One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife - Chapter 2834

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Chapter 2834: My Child With Gu Jinglian

After several incidents, Chu He realized that Gu Jinglian was already suspicious of her. She knew that once this man became suspicious of a subordinate, he would use all sorts of methods to test him. Once he was convicted, he would be killed without mercy.

At that time, the headquarters had called her back, hence she tried to get away from him.


Gu Jinglian gave orders to have Chu He killed.

If she were caught alive, he wanted to see her in-person; if she were killed, he wanted to see her dead body.

The car fell into the sea and she disappeared. The entire Gu family was informed of her death. The news spread to the headquarters. At first, the headquarters didn’t dare to jump to conclusions and listed Chu He as missing. Two years later, there was still no news of her.

Hence, in extreme grief, Liu Yuanwei had no choice but to announce her death.

The headquarters held a grand memorial ceremony for her.

They had no idea they made an error.

She wasn’t dead!

In that moment, Lin Mu was at a loss as to how they should deal with this situation.

“So… what are you going to do now?” Lin Mu asked. He suddenly noticed the bandage on her head and was a little shocked. “Commanding Officer, are you… injured?”

“Well… no.”

Chu He touched the gauze and said, “This is an incision. I’ve just had surgery.”

Lin Mu hurriedly asked, “What exactly happened?”

“There was a blood clot in my brain, I had surgery.”

“Oh, I see.” Lin Mu nodded and returned to the previous topic. “Then… do you plan to return to the headquarters?”

“Lin Mu, I have a child.”

Lin Mu was stunned speechless for a moment, and the muscles on his face twitched violently for a long time. “Huh?” He let out a exclaim, obviously unable to get his head around it.

“When I left the Gu family five years ago, I was pregnant.”

Chu He paused for a moment and curled her lips. “Because of that accident, I fell into the sea and escaped, but I lost my memory. After that, I found out that I was pregnant and was at a loss. I didn’t think of aborting the child, so I gave birth.”

“Child… where did this child come from?” Lin Mu suddenly had a bad feeling. “Could it be…”

Chu He knew where he was going with the guess and nodded. “Yes, this child is Gu Jinglian’s.”

“H-how is that possible?!”

Lin Mu slammed the table and stood up, startling the waiter who was about to serve the coffee.

He said in disbelief, “How did you get pregnant?! That Gu Jinglian… He… He forced you?!”

“Only women have ever fallen for him. He will never force any woman.”


This made no sense!

Since Gu Jinglian did not force her, and with her personality, she would definitely not fall for Gu Jinglian… Then this child… where did it come from?!

Lin Mu could not understand.

In fact, the reason why he was so worked up was because he had been colleagues with Chu He for a few years. And because they had good chemistry working together, he had kept in touch with her. He had a good impression of this exquisite looking young lady with a sturdy personality.

Back then, Lin Mu had joined the criminal police organization at Chu He’s recommendation.

Therefore, he did have a good impression of Chu He, as well as some affection for her. It could be said that from the man’s point of view, Vermillion Bird was a goddess, irreplaceable in his heart.

However, when the news of Vermillion Bird’s death came, his adoration for her was ruthlessly crushed!

On the night of the grievous news, the big and manly Lin Mu, actually broke down in tears.

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