Pokemon Master - Chapter 32

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Uncle Shan was a real man.

On the same day, he began to guide Fang Yuan and Eevee.

“You don’t have any other business?”

“No, even I can live here.” Fang Yuan said cheekily.

“That won’t do, minors still have to go home before dark.” Uncle Shan said.

He considered, and then continued: “Well, you and Eevee stroll around first, and I will notify you when I’m ready. It won’t take long.”

“No problem.” Fang Yuan nodded.

After saying that, Uncle Shan left directly, apparently to prepare training equipment for Fang Yuan and Eevee.

As the “dignified guest” of the Xingyao Battle Club, Fang Yuan certainly was not willing to idle, so he wandered around with Eevee.


After a few steps, Eevee called out Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan held it in doubt, looked at it, and said, “What happened?”

“Vee…” Eevee stared at Fang Yuan.

Then it happily pointed to the surrounding battlefield.

“You still want to fight?” Fang Yuan said.

“???” Eevee’s smile gradually disappeared, and then it argued strongly.

After Eevee reminded him, Fang Yuan finally understood that it was a matter during the previous battle with Liu Le.

Liu Le promised Munchlax a big meal if it wins the battle, and the little Eevee said it wanted it too.

“It turned out to be this…” Fang Yuan was tired and said, “You can have this.”

He took out a bag of Choco pie from his pocket, and Eevee immediately took it happily.

Looking at Eevee’s happy face, Fang Yuan felt a sense of guilt in his heart. The key was that Eevee was too foolish.

I didn’t have a proper breakfast today, and a bag of spare snacks that I packed actually satisfied Eevee…Who said that Pokemon are not easy to raise?

Fang Yuan’s face was a little serious, recently he has been a little short of money. When there is money, let’s take Eevee to eat those real meals. Now let’s just use snacks to deal with it.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long, and after a while, Uncle Shan came back.

He greeted Fang Yuan and Eevee who were still wandering and said that he would start special training for Bite.

“Uncle Shan, how long will it take Eevee to learn Bite?”

“Eevee may be able to master it within a month.”

“…” Fang Yuan was speechless, there were only three weeks left before the Young Phoenix King Cup starts. It won’t do if it takes one month to learn Bite.

“If Eevee takes it seriously, it is not impossible to halve the time.”

“I dare not say anything else, but Eevee will never be lazy, right, Eevee?” Fang Yuan said.

Eevee patted its chest and affirmed Fang Yuan’s words.


“I will say some things first.”

“The learning of Bite is divided into three stages, the first stage is to familiarize with the dark energy, the second stage is to accumulate the dark energy, and the third stage is to use the dark energy.” Uncle Shan said: ” Because Eevee hasn’t been exposed to dark type moves, so it’s a bit cumbersome, otherwise it’s okay to start learning directly from the third stage.”


Fang Yuan and Eevee thought about these three words while Uncle Shan had brought them to a room.

This was also an independent battlefield. There was no fancy training equipment, which was beyond Fang Yuan’s expectations.

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However, when he followed Uncle Shan to the vicinity of a glass table, his eyelids jumped involuntarily.

One…two…three…four…a total of four poke balls.

What was this for?

Under Fang Yuan and Eevee’s stunned gaze, Uncle Shan directly threw four Pokeballs. The next moment, four large mouse-like Pokemon appeared on the battlefield.


As an evolution of Rattata, Raticate’s body was much larger than Rattata’s, and its large front teeth could already bite through steel. There have been reports of the Raticate group tearing down a concrete and steel building, so it could be said that they were far more powerful than the Rattata.

“These four Raticate are all Pokemons of the club. They can not use Bite but also Crunch as well. The so-called familiarizing with dark energy was to let Eevee fight against these Raticate and learn. Rest assured, they will be merciful, so don’t worry about Eevee being bitten to death.”

Are you a devil, how can I not worry about it!

Eevee looked at the four fat Raticates and their front teeth, and couldn’t help but gulp. This… is this the first stage of learning Bite?!

“They will give priority to using Bite moves to attack. What Eevee needs to do is to feel the Bite attack method after being attacked in the battle.”

“Perhaps it is more appropriate to personally experience the Bite.”

“Second, after the end of the daily battle, you can take a Hepta Berry from the club and give it to Eevee. The Hepta Berry is a subspecies cultivated from Spelon Berry, without the spicy taste of Spelon Berry, it contains dark energy that is more easily absorbed by the Pokemon, if you continue on eating it for a period of time, Eevee should feel a little dark energy.”

“The last stage can be said to be the hardest or the easiest. It will depend on Eevee’s comprehension talent, whether it can use the dark energy and master Bite, no one can say. Okay… Finally, I would like to remind you that the special training on Bite move should not exceed one hour every day. Being too anxious for success is not conducive to Eevee’s development, and if Eevee is seriously injured, you can take it to the Pokemon center immediately, don’t rely too much on medicines.”

“Ok…I will do it.” Fang Yuan said.

“Then that’s it.” Uncle Shan smiled.

Uncle Shan had only talked that much with Fang Yuan and began to introduce Fang Yuan and Eevee to the four Raticates.

From the standpoint of Eevee, of course, it didn’t want to get involved with these big rats and then go through the devil-like special training. But Eevee gritted its teeth and endured it when it thought that these were the necessary process of becoming stronger.

On this day, under the personal guidance of Uncle Shan, the four Raticates and Eevee started their initial special training.

These Raticates were obviously professionally trained, and their basic qualities were better than those of Eevee. They could serve as the sparring Pokemon of the Xingyao Battle Club. Their foundation was definitely not something that a rookie trainer’s Pokemon could compare.

Therefore, Eevee felt very passive in the battle with the Raticate and felt powerless to resist.

Now, the experience of teasing the Munchlax was repeated at this time, but the object was changed.

However, during the battle, Fang Yuan and Eevee also made an unexpected discovery, that is, it seems that they could continue to hone the ability of Anticipation by relying on the battle at this time.

Eevee’s speed was not as fast as the Raticates. In addition, these Raticates like to siege. So it was very difficult for Eevee to avoid attacks and launch counterattacks. This situation was very suitable for Eevee to use the ability of Anticipation to deal with more powerful enemies.

This could be said to be a rare and good opportunity. It would be even better if Eevee’s eyes could be covered…

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