Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 8

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When facing all the baffled eyes, Bai Luochu looked as though she wasn’t aware at all . She sat quietly inside the prison cell and sat in a meditative state as she prepared to cultivate .

Before her the cattail seat under her buttocks was warm, she heard the voice of the person who rang the gong . “No . 8 human slave, a noble has bestowed you with a reward . Quickly come and receive it!”

Bai Luochu didn’t stand on ceremony and immediately took the reward . She opened it up and saw that the reward was the same as before . There was a bottle of spirit medicine and ten gold coins . As for the other prisoners, they were no longer bold enough to bother her about it .

“Ss, how is this lass so capable? She entered the arena twice and got rewarded every time . Isn’t she too lucky?”

Indeed, consecutive rewards… Let alone the others in the prison cells, even Bai Luochu felt that her luck was too good . Although these rewards weren’t valuable, they were stuff she desperately needed!

It was possible that Bai Luochu had strained her body during the battle with the spirit beast . Right now, waves of pain assaulted her arms and ribs .

Taking out the spirit medicine from her reward bag, she opened the lid of the bottle . A concentrated smell of medicinal fragrance wafted out and filled the area . Bai Luochu used her spiritual energy to check it carefully and discovered that the spirit qi contained within this bottle was much more concentrated than before .

Bai Luochu could hear the gulping sounds from all directions in the prison cells but she wasn’t going to hold herself back . She had risked her life for this and although she wasn’t injured in the battle, it was due to her thorough understanding of the spirit beast .

She raised her head and drank the spirit medicine in a single gulp . She could feel the spirit qi contained in the spirit medicine carrying the medicinal effects as it surged towards her injuries . Bai Luochu quickly sat in a meditation posture with her palms, legs, and head facing the sky and used her spiritual energy to guide the spirit qi .

When the medicinal effects of this spirit medicine had been completely absorbed, Bai Luochu’s rib injuries had fully recovered and the injury on her arm was semi recovered . She then applied the herbs that she chewed up yesterday before wrapping her arm up to prevent infection .

When Bai Luochu thought about how she was going to leave this place soon, she immediately recalled the feud between herself and Lu Wenshu . However, she didn’t have any information regarding Lu Wenshu after her death, causing her to be rather edgy .

After mulling it over, Bai Luochu decided to head over to the merchant house to inquire about Lu Wenshu and her disciples in the temple .

She tied the reward bag on her waist as the counter staff was someone who only looked at the money . Bai Luochu didn’t think she would be able to obtain the information without coughing out some cash .

Perhaps it was due to her recovery or because she was in a hurry to obtain the information, Bai Luochu was walking at a very fast pace towards the merchant house .

“Creak . ” The merchant house’s door was pushed open by Bai Luochu .

When the counter staff heard the sound, her originally resting body slowly lifted off from the table and she spoke lazily, “Welcome…”

Before she finished her sentence, her gaze fixed onto that petite human slave who had spent a bomb the previous day . She instantly became invigorated and joyfully exclaimed, “Aiyo, it is actually my dear guest! What are you here to buy today?”

A bright light flashed in the eyes of the staff as she looked forward to Bai Luochu spending money .

She saw Bai Luochu shaking her head, “I am not here to buy things . Instead, I am here for some information . If you are able to provide me information I’m satisfied with, I won’t be stingy . After all, this money is going straight into your pockets and there is no need to waste your saliva on the tiny commission you will get from selling the items in the shop . ”

As Bai Luochu spoke, she stared at the staff and saw how the staff’s eye dimmed . She knew that she had to fork out some money in order to get her to speak .

This counter staff might be someone who only looked at the money, but she was also a straightforward person . She immediately walked out from a small side door at the side of the counter to lead Bai Luochu to the VIP room . She poured some tea for Bai Luochu and sat down before asking, “My dear customer, what information do you wish to know? I will definitely tell you everything that I know and I guarantee that you will be satisfied . ”

“I want to know about Lu…” Bai Luochu paused just as she was about to say something . She thought about it and changed her question . “Battle of Thousand Brilliance . ”

“The Battle of Thousand Brilliance three years ago?” The counter staff was stunned . Wasn’t this information something that everyone knew? This lass was actually willing to spend money on this information?!

