One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife - Chapter 2812

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Yun Shishi was stunned for a moment. Suddenly,something struck her and she asked suspiciously, “Could it be that your grandfather’s condition has improved?”

Youyou shook his head. “Uncle didn’t say anything when he called. I didn’t ask too much, but I think it’s probably regarding Grandpa!”

“Could it be…” Yun Shishi looked worried.” Could it have worsened? ”

“That won’t happen!”

Youyou smiled conceitedly. “Hurricane Group provides world class medical care! I’ve only heard accounts of them bringing back the half-dead, never about treating a patient to death! No matter how bad it is, it can’t be worse than being completely paralyzed. Since Uncle has asked us to do a video call after dinner, it shouldn’t be anything urgent.”

The boy made the analysis calmly.

That seemed to settle Yun Shishi, who remarked, “That’s good then.”

But even so, she had lost her appetite. She only ate a few mouthfuls of rice before sitting back in a daze at the dining table.

Noticing how much she was fidgeting, the boy guessed that she was worried about her father, so he put down his bowl and chopsticks suddenly, and walked to the study. He turned on the computer and switched to the video communication channel.

Hurricane Group had its own video communication software that could be used for both radio and wireless communication. However, the software platform could only be accessed by members of the organization.

No matter how much outsiders tried, they would not be able to hack into the platform.

This was to protect Hurricane Group’s secrets.

All internal communications of the Hurricane Group relied on this software. Sometimes when their manpower was spread all over the world, emergency meetings would take place through video calls. Naturally, security was of utmost importance.

He initiated the video call. About half a minute later, the call was connected.

The image flickered for a while before Gong Jie’s wide-open eyes came into focus.

Youyou started, “…Uncle, why are your eyes the only thing in the video?”

Gong Jie was using his cell phone for the video call. He moved the phone further away and his entire face appeared on the screen.

He smiled at the camera, then reached out to gently stroke his slightly messy fringe. He blinked at Youyou. “Little Youyou, do you miss uncle?”

“No,” replied the boy bluntly.

Gong Jie was stumped.

“Didn’t you ask us to video call you after dinner? When Mommy found out about this, she thought that Grandpa’s injury had worsened and was worried sick. What exactly is the matter?”

Having heard this, Gong Jie furrowed his brow and chided the boy, “Silly boy, why didn’t you tell her only after dinner.”

“You didn’t tell me what the call is about!”

“Well, I just only wanted to see her,” Gong Jie replied.

Ever since Gong Jie returned to Hurricane Group some time ago, he had not seen Yun Shishi except for the occasional online chat.

After all, they were half a world apart and separated by time difference. Whether it was night time, or in the middle of a hurricane, or in the morning…

It was difficult to find a window that worked for all parties

Naturally, Gong Jie missed her terribly.

Youyou’s expression turned cold for a while before he said indifferently, “I’m hanging up!”


Gong Jie immediately tried to stop him. “How dare you hang up on your uncle’s long-distance call, you’re heartless.”

“The person you’re missing is Mommy, not me!” He paused for a moment before adding disapprovingly, “Besides, you won’t even tell me what’s going on, why are you keeping me in suspense?”

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