Poison Physician Consort - Chapter 6

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As expected, this ominous premonition didn’t appear without a reason . Her current body would already be a burden when facing those beasts even in her best condition, let alone her current state .  

Bai Luochu couldn’t help but burst out into silent laughter . It was the same both in her previous and present life . Nothing good came her way and if anything were to happen to her, it was definitely something untoward .

“If it is a blessing, it wouldn’t be a calamity . If it is a calamity, it is unavoidable . ” Bai Luochu stealthily touched her waist when no one was noticing . After confirming that her dagger and poison needles were securely fastened, she relaxed .

Since she was destined to battle against a spirit beast in the arena, she was going to go all-out . She was going to treat it as a test for her poisonous needles .

After Bai Luochu snapped back into reality, the person who rang the gong was done reciting the names of the slaves who were going into the arena .

“Since no one was able to defeat the Thunder Python yesterday, your opponent for today will still be the Thunder Python!”

The moment the words came out of the gong-ringer’s mouth, someone completely lost it . He cried for the heavens and screamed for the earth, begging for a change in the name list . Just the day before, more than ten individuals entered the arena but none of them came back . There was no lack of fiendish figures among those people but all of them had turned into food of the Thunder Python . It was a snake infamous for its ferocity . . .

If they were going to go up against the Thunder Python, they certainly wouldn’t be leaving the arena .

Bai Luochu rubbed her chin . “Thunder Python… it is indeed a little more formidable than the Fire Lion . ”

Bai Luochu turned to look at the source of the howling and noticed that the extremely miserable person was that shrewd-looking man who said he could put in some good words for her to the supervisor .

The person who rang the gong was obviously frustrated by the howling and bawling as he gathered some strength to send a kick flying towards the man’s chest . Although this shrewd man was robust, healthy, and muscular, he still suffered from the kick as he rolled from side to side while clutching his chest .

Looking at this, everyone else who was going into the arena today had looks of despair plastered on their faces . They slowly sunk lower and lower before finally kneeling on the ground . It was as though they had seen themselves perishing in the arena .

Bai Luochu didn’t say anything and simply kneaded her arm as it was still paralyzed . Right now, she didn’t have more spirit medicine to use and she knew that she couldn’t afford another injury .

The day her injuries recovered would be the day she left the Bestial Battle Arena . After all, she didn’t intend to continue her reincarnated life beside the slaves as they fought with ferocious beasts .

. . .

It was unknown if the amount of spiritual energy in her body increased as Bai Luochu could actually feel the blazing sunlight on the other side of the sluice gate even though she was trapped in darkness .

“Open the gate!” Immediately after the referee of the arena spoke, the sluice gate was abruptly raised . Bai Luochu had been in the darkness for way too long and for a moment, she couldn’t adapt to the dazzling light in the arena . She subconsciously raised her hand to cover her eyes and due to the temporary blindness she suffered, her hearing became extremely sensitive .

“Thunder Python! The Thunder Python is here again! The Thunder Python did well and didn’t throw the faces of the ferocious beasts! Today, I will bet on the Thunder Python! Complete victory!”

“The Thunder Python did well yesterday! Tear up a few more slaves today and I will reward you with some spirit flesh!”

“Tsk Tsk, yesterday I bet on the slaves to win… Who knew that all of those fools would be gobbled up by the python . Today, I will double my bets on the Thunder Python to recoup my losses!”

The Bestial Battle Arena was very lively with everyone yelling and clamoring . There was excitement, there was rage, however, there was a trace of indifference when they spoke . It was as though the Thunder Python ate rubbish the day before instead of people . . .

Well… it was true that after those slaves were sold to this place, they were no longer considered ‘humans’ .

Bai Luochu let out a slight laugh . This was the Bestial Battle Arena approved by those boastful and so-called ‘people of the righteous dao’ .

Just as Bai Luochu was reminiscing about her previous life, the first challenger had already walked out with a dejected and trembling expression on his face . He walked into the arena without any intent to battle since he had already accepted death . Therefore, when he faced off against the rapidly approaching Thunder Python, he didn’t dodge nor hide . As he didn’t put up any resistance at all, his neck was immediately severed by the jaws of the python, causing fresh blood to spray and splatter all around .

