, don’t worry, I won’t delay Liu Gongzi’s condition.”

Lin Chujiu shook her head and chuckled, “It’s okay, I’m leaving, you can ask someone to find me if something happened. I’m in… wangye’s camp.” Saying that last sentence, Lin Chujiu felt a little uncomfortable.

Doctor Zhu knew that she was a woman, but he didn’t know she and Xiao Tianyao were husband and wife. Will Doctor Zhu had a crooked idea?

There was no need to think about it, Doctor Zhu immediately had a crooked idea. He didn’t dare to show any reaction in front of Xiao Tianyao, but when Xiao Tianyao turned his back, Doctor Zhu winked at Lin Chujiu with an ambiguous expression on his face… …

Lin Chujiu felt depressed. She wanted to tell Doctor Zhu loudly that she and Xiao Tianyao were a legal couple. He doesn’t need to wink his eye, making her look like a mistress that wants to climb on Xiao Tianyao’s bed!

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