Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 7

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No . 8 human slave… won?!

The arena referee’s declaration was like a shocking thunderclap that blasted everyone awake, causing the Bestial Battle Area to restore its original clamor . There were naturally numerous people who were unsatisfied with this result and they couldn’t help but hoot at the Arena Master .

“Arena Master, are you actually greedy for all our silver?! This Thunder Python killed so many sturdy men yesterday and they couldn’t even fight back in the slightest as they were turned into rotting flesh in the belly of the python . Today, this female slave who doesn’t even possess that much spirit qi killed the Thunder Python in a single hit… How does that make sense?”

The person who spoke was the beautiful woman who commented that Bai Luochu had run out of luck the moment she entered the arena .

Bai Luochu looked at the beautiful woman and when she noticed that the woman was just a low rank warrior, she couldn’t help but turn speechless . It seemed as though she was really a mere weak chicken as of now . Even a low rank warrior could mock her however they liked .  

Despite that, this beautiful woman was speaking the truth . In the eyes of an outsider, she was just a wastrel who had blocked meridians . It should be impossible for her to survive in the battle against the Thunder Python . Not to mention, she was only able to defeat the python with the techniques and knowledge she possessed from her past life . To everyone present, it was indeed unbelievable .

“Arena Master, return our money! The Bestial Battle Area is truly getting bold . They are actually brazenly cheating us out of our money!”

“Return our money! Return our money! Return our money!”

The people were shouting and yelling . No one knew how much money those people had placed on the Thunder Python but it was sure to be an astronomical amount . If they were to simply swallow the loss, they were going to lose big time!

Bai Luochu quietly looked at those distorted and hideous faces and the corner of her mouth curled upwards to reveal a trace of a sneer . She found it rather dull and wanted to return to her cell, however, she was surprised by a few of the comments .

“You bet, you pay . The Thunder Python is really dead and was indeed killed by this slave . Why are you unwilling to accept the fact? Aren’t you just making yourselves look bad?” The one who spoke was a middle-aged man . For him to be so composed in this situation, it was obvious he wasn’t involved in the bets .

The middle-aged man was accompanied by a youth who wasn’t even 20 years old . The youth also voiced his support, “Exactly . This slave might not have spirit qi in her body, but her movement skill was brilliant . Even us cultivators might not be better than her in that aspect . ”

After hearing his words, Bai Luochu turned her head to look at the youth . He was wearing embroidered robes with silver threads and his clothes were clean and fitting to the body . He looked fair and delicate and had a cinnabar print in the middle of his eyebrows, enhancing his cute appearance .

A single glance was enough to know that this youth wasn’t someone ordinary .

However, Bai Luochu took a single glance and didn’t pay any more attention . Countless people came to the Bestial Battle Arena and it was natural for all sorts of people to be here . In her previous life, she was also a frequent customer of the Bestial Battle Arenas .

Everyone in the arena was shouting and yelling, but no one from the arena came forward to give an explanation or clarification . It seemed as though they had turned a deaf ear to the complaints .

However, this was nothing to go off about . This Bestial Battle Arena might be small, but it was a branch of the Battle Devil Sect . The Battle Devil Sect had as much fame as the Three Great Immortal Sects and had always acted tyrannically . The verdict decided by the Bestial Battle Arena was an iron-clad rule and there was no room for doubt .  

As expected, a deep and resounding sound of the bell echoed through the Bestial Battle Arena . Anyone who heard it fell into a state of shock and it didn’t matter if they still had complaints, they had no choice but to shut their mouths . This echo of the bell meant that the verdict was decided and if there were any objections, it would be settled with the arena rules!

Seeing as such, Bai Luochu didn’t stay any longer and walked straight towards the sluice gate .

Bai Luochu had won this battle too easily . It seemed weird for everyone, not just the spectators . Even the slaves at the side shot her a look of disbelief . When they saw Bai Luochu walking over, they looked at her before turning their gaze away . None of them dared to stare straight at her .

This was exactly the result Bai Luochu wanted . It seemed like in the next few days, everyone would be tactful enough to not provoke her . After all, she wasn’t a pushover .

Just as Bai Luochu was about to turn and enter the prison cells, a sudden silver radiance made her pause for a moment . She turned to look and saw a man in a rather sorry state seated in the corner not too far from her . There was something special about him as he had long, snow-like, silver hair .

Seemingly noticing Bai Luochu’s existence, that person turned around . He had a pair of silver-colored, limpid, and icy-cold eyes . The indifferent look in them caused people to stay away from him .

Bai Luochu looked into those eyes before walking back into her prison cell . It was said that this man had been residing in the Bestial Battle Arena for a long time and had been here long before she arrived .

Due to this person’s icy-cold attitude, no one knew his name or origin . The strange thing was that no one had ever seen him entering the arena to battle the ferocious beasts . He was truly a mysterious existence .

If Bai Luochu wasn’t in a hurry to recuperate and leave this place, she would be rather interested to investigate this person’s identity . After all, such icy-cold eyes were something that she saw quite frequently in her previous life .

At this moment, in the corner of the spectator stands . . .

“Tsk, this lass is getting more interesting . ” The young master who was speaking was dressed splendidly and it was obvious he was a noble . The folded fan in his hand shook gently as he looked in the direction where Bai Luochu left . There was an entranced expression on his face .

“According to the Bestial Battle Arena, it is inappropriate for her to stay in this place . If Young Master is interested, why not let this subordinate…”

Before the servant could finish speaking, the young master folded the fan in his hand with a ‘snap’ and interrupted, “There is no need . Reward her again . ”

“Understood, Young Master . ”

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