The second and third challenger met with the same fate .

Despite all the battles being simple and straightforward, the spectators were cheering and some of them were even scattering gold coins into the arena! After all, they had bet on the Thunder Python’s complete victory .

“No . 8, it is your turn . ” The expressionless manservant standing at the sluice gate called out to Bai Luochu . When he saw that Bai Luochu was a skinny and frail woman, the corner of his mouth curled upwards into a sneer as he ridiculed . “This Thunder Python is already used to eating men who are big and crude . Seems like it’s going to change its diet today . Even though this lass doesn’t have a lot of flesh on her body, it looks fresh and tender!”

The moment the words left the mouth of the expressionless manservant, a bout of laughter resounded in the air . Of course, the laughter came from the slaves who weren’t participating in the battle…

Bai Luochu stood up and shook off the dirt on her body before turning to look at the manservant . A slight smile appeared on her face as she turned away to walk into the arena .

The manservant’s face turned completely pale from the look Bai Luochu gave him . In that instant, he felt a chill spread out from the bottom of his feet through his entire body .

The only time he felt a similar feeling was when a beast more terrifying and ferocious than the Thunder Python laid its eyes on him .

Looking at Bai Luochu’s petite, delicate, but straight back, the manservant had a preposterous thought that the Thunder Python was the prey this time .

“Hey, hurry up and take a look! Is this THE no . 8 human slave? From what I see, she isn’t going to be as lucky as before . She will definitely become the Thunder Python’s food today . ” A beautiful woman’s voice rose above the crowd’s .

Immediately after, there was an aged voice that echoed . “Sigh, if I knew that this young lady looked so good, I would have bought her back and made her my 18th concubine . It is such a pity for her to die like this . ”

There was plenty of noise in the arena and Bai Luochu used her spiritual energy to listen to the comments made by everyone .

Well, most of the comments were identical anyway . Everyone was talking about how her luck ran out and she was definitely going to become food for the Thunder Python . There were also those who commended her looks and said that they should have bought her back as a concubine . The majority of the people were complaining about how their bets were already placed and there was a chance for them to lose their fortune today .

Bai Luochu wasn’t disturbed by the voices . Instead, she turned to look at the Thunder Python who pointed its gigantic head in her direction .

Everyone was afraid of the Thunder Python . Compared to the other python type beasts, the Thunder Python had four additional wings and a pair of bat wings . It was much more agile than ordinary spirit beasts and even possessed the thunder attribute . It could use thunderbolts to attack and although the speed of the thunderbolts were rather slow, they were ranged attacks . Enemies would be unable to close the distance easily .

The enemies of the Thunder Python would generally be exhausted after dodging the continuous thunderbolt . When their movements slowed, they wouldn’t be able to escape the fate of being struck by one and that would be the end of them .

However, the Thunder Python was like any other snake . Their heads were unable to swing around with a large range of motion and their field of vision was limited . Most importantly, a python was a snake and when fighting a snake… one would aim seven inches below their head![1]

“Let the battle begin!” When the order to start the battle was given, the Thunder Python rushed at Bai Luochu with blinding speed .

Taking a deep breath, Bai Luochu placed her hand on her waist . Looking into the Thunder Python’s eyes, a vicious and cold look appeared in her own .  

In the next moment, she sprinted towards the Thunder Python and the poison needles appeared in her hand . As she appeared below the Thunder Python’s head, she abruptly leaped upwards and sent the poison needle into the area seven inches under the python’s head . In the next instant, she turned her body and climbed onto the snake’s head . Pulling the dagger out, she stabbed it into the space between the wings and the heart .

In the Bestial Battle Arena, nothing could be heard apart from the Thunder Python’s agonized shriek .

A moment later, the Thunder Python fell silent .

Bai Luochu dug the heart of the Thunder Python out and after making sure it was no longer moving, she removed the poison needle from the body of the beast . Leaping off the Thunder Python, she stood in the middle of the arena without the slightest injury on her body . It was dead silent in the Bestial Battle Arena and it felt as though the noise died along with the Thunder Python .

“The battle is over, no . 8 human slave wins! Open the gate!”

1 . The seven inch area below the snake’s head would be where the heart of the snake lies . It’s a way to describe the weakness and fatal point of a snake

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