Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories - Chapter 1479

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When Gu Yuanan came over, Yun An was not around. He had brought Tong Hua out to play. Little Tong Hua was pitiful, outgoing, and active. He was not someone who could keep still. After having dinner, he pestered Yun An and went out to play.

Only Shen Qianshu was around. Ye Ling was having a meeting with Xie Jinghuan, Su Nancheng, and the others while Shen Qianshu was looking at the court data. She was surprised when she saw Gu Yuanan, and she poured a cup of water for Gu Yuanan.

“Yun An went out to play with Tong Hua.” Shen Qianshu explained. “If you are looking for him, give him a call. He shouldn’t have gone far.”

“He brought Tong Hua out by himself?”

“That’s right.” Shen Qianshu did not think that there was any problem for Yun An to bring Tong Hua out alone. Gu Yuanan thought in his heart. Yun An has a poor sense of direction. He may even lose his way within one kilometer. He is not familiar with New York. He will surely lose his way if he goes out for a round. Fortunately, there are taxis. There should not be any problem.

Sister isn’t aware?

It seemed that Yun An did not tell her.

Judging by her look, she also did not seem like she knew.

Gu Yuanan heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. His feelings were actually very complicated. When Fang Hongxiu was pregnant with Shen Qianshu, he was still a child. He hugged Fang Hongxiu and acted like a spoiled child every day. He hoped that his sister could be born earlier.

When Fang Hongxiu was five months pregnant, it was already confirmed that she was having a girl. The whole family was in great joy. He and Gu Yuanli were the happiest. They were very envious when they saw other people’s adorable and cute little sisters. Now, more than 20 years had passed by in a flash. She wandered outside and was never at home. He had missed his sister growing up. Fortunately, she was fine today and was also very blessed.

He also heard of the Ghost City’s matter. Although he had a crafty escape plan and his own connections, he also knew very clearly about the Ghost City’s matter and knew about Gu Yuanli’s difficulty, guilt, and helplessness. He gradually came to terms with it. Perhaps, he was really not suitable to live in Ghost City. Gu Yuanli could then manage Ghost City very well.

He had already died and had been sad. Now that he had come back to life again, the issue was deliberately complicated. He also felt ashamed to face Li Chen. He vowed to keep using Li Chen’s identity to live on. He also did not want to come into contact with any matters of Ghost City.

When Fang Hongxiu died back then, there was no doubt that the Black Rose’s people had made things difficult for her. However, they were mostly enemies of Ghost City.

He had spent more than 20 years living a life of fierce battles. He was already very tired.

“Li Chen, are you and Yun An fine?” Shen Qianshu asked. She had a decent relationship with Li Chen and did not hate him. It was only that he kept making Yun An sad, so she was a little unhappy. She also knew that this was Li Chen’s and Yun An’s matter, and she had no right to interfere. As a friend, it was also not considered going beyond one’s boundary by showing concern.

“There are some problems… between us,” Gu Yuanan said. Although there were problems, he would not give up. “But I will not give up.”

“That is the correct decision,” Shen Qianshu said. “I see that Yun An is also suddenly enlightened.”

Gu Yuanan smiled. The two of them were actually not that familiar. They also did not have any topics to chat about when Yun An was not around. However, what was unexpected was that Yun An called. Tong Hua’s voice was also heard. “This side, this side, you are driving in the wrong direction… ”

“What happened?”

Yun An was distraught. “We lost our way!”

“…” Shen Qianshu was astonished. Isn’t there navigation? How can they still get lost?

Yun An said, “The navigation is wrong. It kept making us go in circles. I don’t know where we have turned into. Where is our home address? Why don’t I just navigate and go home?”

“Left side. You took the wrong turn again… ” Tong Hua’s immature voice was mixed with the helplessness of being resigned to his fate. “Forget it, let’s find the police to send us back.”

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