“Is there a problem?” Bai Luochu knitted her brows . Back then, plenty of people surrounded and attacked the Thousand Brilliance Temple . Her death should have been a major incident and there shouldn’t be anyone who didn’t know about it . As the question left her mouth, Bai Luochu placed two gold coins on the table .  

“No problem, no problem!” The counter staff’s eyes lit up as she quickly responded as though she was afraid of Bai Luochu taking it back . She swept the gold coins into her pocket and started to narrate the events .

The way she narrated the story was too long-winded as she started by talking about how Bai Luochu met Lu Wenshu and how they were mutually in love . She then spoke about how touching their love story was . As Bai Luochu listened to the story, her brows and the corner of her mouth couldn’t help but twitch from time to time .

To be honest, not even Bai Luochu knew that her so-called previous love life was actually such an intense story in the eyes of the world .

It was such a waste for this woman to be a counter staff instead of a storyteller . Bai Luochu couldn’t help but sigh in her heart .

Perhaps she was getting impatient from the narration or perhaps she felt that the counter staff’s narration was actually a deep mockery of her previous self who was blinded by love, Bai Luochu couldn’t help but interrupt . “Stop beating about the bush!”

“Dear customer, to get to the main point… you need to pay extra . . . ” Perhaps the counter staff was afraid Bai Luochu might reprimand her because of her greed, she lowered her head and secretly peeked at Bai Luochu .

Bai Luochu wasn’t stingy and took out another piece of gold coin and pushed it in front of the counter staff . When she saw the gold coin, she quickly complied and narrated the rest of the information .

“When the evil dao witch, Bai Luochu, died miserably due to the inheritance, those so-called people of the righteous dao acted like traditionalists . However, the fact was that they had their eyes on the inheritance as well . In the end, the inheritance was guarded by Lu Wenshu and even if they had thoughts about it, they could only watch on helplessly . ”

“What about the people from the Thousand Brilliance Temple?” When Bai Luochu asked about this, she was rather concerned . The Thousand Brilliance Temple was established by her and even though there weren’t many members, they were all her loyal followers . If they didn’t escape that calamity . . .

“As for the others…” The counter staff took a sip of tea to moisten her throat before she carried on . “They have scattered . ”

“Scattered?” Bai Luochu stared blankly . “What does that mean? Are they still alive?”

“That’s right . According to logic, those people should exterminate the evil dao temple . No one knew why they didn’t do it in the end . They simply destroyed the Thousand Brilliance Temple before leaving . However, Bai Luochu had plenty of enemies and there were those who were secretly waiting to take their revenge . Without Bai Luochu around, her subordinates didn’t dare to mess around . In fact, they might even have to hide their identity no matter where they go . ”

The counter staff spoke with no restraint and when she thought about the gold coins in her pocket . Her lips became looser the more money there was .

At this juncture, Bai Luochu stood up and walked out with her fists tightly clenched together .

The situation was much better than she imagined . At least they weren’t dead! In the end, the temple was destroyed and her disciples were out there, hunted down . . . this was something that she didn’t want to see either!

To her, this was utter humiliation!

The counter staff didn’t detect Bai Luochu’s abnormal behavior . She quickly chased after the leaving Bai Luochu and yelled out, “Eh? Why are you leaving, dear customer? If I am to say it, Lu Wenshu is truly a heartless rat and even though Bai Luochu might be an evil dao witch, but she was just a pitiful young lady who was blinded by love . ”

The counter staff’s statement made Bai Luochu paused as she turned around and said, “So that is what you think . ” Before the counter staff could respond, she turned back and walked towards the direction of the prison cells .

This counter staff was truly confused . “Is this human slave an idiot? She left after paying such a huge sum of money…”

“In any case, the three gold coins are already in my hands . I have to sell plenty of merchandise before I can obtain so much money!” Finishing her statement, the counter staff carefully stored the gold coins into her embroidered pouch . Perhaps it was due to her great mood after getting some good money, the lazy counter staff was actually humming a tune .

Late in the night, Bai Luochu cultivated as per normal but when she thought about the inheritance landing in the hands of that scum, Lu Wenshu, and that her disciples had to conceal their identity because of her and live a life without purpose, Bai Luochu felt extremely guilty . She was in agony . She had to calm her heart before she could carry out her cultivation session .

The only thing she wanted to do right now was to hack Lu Wenshu into thousands of pieces!

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