Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 62

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“This is what I need you to do . ” Bai Luochu handed over the plan that she had drawn up to Ying Lan .

“The temple was destroyed and I swore to revive our fallen temple . I will restore our glory and we will stomp the Three Great Immortal Sects beneath our feet!” Bai Luochu spat ruthlessly .

Hearing her words, Ying Lan’s body jolted as he immediately knelt down and replied, “As long as Mistress gives the order, Ying Lan will risk his life to fulfill it!” Ying Lan might have been overly emotional as his voice was trembling slightly . It seemed as though Ying Lan was going to disregard his life for this single goal!

He had been waiting for this statement… for a long time!

They were finally going to avenge their temple!

“Right now, there are two problems . Firstly, we do not have an endless supply of money . Secondly, we do not have a proper intelligence network . Right now, I need you to build up an intelligence network answerable only to me . You have a month to complete the task . ”

“Of course, we have to take into account many different places when building our network . The merchant streets, brothels, restaurants, and teahouses are especially important . Previously, when the temple formed the information network, they had items called the ‘Manifestation Mirror’ and the ‘Transmission Tube’ . All those blueprints have already been recreated by me . Find someone reliable to build them and place these two items in private rooms that are frequently used . We will use these to record people’s appearance . We can also use them to identify everyone who steps into our territory . ”

Ying Lan knew Bai Luochu’s plan the moment he saw the blueprints . However, he didn’t know the proper method to set up the ‘Manifestation Mirror’ and ‘Transmission Tube’ . He had no choice but to ask Bai Luochu how to do it .

“I earned all these silver and jewels when I went around to provide treatment . It should be enough for now . If you don’t have enough, you can come and ask for more . ” Bai Luochu handed a small box to Ying Lan before dismissing him .

After Ying Lan left the room, Bai Luochu couldn’t help but silently celebrate . She was fortunate that she had Ying Lan by her side . In her previous life, among all her secret guards, Ying Lan was among the few that was great at carrying out her plans . With him around, her troubles would be cut in half .

It was already deep into the night . Bai Luochu extinguished the candle flame and laid down on the bed in order to preserve her spirit and strength . After all, she was going to do something even tougher soon .

“Young Lady, Young Lady, wake up…”

When Bai Luochu woke up, the sun was already high up in the sky . If Zi Su didn’t wake her up, she would probably be snoring away .

“Young Lady, is something wrong today? Normally, you would already have finished your cultivation session by now . Do you feel uncomfortable? If you are, this servant will summon the physician . ”

“That isn’t necessary . I am simply being lazy today . ” In her mind, Bai Luochu could only think of a single reason to explain her fatigue . It was probably because she felt particularly at ease after instructing Ying Lan to do all those things . Now that she was able to put down all the worry in her heart, it was natural for her to sleep more soundly .

Of course, she couldn’t tell Zi Su everything as the little servant girl would only become more suspicious of her .

By the time Zi Su finished assisting Bai Luochu with her grooming and clothes, the sun was already high in the midday sky . Bai Luochu finished up her breakfast before saying, “I will be going out today . Remember to keep my lunch warm . ” After she informed Zi Su, she immediately went towards the entrance .

Leaving the First Prince’s residence, she headed straight for the eastern part of the city . The objective of her trip was to look for a storefront . Ying Lan should have already found someone to build the items . As the mistress, Bai Luochu couldn’t allow Ying Lan to do all the work .

“White hair freak! Hee hee hee, beat him to death!” The child by the side yelled innocently and attracted Bai Luochu’s attention .

White hair freak? Could it be… Bai Luochu turned around and saw the silver-haired man walking towards her . Behind him were plenty of children throwing rocks at him .

That silver-haired man didn’t get angry at all and it was as though he couldn’t feel anything . He continued to walk and ignored the kids .

“Little friends, this big sister just bought some malt sugar sweets . Do any of you want some?”

Bai Luochu spoke and threw over a few packets of sweets . When those children heard that there were free sweets to eat, they immediately stopped chasing the silver-haired man and went to pick up the sweets .

“Hey, who exactly are you? You never entered the arena to fight the beasts . . . Right now, you even emerged from the Bestial Battle Arena in one piece . Were you bought by someone?”

Bai Luochu kept questioning him and when she got to her last statement, the silver-haired man turned around to glare at her . He seemed unhappy with what she just said .

When Bai Luochu saw how this man wouldn’t react or speak no matter what Bai Luochu said, she muttered softly, “He can’t be a mute, right? How does he even know Ying Lan?”

Her voice was really soft . However, it seemed as though the silver-haired man had extraordinary spiritual energy, or maybe it was because of his powerful hearing ability, he turned around to glare at Bau Luochu again .

Bai Luochu stopped speaking and treated it as though he was a mute who couldn’t speak . She followed behind the silver-haired man and prepared to take a look at his residence . As long as she knew where he stayed, she would be able to visit whenever she was free and would also be able to ask anything she wanted .

Bai Luochu was only concerned about following the silver-haired man and didn’t realize that danger was lurking behind her . After making left and right turns, the silver-haired man stopped outside a rather elegant courtyard . Opening the door, he headed inside .

After finding out where he stayed, Bai Luochu returned to search for a storefront . The moment she turned around, she slammed into a ‘wall’ .

“Hehe, little lady . You followed a freak for so long just to look at his annoyed expression . Why don’t you follow me instead? I promise that you will be well taken care of . ”

Bai Luochu knew that things weren’t good the moment she saw the man . He should have been following her since a long time ago but she didn’t manage to detect it . There was only one reason and it was that this man’s strength was far beyond her own . It was probably going to be difficult if she wanted to escape .

Just when the man whose brain was filled with shit was about to pull Bai Luochu away, a voice entered his ears . “Take your filthy hands off her . Otherwise, I’ll chop off all your limbs, you pig . ”

The man thought that it was Bai Luochu who was messing with him and he completely ignored the voice . All of a sudden, he felt a sharp pain shooting through his wrist and when he looked down, he saw a line of blood .

Condensing qi into a blade? The man instantly understood that the person in the dark was a formidable master and he hastily yelled, “Great master, this lowly one knows his mistake . I will get lost right now!” He ran away as he was scared witless . He didn’t even pay attention to where he was running and bumped into the wall several times .

Bai Luochu felt suspicious as she didn’t even do a thing . Could it be?

Bai Luochu turned back to look at the place where the silver-haired man once was . Was he the one who made a move? Wasn’t he treating her cold as ice earlier?

With a head full of doubts, Bai Luochu turned and walked away .

“Mother, she gave me this sweet . ” Just as Bai Luochu exited the alley, she saw a young child pointing at her .

Before Bai Luochu could react, the child’s mother had already made her move and shoved Bai Luochu ruthlessly . Bai Luochu didn’t put her guard up and immediately lost her center of balance as she fell backward .

Right at this moment, a pair of hands supported her from behind . When Bai Luochu turned around, she saw the silver-haired man staring at her .

What exactly did he want? He didn’t even say a word after she tried so hard to make conversation… Why was he helping her now?

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